Jehovah Witness New World Order

By Christian Peper

What does an organization known for conservatively dressed men and women knocking on peoples doors at inconvenient hours of the day have to do with a plot to enslave every man, woman, and child in a virtual electronic prison grid?  Why should the public be concerned about, or even think about, a relatively small organization[1] whose members seem friendly, well dressed, and clean?

While the size of the Jehovah Witness organization is indeed small when compared to the population of the world, the cumulative effect of fascist movements taken as a whole is impossible to discount.[2]  To understand why I first began investigating this organization I need to step back and tell a bit of my personal history.  I beg the reader to temporally put aside judgments about me or my choices in life.  I am not a perfect man and I have made mistakes.[3]

My mother went through years of fundamentalism but, as she saw the police state growing, began to step away from the official “Christianity” of the state that seemed to promote fascism and an imperialistic view of Gods plan for America.  It is wrong to assume that the God of heaven and earth wants a rule based society complete with jack booted thugs enforcing the morality of the state.[4]

I grew up attending Christian schools in the still repressive city of St Louis, Mo.  I had an interest in Christian theology but I managed to get in frequent arguments about what I was told about the repressive nature of God.  The control of individuals’ sexuality is a key element in fascist organizations and countries.[5]  Sexual repression is a necessary component for control of a population and must not be over looked by researchers in an effort to be “politically correct”.[6]  “Make love not war” was far more than just a catchy 1960’s jingle; it was a radical political statement.  It has been proven time and again throughout history that sexual repression equals fascism and war.[7]

When I entered my teens I somehow got a hold of the book that was called something like The Truth That Leads to Eternal Life.[8]  I am not sure how I got the book to this day but I remember vaguely that it seemed to present a different version of the Christianity than what I was taught growing up.  This was my first exposure to the Jehovah Witness Watchtower organization. At the establishment churches my mother often dragged me to, I was told about how wrong the Jehovah Witnesses organization was.  At the time I felt that the repressive churches I attended were hypocritical because they were claiming to have all the right answers and my fellow churchgoers were very judgmental and obsessed with the sinfulness of their genitals.

As I entered adulthood I never fully recovered from the repressive sexual upbringing of my childhood. I have had problems off and on with psychologically based sexual dysfunction. Unfortunately, sexual dysfunction is often forced on the youth due to repressive religious teachings that have little to do with true Christianity.[9]

Sex is a common tool used by institutions of oppression to control the people.  Just as the Jehovah Witness Watchtower cult prohibits all sexual activity except missionary style among marred couples, the US government has been hard at work gradually outlawing premarital sex.  Just like the cult the US government uses sex to control the citizen slaves.

Asexuality has become more common today due to fears of AIDS and the resurgence of the fundamentalist Christian evangelical movement.   Asexuality and sexual repression parallels fascism because when sexuality is inhibited people turn tribally to their rulers to provide their sexual stimulation in the form of torture, war, and other violence.[10]  During the early colonial period, the highly sexualized Witch trials utilized public torture (the town whipping post, etc) and the burning alive (clothing naturally burns first) of attractive young women.  This shows the historical president of sexuality being converted to a death-torture lust.  A simple trip to any “adult store” will demonstrate how common “adult movies” that feature torture implements such as the “riding crop”, the “cane” and the “whip” are.  In states that still allow the paddling of the youth in public schools, (including women up to seventeen years old) the pornographers do a brisk business catering to the paddling fetishes created by “Godly” men wielding paddles with cruelty.

According to a recent study by Professor Murray Straus of the University of New Hampshire, spanking can bring problems later in life including the desire to have masochistic sex.[11]  Although I attended Christian schools for most of my childhood, my parents put me in military school during 7th and 8th grade. During the time I attended military school I was subjected to numerous paddlings.  These paddlings did much to show me, at an early age, that “officially” sanctioned violence is a socially acceptable outlet for sexuality. Many cadets from military schools go on to become officers in the US Armed Forces.  Many go from the US Military to “law enforcement” jobs in which their military torture techniques can be used on American citizens with a wink and a nod from Middle America.  Middle America relishes television “detective” shows that feature “Godly” members of “law enforcement” in police uniforms and sharp suits “giving a licking” to gain a confession. The paddlings these young men received in military school prepares them to sexually torture “terrorist suspects” in the same way the sexually repressed colonial Americans sexually tortured those suspected of witchcraft.  This culture of violence is very much a part of today’s military, and, by extension, today’s law enforcement.

