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Jehovah Witness Watchtower is a Destructive CULT

January 9, 2007

By Christian Peper 

When most people think of the Jehovah Witness Watchtower they think of well groomed  men and women going door to door with harmless religious pamphlets and a (rewritten) bible.  What lies behind this facade is a nightmare that destroys families and lives.   

The Jehovah Witness Watchtower is a big money (billion a year) mind control operation that steals the hearts, minds and ultimately the lives of it’s followers.  The cult uses mind control tools to keep members in line such as: milieu control, loaded language, demand for purity, confession, mystical manipulation, doctrine over person, sacred science, dispensing of existence, control of environment, closed logic, and most of all fear.  

The cult has predicted the end of the world numerous times.  This has lead many to take their own lives.  The cult also practices medieval ritual shunning. By the time one is trapped in the cult they know no one besides other cult members.   This also leads to suicide.  Because the cult is obsessed with death and destruction long term exposure can lead to murder.  There have been many families slaughtered by a long time cult member.   

While the cult kills directly through its bogus blood ban, murder, and suicide; the cult also steals lives.  Cult members are discouraged from bettering themselves or higher education and must attend many meetings per week.  Cult members are only able to focus their lives on selling books and magazines and recruiting new members.  Members aren’t allowed to read anything critical of the cult so they don’t think for themselves. 

The cult uses mind control techniques to create a nowhere to run, nowhere to hide atmosphere for the members.  Members must literally spy on other cult members to ensure that they have not violated cult rules. “Records” of cult members “sins” are kept by headquarters and never destroyed.  

The cult breaks up families and  manipulates the courts in their favor.  Cult members are taught how to lie in court (theocratic warfare) so paternity cases are decided in the favor of cult members.  What can you do? Educate yourself.  Build awareness of cult mind control.  Photocopy and distribute this flier.   

Protect your family, protect your community.  

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Racism in the Jehovah Witness Watchtower

January 9, 2007

By Christian Peper 


The civil rights struggles of the 50’s and 60’s have done much to heal the old wounds of racism that have plagued
America since slavery.  Few today would argue that racism serves any benefit to
America.  Overt racism and cultural bias has largely given way to a different type of prejudice.  Organizations that once overtly denigrated minorities have refined both language and actions to more subtly discriminate.    Watchtower society members claim to be different and better than the worldly people that they refer to as “bird food”.  Society members refer to non-Witnesses as bird food because they look forward to the time when the birds will feast on the flesh of dead non-Witnesses after Armageddon.  Is the Watchtower Society really morally superior and separate from the rest of American society?  

The Jehovah Witness Watchtower organization has a long history of denigrating the ethnicities of its members. The very foundations of the society were built on racism.  Just as the slave master kept slaves in enforced ignorance, the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society keeps members in ignorance by not allowing them to investigate the many inconsistencies in the organizations teaching. The following quotes from the societies own literature prove the racist nature of the organization.  It would be difficult indeed to include all the racist quotes the society has made over the years without filling up a book.   

“The negro race is supposed to be descended from Ham, whose special degradation is mentioned in Gen. 9:22, 25. (From: Zion’s Watch Tower, August 1, 1898, p. 230) 

“Noah declared, prophetically, that Ham’s characteristics which had led him to unseemly conduct disrespectful to his father, would be found cropping out later, inherited by his son, and prophetically he foretold that this degeneracy would mark the posterity of Canaan, degrading him, making him servile. We are not able to determine to a certainty that the sons of Ham and
Canaan are the negroes; but we consider that general view as probable as any other.” (From: Zion’s Watch Tower, July 15, 1902, p. 216) “There is no servant in the world as good as a good Colored servant, and the joy that he gets from rendering faithful service is one of the purest joys there is in the world.” (From: The Golden Age, July 24, 1929, p. 702) For those who think that these quotes represent old history consider this quote from 1952:  “Really, our colored brothers have a great cause for rejoicing. Their race is meek and teachable, and from it comes a high percentage of the theocratic increase.” (From: The Watchtower, Feb. 1, 1952, p. 95)  

How the organization handled the “Jim Crow” laws is truly shameful.
Texas congregations continued to be segregated well into the 1970’s.  Black circuit and district overseers were not allowed to serve white members.  This was years after the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965. The changes the Watchtower Society has made today are largely superficial.  Ultimately, the society has not changed its racist ways.   

