Jehovah Witness Watchtower is a Destructive CULT

By Christian Peper 

When most people think of the Jehovah Witness Watchtower they think of well groomed  men and women going door to door with harmless religious pamphlets and a (rewritten) bible.  What lies behind this facade is a nightmare that destroys families and lives.   

The Jehovah Witness Watchtower is a big money (billion a year) mind control operation that steals the hearts, minds and ultimately the lives of it’s followers.  The cult uses mind control tools to keep members in line such as: milieu control, loaded language, demand for purity, confession, mystical manipulation, doctrine over person, sacred science, dispensing of existence, control of environment, closed logic, and most of all fear.  

The cult has predicted the end of the world numerous times.  This has lead many to take their own lives.  The cult also practices medieval ritual shunning. By the time one is trapped in the cult they know no one besides other cult members.   This also leads to suicide.  Because the cult is obsessed with death and destruction long term exposure can lead to murder.  There have been many families slaughtered by a long time cult member.   

While the cult kills directly through its bogus blood ban, murder, and suicide; the cult also steals lives.  Cult members are discouraged from bettering themselves or higher education and must attend many meetings per week.  Cult members are only able to focus their lives on selling books and magazines and recruiting new members.  Members aren’t allowed to read anything critical of the cult so they don’t think for themselves. 

The cult uses mind control techniques to create a nowhere to run, nowhere to hide atmosphere for the members.  Members must literally spy on other cult members to ensure that they have not violated cult rules. “Records” of cult members “sins” are kept by headquarters and never destroyed.  

The cult breaks up families and  manipulates the courts in their favor.  Cult members are taught how to lie in court (theocratic warfare) so paternity cases are decided in the favor of cult members.  What can you do? Educate yourself.  Build awareness of cult mind control.  Photocopy and distribute this flier.   

Protect your family, protect your community.  

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