According to a recent article in Mother Jones called “The Final Act of AbuGhraib”, torture techniques for breaking prisoners were standard procedure in Afghanistan as early as 2001 and torture has migrated from “one theater to the next”.[12] This demonstrates that torture was and still is standard operating procedure for gaining “confessions” in the fraudulent “War on Terror”.  According to an article from the same Mother Jones publication called “Department of Pre-crime”, heavy handed interrogation techniques have been used on many American citizens to extract highly dubious “evidence” proving they are “terrorists”.[13]  Particularly troubling is the case of a US citizen named Hamid Hayat who was sentenced to 24 years after the government got him to “confess” that he attended a training camp for militants after an “extended interrogation”.  Mr. Hayat never identified which training camp it was and recanted the phony coerced confession but an American jury was all too happy too convict the Moslem man.  It is amazing that even the absence of an actual crime does not deter bloodthirsty American juries from “locking down” a recently “busted down” man for 24 years.  I wonder if the “Godly” American jury even cared that no crime had been committed. The American jury certainly did not care that the “confession” was the result of an extended interrogation in which unconstitutional, abusive practices were utilized.  Because I suffered through the same paddlings that many of the current military men that torture “terror suspects”, I understand the link between military torture and sexuality.  The torture of prisoners is common and expected among those in the US Armed Forces and, by extension, many of those in law enforcement.  Many of those in the US Armed Services enjoy the torture of “Terrorist Suspects” because it provides a sexual outlet and a way to demonstrate ones “Christian” patriotism.

As a youth one of my family members (that I will not name) encouraged the torture lust in me because (s)he happened to be asexual.  This particular family member would threaten me with homelessness if I ever had natural sex, but would nurture my bloodlust and attempt to give me a taste for the violence (s)he enjoyed in an effort to replace my natural sexuality. This asexual family member, like many Americans, is a great fan of all aggressive American wars because wars increase the body count and thus stimulate their death-torture lust.  It is no surprise that this particular family member, like many Americans, practically worships the Bush-Cheney administration because this administration has provided a grate deal of titillation in the form of war and torture.  In this way President Bush and Vice President Cheney have become the ultimate pornographers at the same time they holds themselves out as “Godly” Christian men.

This torture-death lust has already spilled over into mainstream American culture. A simple trip to a mainstream (not adult) movie rental store will show mainstream torture-pornography movies like “SAW” being rented by housewives in search of a cheap sexual thrill.  Many of those in “law enforcement” have been recruited directly from the US Military where they have learned how to gain false confessions of “terror” suspects.

In the same way that modern Americans are beginning to lust for torture and death, Jehovah Witness members are titillated by promises the nonbelievers will face torture and death at Armageddon. The following quotes from Watchtower publications illustrate the Jehovah Witness death lust in action:

“In order to hate what is bad a Christian must hate the person”[14]

God has authorized governmental superior authorities to execute criminals.”[15]

“… without question the execution of divine judgment upon apostate Christendom and the rest of Satan’s world is imminent.”[16]  

“Why should not blood run deep and far with over two billion [the world population in 1955] dead?….. Come on, birds and beasts! Have your fill then from the human corpses in retribution for the wanton slaughter of animal and birdlife of which the human race has been guilty!”[17]  

”On Satan’s side will be all the rest of mankind, more than 99.9 percent, even as we read: “The whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one.” That includes all the governments of the world together with their supporters, the commercial, religious and social institutions…. Armageddon will be the worst thing ever to hit this earth in the history of man.” [18] 

Like Jehovah Witness cult members, Americans are also titillated by stories of torture and abuse committed by the US Military and governmental “officials”.  Military torture and abuse has begun to take the place of natural sexual relations.  The age of consent in America keeps going up and new vigilante shows entrap men that dare display normal sexual urges.  It is normal for single men to be sexually interested in young females that have gone through puberty, present themselves as attractive and needing of sexual relations, and are smart and aware enough to not only operate computers, but enter chat rooms looking for mates in an aggressive fashion.

Consensual yet politically incorrect sex with “minors” that have gone through puberty and want sex is now grouped in with un-consensual sexual assault on those who are far under the age of puberty.  I urge those who have been adversely affected to “come out of the closet” about their sexual dysfunction and failed marriages caused by purity propaganda in their youth.

In the same way that the US government regulates sexuality so too does the Jehovah Witness Watchtower organization.  Even Married sex is regulated and masturbation is strictly prohibited.  According to page 93 of the Watchtower publication entitled Pay Attention To Yourselves and to All The Flock, “Porneia .. includes oral and anal sex or mutual masturbation between persons not married to each other . . . . “.[19] On page 142 it states: “While perverted practices are wrong, if within a marriage one is involved or has been involved in such, it does not mean that he or she would necessarily lose service privileges. If such conduct becomes known to the elders, they would need to consider: Is the practice recent or ongoing, or is it something occurred in the past and is definitely conquered? Is the individual promoting such conduct as a proper life-style? Is his attitude one of remorse? If he is sincerely repentant and the situation is not generally known, it may not be necessary to remove privileges of service.”[20]  

Masturbation is often used as a substitution for sex when circumstances or mindset prevents sexual relations with a suitable partner.  Jehovah Witnesses aren’t even allowed this release.  This causes medical problems like prostate enlargement.  I have no problems admitting that I have been known to enjoy this activity on numerous occasions. Many youth are forced to rely on masturbation due to repressive religious teaching and societies regulations.  While masturbation can be fun and wholesome, it should not be used to the exclusion of a diverse, vivacious sex life.  Again, I urge those who have been hurt by purity propaganda in their youth to “come out of the closet” about their sexual dysfunction and failed marriages. Only by speaking up can we put an end to the anti-sex fascism that has destroyed so many lives.