Members of this religion must abandon their rich and vibrant community to become part of the Watchtower community.  Cultural fellowship and unity is sacrificed for Watchtower slavery.  Jehovah Witness members must adopt a rigid, almost colonial dress or risk disfellowship.  Songs must not be sung.  Birthdays must not be celebrated.  Involvement in the larger community is not allowed unless it serves the purpose of cult recruitment or publication distribution.   

Minority communities that in the past have been unjustly placed under surveillance by law enforcemernt in the 1960’s must now spy on each other to remain in good standing with the organization.  Speech must be regulated to avoid a hidden tape recorder or microphone planted by an “elder”.  The collection of blackmail material is an affront to African Americans whose ancestors were forced to regulate speech in fear of the slave master.  The new slave master that masquerades as religion must be served by the constant distribution of books and magazines.  This slave master demands even more complete obedience and control. While the plantation master demanded only labor from his slaves, the Watchtower demands far more.  The Watchtower holds entire families hostage to the organization.  If a member dares to exhibit independent thinking, he risks expulsion and being cut off from both his family and his surrogate community.  Blackmail material is used in place of the whip to ensure complete domination of the slave.  

The sheer number of blacks and Latinos hurt by the Jehovah Witness Watchtower organization is shocking.  A simple internet Google search will reveal the destruction associated with this religion.  Members of minority communities often feel that they have nowhere to turn after being destroyed by this organization.   

Cathy* and Anthony* were once dedicated members of what they thought was “God’s organization”.  When Anthony began to have doubts about the organization, he told Cathy.  Cathy panicked.  As a loyal member of the organization, she was obliged to turn in her husband or risk disfellowship herself.  After much thought she finally convinced Anthony to talk to an “elder”.  Discussions took place about the validly of the Watchtower and its teaching over a period of six months.  Anthony was finally disfellowshiped when he refused to stop questioning the organization.  Anthony is now involved in court proceedings over visitation of his two children.  Cut off from the African American community for most of his life, he describes feeling like a man without roots. The Watchtower gives a prepackaged version of reality. Cathy now misses far more meetings than she ever did when she was married.  Perhaps with time she will see through the Watchtower and its many failed prophecies and leave herself.  Membership in the organization has fallen significantly in the past seven years due to former members speaking out against the kind of control that only cults can hope to weald.  The internet, modern technology, and internal conflicts related to the aging of the (mostly white) Governing Body will continue to reduce membership numbers.   

While the organization itself is shrinking, some segments of the organization are experiencing growth.  Latinos are now the fastest growing segment in the Jehovah Witness organization.  Latinos as a minority are more apt to attend a religions service than the population as whole concern among community leaders that polls show high growth in the number of Latinos in the Jehovah’s Witnesses organization.  Because Latinos traditionally have large, tightly knit families, recruitment frequently occurs within an entire family.  Child molestation is a serious problem within the organization.  Studies have shown that the organization has proportionally four times more sexual assaults on children than the Catholic Church.  While it is unfair to attribute sexual assault and rape of children to any particular faith, organization rules allow child sexual assault to flourish.  Some have gone so far as to call the Watchtower a “pedophiles paradise”.   Many are concerned for the welfare of the children within this organization.  Will the large number of children within Latino families lead to an even higher number of child sexual assaults?  Only time will tell.  We must be careful to avoid value judgments regarding religion and culture but we must also protect the children.  

There is a Jehovah’s Witnesses Kingdom Hall close to my home here in
Saint Louis that is in poor repair only because it is primarily an African American congregation.  I will not forgive the organization for waging a war of cultural assimilation and denigration.   Should you?  

