Jehovah Witness Murder Fetish (A psychological model)

By Christian Peper

Authors note:  The purpose of this article is not to offend.  It is hoped that some light might be shed on the problem of Watchtower murders by examining a previously unaddressed aspect of these crimes.  This article addresses an unusual fetish in a clinical manner.  Please keep any comments made regarding this article appropriate.

What would make an otherwise loving mother wake up one sunny day and decide to slaughter her own children?  What would make a quiet and by all accounts caring father decide to murder his entire family and then flee from authorities?  Why are so many seemingly well adjusted Americans committing suicide or killing their families?  The Watchtower is at least a partial answer to this question.  

Because the cult is obsessed with death and destruction long term exposure can lead to murder.  One possible psychological explanation for this is the murder fetish model.

Maintaining positive sexuality is important to physical and mental health. Cult members are not permitted to have anything approaching a normal sex life.   Single sexuality is prohibited by the organization.  There have been many disfellowshipped for kissing and even dating improperly.  

Even married sex is regulated.   According to page 93 of the Watchtower publication entitled” Pay Attention To Yourselves And To The Flock,”  “Porneia . . includes oral and anal sex or mutual masturbation between persons not married to each other . . . . ” On page 142 it states, “While perverted practices are wrong, if within a marriage one is involved or has been involved in such, it does not mean that he or she would necessarily lose service privileges. If such conduct becomes known to the elders, they would need to consider: Is the practice recent or ongoing, or is it something occurred in the past and is definitely conquered? Is the individual promoting such conduct as a proper life-style? Is his attitude one of remorse? If he is sincerely repentant and the situation is not generally known, it may not be necessary to remove privileges of service.”  This quote is proof the elders regulate married sex.  Perhaps this is why the Watchtower also has proportionally four times as many child molestations as the Catholic Church.

Distorted sexuality can be very destructive. When sexuality is channeled towards destruction and death a murder fetish is born.  The modern Jehovah Witness Watchtower cult has redirected the sexuality of the congregation towards murder and death. The average cult member is fed a steady diet of death and destruction in both publications and meetings. 

Two of many examples of the Watchtower murder fetish in action are found in the State of Oregon.  The Christian Longo story is chilling.  Mr. Longo murdered his wife and three children, a boy and two girls, in December of 2001.  Mr. Longo then fled to Mexico.  Why did he feel he needed to kill?  The steady diet of murder and destruction offered in Watchtower publications certainly had an effect.   

Three months later in another Oregon town Robert Bryant shot his wife, Janet, and their four children before shooting himself.  Like the Longo’s, this family had also belonged to the Jehovah’s Witnesses “religion”.   

Responsible sexuality is not necessarily repressive sexuality.  As a Christian I find many struggle with issues arising from repressed sexuality.  Fundamental Christianity has a history of attacking sexuality.  This is not to say Christianity itself produces sexual deviants.  A fundamental difference between cults and Christianity rests on who holds the power.  The errors Christian churches have made over the years in this area are due not to flawed doctrine but to imperfect individuals. 

While it is certainly true that there are killers and child rapists in every religion; the number of sociopathic criminals in the Jehovah Witness Watchtower far exceeds the proportion found in other faiths.  There have been many families slaughtered by a long time cult member.   

Perhaps it is only a matter of time before the Watchtower cult is sued for inciting murder.  A suit of this kind would really be no different in principal from the suits the tobacco companies have been facing.  When people hear the name Jehovah Witness they tend to think of well dressed, well groomed men in suits and ties going door to door to promote a religion that is somehow related to Christianity. What lies behind this well polished facade is a murder fetish.   What can the reader do? Warn your friends and neighbors about this cult.  The life you save might be your own.  


4 Responses to “Jehovah Witness Murder Fetish (A psychological model)”

  1. simon rossiter humphries Says:

    These people are truly sick, my family has been stalked by them for over thirty years! (we have relatives in them wanting to save our souls) Christian you might have mentioned Darek Barefoots book; Jehovahs Witness and the hour of darkness in relation to this article it is really worth looking at, no wonder they are so twisted. Where I live, (Adelaide Australia) they run and operate Coles supermarket chain the biggest company in australia, they have favour here, police officers marry their women and I suspect the Freemasonry (cf Fritz Fpringmeier; Watchtower and the Masons a pdf free book online) this is true. Town where I used to live, Mt Barker had mostly Mormon coppers and a strong JW presence. Check out Adelaides “family murders” JW’s involved in this and more besides. They get confident when “no one see’th them”. Big newspaper man RP comes from here, got his start in America with “son of sam murders” also a “Family” I understand, sam has many children. . so they say. Watchtower is TAROT it means destruction in more ways than one, no wonder so many of them want to get into the World. . god help us all.

  2. simon rossiter humphries Says:

    Everett Dean Martin (a good American) calls this sex control in pietistic religion “repressed eroticism” and yes it is designed to cause homocidal feelings, for after all. . . Anger is an energy.

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  4. Rashad Says:

    Hey there just wanted to give you a quick heads up and let you know
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    different browsers and both show the same results.

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