Because the Jehovah Witness Watchtower Society controls and regulates sex so thoroughly; serious problems inevitably result. When one is not sexually satisfied other outlets become activated.  Violence and blood lust replace the natural sexual drive.[21] Suicides and murders are commonplace within the Jehovah Witness Watchtower organization.  Due to space constraints, the full scope of this problem is hard to fully address.  I encourage the reader to study some of my other work in this area to become fully informed.

Those that don’t engage in random acts of violence sexually assault children.  The Jehovah Witness cult has been struggling under the same scandal that has hit the Catholic Church.  Convicted child molesters are allowed to go door to door without notifying the community.   It is unclear what percent of these molesters engage in real, un-consensual, sexual assault on individuals who have not gone through puberty or just “politically incorrect” sex. It is shameful indeed that the real sexual assault of children is trivialized by a new anti-sex crusade sweeping America.  There is a world of difference between consensual sex with those that have entered puberty and un-consensual sex with individuals under the age of puberty.

Let’s get back to my personal story.  As I got older I went on a series of what some would call adventures. I tried to wash away my sexual repression by dating many women and playing with some men. Sometimes I could perform, sometimes I could not.  Imagine my joy when I discovered Viagra!  I moved from state to state and learned some things.   I graduated college and then graduate school.

While living in the very prison and “law enforcement” obsessed state of Arizona during 2004, I had the opportunity to live with what I thought was a fairly normal appearing roommate.  I noticed Jehovah Witness books and magazines lying around the apartment when I first visited the apartment but I deliberately pushed away my unease.  I had begun researching the New World Order several years earlier and had read about the role of repressive cults in the enslavement of mankind, but I remained unconvinced and did not want to appear intolerant.

Against my better judgment, or perhaps due to a self destructive flaw in my personality, I moved in with a long time Jehovah Witness cult member.  Things were fine for a time.  We ended up moving into a second apartment after a short period of time.  He did not tell me he had intentions to move to a different apartment when I first moved in with him but I let this small inconvenience slide. This was my last opportunity to get away from him but I did not because I was new to town and did not have any other place to go.

After living with him some time in the new apartment he began to be very friendly with me.  As a condition of this “friendship” he informed me that I “shouldn’t say anything I don’t want tape recorded”.  As strange as this was I was not in a position in my life to resist.  I had just broken up with a woman I had been living with and had just moved to Arizona from Oregon.  I was also in the process of getting off antidepressant medication. Mental health medication is part of the New World Order slave system; I will never ever use it again!

I was in a weakened state and my roommate knew all the buttons to push.  He played on my fears of living in the police state of Arizona by pointing out how easily he could call the police on me.  He would subject me to numerous tape recorded interrogations and behave like he had the power of the state behind him.  In reality he did have the power of the state behind him as he had pale white skin (I am Greek on my mothers side), a conservative preppy demeanor and style of dress, was part of a religious “community” with other members who would vouch for his “morality”, and had never used any “illegal” (and thus sinful) plant like the “devils weed” also known as marijuana.

As I would drive in Phoenix Arizona I would see chain gangs by the side of the road, large prisons that could hold thousands, government spy cameras by the side of the road (even in 2004) and large armies of uniformed police that would patrol the streets and stand by the doors of bars hassling patrons.  Like a frog in a pot that slowly had the heat turned up, I ended up giving up more and more of what little freedom a resident of Arizona has to my roommate.  In my defense, the mind control used by the cult is very intense and over the period I lived in Arizona many mind control tools were used against me.   Towards the end of my time living with my roommate I was reading Jehovah Witness material regularly and had met with other cult members.

At this time I also began researching the Jehovah Witness cult on the internet.  It has been said that the internet will defeat the New World Order police state if it is not put under control soon, and I believe this to be true.  Just as cults are loosing members due to the internet, the police state itself is also loosing credibility due to technology.  The march towards fascism did not start with the events on 9-11-2001 and will not end without a struggle.