*Names have been changed due to the totalitarian nature of the organization.






Jehovah Witness Murder Fetish (A psychological model)

January 9, 2007

By Christian Peper

Authors note:  The purpose of this article is not to offend.  It is hoped that some light might be shed on the problem of Watchtower murders by examining a previously unaddressed aspect of these crimes.  This article addresses an unusual fetish in a clinical manner.  Please keep any comments made regarding this article appropriate.

What would make an otherwise loving mother wake up one sunny day and decide to slaughter her own children?  What would make a quiet and by all accounts caring father decide to murder his entire family and then flee from authorities?  Why are so many seemingly well adjusted Americans committing suicide or killing their families?  The Watchtower is at least a partial answer to this question.  

Because the cult is obsessed with death and destruction long term exposure can lead to murder.  One possible psychological explanation for this is the murder fetish model.

Maintaining positive sexuality is important to physical and mental health. Cult members are not permitted to have anything approaching a normal sex life.   Single sexuality is prohibited by the organization.  There have been many disfellowshipped for kissing and even dating improperly.  

Even married sex is regulated.   According to page 93 of the Watchtower publication entitled” Pay Attention To Yourselves And To The Flock,”  “Porneia . . includes oral and anal sex or mutual masturbation between persons not married to each other . . . . ” On page 142 it states, “While perverted practices are wrong, if within a marriage one is involved or has been involved in such, it does not mean that he or she would necessarily lose service privileges. If such conduct becomes known to the elders, they would need to consider: Is the practice recent or ongoing, or is it something occurred in the past and is definitely conquered? Is the individual promoting such conduct as a proper life-style? Is his attitude one of remorse? If he is sincerely repentant and the situation is not generally known, it may not be necessary to remove privileges of service.”  This quote is proof the elders regulate married sex.  Perhaps this is why the Watchtower also has proportionally four times as many child molestations as the Catholic Church.

Distorted sexuality can be very destructive. When sexuality is channeled towards destruction and death a murder fetish is born.  The modern Jehovah Witness Watchtower cult has redirected the sexuality of the congregation towards murder and death. The average cult member is fed a steady diet of death and destruction in both publications and meetings. 

Two of many examples of the Watchtower murder fetish in action are found in the State of Oregon.  The Christian Longo story is chilling.  Mr. Longo murdered his wife and three children, a boy and two girls, in December of 2001.  Mr. Longo then fled to Mexico.  Why did he feel he needed to kill?  The steady diet of murder and destruction offered in Watchtower publications certainly had an effect.   

Three months later in another Oregon town Robert Bryant shot his wife, Janet, and their four children before shooting himself.  Like the Longo’s, this family had also belonged to the Jehovah’s Witnesses “religion”.   

Responsible sexuality is not necessarily repressive sexuality.  As a Christian I find many struggle with issues arising from repressed sexuality.  Fundamental Christianity has a history of attacking sexuality.  This is not to say Christianity itself produces sexual deviants.  A fundamental difference between cults and Christianity rests on who holds the power.  The errors Christian churches have made over the years in this area are due not to flawed doctrine but to imperfect individuals. 

While it is certainly true that there are killers and child rapists in every religion; the number of sociopathic criminals in the Jehovah Witness Watchtower far exceeds the proportion found in other faiths.  There have been many families slaughtered by a long time cult member.   

Perhaps it is only a matter of time before the Watchtower cult is sued for inciting murder.  A suit of this kind would really be no different in principal from the suits the tobacco companies have been facing.  When people hear the name Jehovah Witness they tend to think of well dressed, well groomed men in suits and ties going door to door to promote a religion that is somehow related to Christianity. What lies behind this well polished facade is a murder fetish.   What can the reader do? Warn your friends and neighbors about this cult.  The life you save might be your own.  

Scientology, Blackmail and Buddhism

January 9, 2007

By Christian Peper 

Blackmail has always been a part of Hollywood.  Stories of celebrities being spied on by reporters and fans are as old as the motion picture industry.  The public has always been obsessed with stardom and the dirty laundry of celebrities.  Blackmail is one of the oldest con games.  Those with something to hide, which includes everyone, do not want their secrets exposed.   

There is no place for old animosity and psychic scars in Buddhism. Buddhism is focused on releasing.  Attachments and aversions are let go of.  The goal of Buddhism is to be completely free of all wants, and desires.  This is similar to the “bridge” in Scientology.  When one is completely free there is no place for anger and hurt from those who have wronged us in the past.   

Scientology is a mirror of Buddhism dressed up in a high tech veneer.  While Buddhism is focused on releasing hurt, Scientology captures this hurt and uses it to enslave the owner of the hurt.  The fact that the blackmail material exists is a stone forever tied to an individual preventing him or her from ever being fully free.  Former members of the cult are also blackmailed if they dare to criticize the organization in the future.    

“Engrams” are living things.  The “engram” in Scientology has a life of its own.  Every time someone wrongs us it creates a wound on our soul.  If this wound is not released (“Forgiven” for those who practice Christianity) then the wound becomes a virtual scar on ones soul.  Those that give this hurt to the Scientology organization are then bound to the organization.   

Hell is pure slavery in the after life.  The goal of “religions” that enslave is to create a mirror of hell on this plane (the living, flesh and blood plane).  While it is unlikely that Scientology will take over the planet, the combination Scientology, Jehovah Witness Watchtower, the Moonies, and other cults is certainly having an effect on the level of freedom humanity lives under.   

Collecting personal information on members of a religious organization certainly has its place.  It is usually appropriate, for instance, to collect information on birthdays.  A good and loving organization might send a member a card or throw him or her a party on their birthday.  A good and loving organization would never collect information on members sins to be stored at headquarters and never destroyed.  The Jehovah Witness Watchtower organization feels that members must have this stone tied around them for the rest of their lives.  The public, being docile and sheep like, generally does not question cultic slavery.  

Scientology has stated the following: “The homes, property, places and abodes of persons who have been active in attempting to suppress Scientology or Scientologists are all beyond any protection of Scientology Ethics, unless absolved by later Ethics or an amnesty.”  What this means in practice is critics of the “church” are harassed financially and personally.  There have been many people destroyed by the terrorist Scientology organization.  

The United States government does not care about Scientology violating Americans basic constitutional or human rights.  Perhaps it is time for the public to begin to collect personal information about cult leaders, defenders, and profiteers.  Perhaps it is now time to spy on the spymasters.  

Jehovah Witness Suicide

January 9, 2007

By Christian Peper

Authors note: If you or someone you love is contemplating suicide please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at: 1-800-273-TALK (8255). Teenagers can call the Covenant House NineLine at: 1-800-999-9999. Cries for help should never be discounted or ignored.


There is a long history of suicides within the Jehovah Witness Watchtower organization.  Some experts have estimated the rate of suicides associated with the society to be five to ten times the rate of the general population. The exact number of suicides is impossible to obtain for a variety of reasons. 

Secular intuitions such as hospitals and police departments do not keep track of the religious organizations of the deceased.  If institutions began to keep such records they would be accused of religious persecution.  The American Psychiatric Association has moved towards a biological model of mental health.  This causes non-biological causes of suicide to be discounted or ignored.   The totalitarian Jehovah Witness Watchtower society knows of many suicides but will not admit guilt. The society has a long history of covering up damaging information. Evidence of the well documented child sexual assault cover up can be seen at this website:  Those that dare speak against the organization (Such as myself, Christian Peper) are harassed and denigrated by the cult.

The question must be asked: Why do Jehovah Witness members commit suicide at a rate far exceeding the general population?  There are many contributing factors to Watchtower society suicide.

Jehovah Witness society members must devote a large portion of their life to serving the organization.  Many members feel that if the society is wrong then they would prefer death to life.  The massive investment must not have been in vain.  After spending a long time in the organization many feel they have missed out on the things that make life interesting and special. Long time Witnesses have given up friends, family, holidays, education and a normal sex life.  Facing what they have done with their lives is hard, suicide is easy. A quick pain then paradise in the cleansed world. Why not do it?

If the organization is wrong, the member reason, then suicide is preferable to facing what he has done with his life.  If they are picked the correct faith they will live forever on the new cleansed earth. 

To a dedicated Jehovah Witness there is no heaven and no hell.  There is only an upside to suicide; life in a perfect cleansed world.  Witnesses see no downside to suicide.  To a Withness having droughts about his faith, suicide makes perfect sense. He may reason: “If this organization is a scam I would rather be dead then live because I have already invested years of my life; if it is the true religion I will be raised from the dead and live in a perfect world”.  Suicide for the long time member has a large upside but no down side.   

Many worry they can’t make it to Armageddon in good standing with the organization.

If the member falls out of favor with the organization then he or she will be killed in Armageddon with the rest of the non-Witnesses.  Members commit suicide in the belief that they will only go to sleep for a short time and then wake up after Armageddon. They feel that they won’t really be dead so suicide is meaningless.  The organization has told them if they die while in good standing they will wake up in paradise. 

Suicide is an excellent way for Witnesses to “hedge” their bets.  Suicide takes the place of leaving the organization. Witnesses know former members are shunned by their family and closest of friends. Members know that blackmail material the cult has collected on them will be held forever.  Suicide avoids both the embarrassment and the pain associated with ritual shunning.  If a Witness leaves the organization then rumors will be spread about their sexuality or other personal issues.  Often blackmail material is combined with exaggeration and half truths to make the former Witness appear deviant and evil.  Suicide is an easy way to avoid this.  There is evidence some Witnesses give a final aggressive push by dedicating all of their efforts to field service before they kill themselves.  This way they will be remembered by the society for their excellent record and increase their chance of being brought back to life after Armageddon.  Who would not want an end to all worldly problems and then eternal life in a perfect world? Suicide is so easy, so beneficial.

The single most common reason for suicide among Jehovah Witnesses is the cults focus on death and destruction.  Dedicated Witnesses want non-Witnesses to be killed.  They want their fellow man to be executed by an angry god.  Day after day an almost romantic lust for death and destruction is instilled in cult members.  This death lust is stroked by a never ending stream of pictures and literature glorifying death and destruction. The following quotes in italics illustrate Watchtower blood lust in action.

In the Watchtower 1952, November 15, (pp.703-704) issue disappointment is expressed that family members cannot be murdered for apostasy:  We are not living today among theocratic nations where such members of our fleshly family relationship could be exterminated for apostasy from God and his theocratic organization, as was possible and was ordered in the nation of Israel in the wilderness of Sinai and in the land of Palestine. “Thou shalt surely kill him; thy hand shall be first upon him to put him to death, and afterwards the hand of all the people. And thou shalt stone him to death with stones, because he hath sought to draw thee away from Jehovah thy God, . . . And all Israel shall hear, and fear, and shall do no more any such wickedness as this is in the midst of thee.”—Deut. 13:6-11  Perhaps if the Watchtower’s New World Order succeeds public executions will be commonplace. In The Watchtower 1961, December 1 (pp 725-726) issue we read of the mass slaughter of mankind: Never before in all human history will so many human creatures have been slaughtered. Blood, as representing human lives poured out, will run deep and over a vast distance. Revelation 14:20 paints the appalling picture, saying: “And the wine press was trodden outside the city [God’s organization], and blood came out of the wine press as high up as the bridles of the horses, for a distance of a thousand six hundred furlongs [or, 200 miles].” To a completion Jehovah’s judicial decision will be executed. The nations and their grapes of wickedness will be trampled out of existence, to leave the earth a cleansed place for the righteous to occupy and enjoy. Not all flesh will be in that symbolic wine press. Not all flesh will have its lifeblood trampled out of it. There are those who make Jehovah their refuge and their fortress. These will be kept safe and be preserved, while Jehovah by his King Jesus Christ crushes their enemies and His enemies in the wine press or “low plain of the decision.”… With breathless awe they will have looked down from their safe heights into the valley of decision and witnessed how Jehovah gains his magnificent victory by Christ over all the combined nations of Satan’s visible organization.

In the Watchtower 1965 July 1 (p.415) issue cult members learn mankind deserves death: As during Noah’s day when Jehovah tempered his justice by deferring execution for 120 years, so today he tempers his justice by deferring his war, called “the war of the great day of God the Almighty.” (Rev. 16:14) Since 1918, he has shown undeserved kindness toward disobedient mankind by holding back his executional forces in the heavens in order that some “flesh would be saved.”

Consider the blood lust within this quote from the Watchtower 1979 September 15. (p 28) issue: For mere selfish reasons those political “shepherds” and “majestic ones” will “howl,” yes, roll about on the ground. As the Sovereign Lord Jehovah calls them to account during the “great tribulation,” they will grimly realize that the day has come for them to be slaughtered and scattered!.

 From the book released in 1984 “Survival Into a New Earth” we learn that dead bodies will feed the birds: True, as a result of the great destruction, the earth will be strewed with those slain by Jehovah. But no one knows better than God what needs to be done to safeguard the health of survivors. He tells us that he will invite the birds of heaven and the beasts of the field to his ‘great evening meal’ and that they will have their fill from the fleshy parts of those slain. What they do not consume he can dispose of by other means.The Watchtower 1999 December 1 (p.19) issue shows Jesus to be an executioner: In the book of Revelation, Jesus announces several times: “I am coming quickly.” (Revelation 2:16; 3:11; 22:7, 20a) He must yet come to execute judgment on
Babylon the Great, Satan’s political system, and on all humans who refuse to submit to Jehovah’s sovereignty, as now expressed by the Messianic Kingdom.
Death to a Jehovah Witness is titillating and exciting; life in the Watchtower is boring.  The only source of adventure and excitement for a good Witness is death and destruction. When a cult member finally gets their wish to see someone “executed” the irony is; that someone is them.  They have been slowly executed; day by day, month by month, and year by year.  Many Witnesses burn with an unnatural lust for death and destruction, when this lust is not satisfied they turn the lust for death inwards and hurt themselves.   Long term exposure to the organization causes a desire to partake in the sacrament of death.   

On April 2, 1997 Craig Button took off in his Air Force A-10 from an
Arizona airstrip.  After ending radio contact he flew the plane into the Colorado Rockies.  The Air Force has since determined that Captain Button deliberately ended his own life.  Why would a young man with so much to live for crash his plane into the mountains?  Mr. Button was distraught due to his membership in the Jehovah Witness cult. A Jehovah’s Witness publication was found next to Mr. Button’s bead that described the story of Abraham sacrificing his son on a mountain.  The devout Jehovah Witness mother of Mr. Button strongly disapproved of his membership in the Air Force.  Mr. Button had a desire to give a special “burnt offering” to the Watchtower society by crashing his plane into the mountain.
Often time’s suicide is combined with murder to increase the death rate and thus give a greater sacrament to the Watchtower society. One of many Watchtower murder-suicides took place in
McMinnville, Ore on February 23, 2002.  A long time Jehovah Witness family of six was found dead, killed by shot gun blasts.  Mr. Robert Bryant had murdered his wife and four children before turning the gun on himself.  It was learned that the family left
California after being shunned by the Jehovah’s Witnesses Shingle Springs congregation.  

There are many many well documented cases of suicide directly attributed to the Jehovah Witness Watchtower cult. What can the reader do? Never discount or ignore cries for help.  It is absolutely vital that you warn your friends and neighbors about this cult.  The life you save may be your own.