My roommate would appear normal one moment and then talk casually about murdering his ex-wife in the next.  His mental health was clearly compromised due to long term involvement in the organization.  Long time members of the Jehovah Witness Watchtower cult frequently have problems with schizophrenia and depression due to the repressive nature of the organization.  While I would not recommend anyone take mental health medication, I certainly would recommend that my former roommate gets as far away from the organization as possible and learn to think for himself.  Independent thinking can be a frightening task for one obsessed with conforming to an organization, but it is well worth the effort.

Although my former roommate frequently talked about both the murder of his ex-wife and committing suicide, I will not give his name to law enforcement.  I have chosen not to cooperate with law enforcement for several reasons.  The first and most obvious reason I will not “cooperate” with law enforcement by giving his name is because it is completely pointless.  Every long time Jehovah Witness cult member with the strength and the intelligence to commit murder is a potential powder keg waiting for a spark.  It is silly from my point of view to give the name and location of this potential murderer when there are so many potential killers in the organization just waiting to be set off.  Instead of “warning” just one ex-wife of a Jehovah Witness cult member, it is far more productive to warn the public that members of this organization frequently go on killing sprees.  Some call going door to door for the cult “Doing the Watchtower shuffle”.  This is means going door to door fanaticizing about murder and suicide.   Another reason I will not corporate with the thugs in “law enforcement” is they have already tried to frame me for my anti-war actives at a local army recruiting center here in St Louis.  I have had the FBI come to one of my families’ apartments.  I have been intervened by the BATF and a local detective.  Members of “law enforcement” have even tried to stick a bomb charge on me.  The full story can be found through a Google search of: “Christian Peper Attempted Terrorism Frame-Up”.

The criminal justice system is used as a tool to increase the power of the state.  The goal is not protecting the innocent but increasing the number of people behind bars and in the system.[22]  This is why the number of plants and other substances that are labeled drugs keeps growing.  This is why the age of consent keeps going up and the state classifies sexual acts that were common and tolerated in the 1970’s as sex crimes. When two men got in a bar fight thirty years ago the police would make them shake hands and buy each other a beer.  Two men in a bar fight today often causes one or both to be charged with assault or even attempted murder.  This is not to say that bar fights are good or everyone should smoke marijuana and date younger people, but it does mean that the government is desperate to arrest and prosecute more people so more people are put into the system and can be monitored, regulated, disciplined, and ultimately controlled.

The members of law enforcement could care less about a dead ex-wife or a suicide.  Real crimes are not investigated because it is far easier to go after the pot head or the political dissident that dares picket an Army Recruiting Office.  The primary reason for the majority of “law enforcement” is to control the slave class (you and I) and to play their part as enforcers in the virtual electronic grid that monitors where Americas go at all times, what they buy, what they earn, and even how they socialize with each other.  If one really wants to reduce real crime then one should work to reduce the size of the bloated and abusive United States government.

Cult members want the New World Order fascism so every one is as enslaved as they are.  When my roommate finally lowered the mind control hammer completely on me it was in the form of his telling me that drug users should be “executed” by an all powerful state and if I had a problem with living under his rules and regulations he would use his knowledge of the law to have me arrested and “busted down” for my sins.  Without the fascist government of America and, particularly, the fascism in the police state of Arizona he would not have been able to use this tool to ensure my discipline and obedience to the cult he threw his life away to serve.

The Christian fascist movement in America did not start with the neo-cons but it was the Republican neo-cons and tyrannical collaborating Democrats like Joe Lieberman[23] that gave visibility and voice to this evil.  In Jesus’ time there were also false religious prophets that were obsessed with rules and regulations.[24]  Unfortunately fascism at the top of a pyramid structure[25]causes fascism at a smaller or local level.

While Arizona is just one state in the union, the New World Order is particularly advanced there due to its strategic location bordering Mexico and its large number of military and secret bases.  Arizona is ruled by leaders obsessed with the false morality that comes from being part of the government and claiming the authority of rule-based establishment Christianity.   Like the Pharisees of old, the Arizona state and local government is obsessed with obedience to authority, discipline, rules, and laws that get enforced by the heavy hand of the police force. Just as the Jehovah Witness cult is obsessed with morality, so to does the American fascist Christian movement use the police to enforce false morality.[26]   I would like to tell the story of a little night club in Phoenix, Arizona that was raided by a militaristic police force intent on forcing their brand of morality and purity on the people. A nightclub named “Club Chameleon” that allowed those with alternative sexuality to socialize was closed due to the Phoenix City Council adopting an ordinance called the “Live Sex Act Business,” which essentially prohibits live sex acts in any club that charges admission.[27] With time this closed the club which was friendly, clean, and very safe.   

Just as Jehovah Witnesses have their “Watchtower” and “Awake” magazines and their books written by the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, the average American has their establishment newspapers and television “news” that is delivered by only a small number of large companies.  Sadly, due to the mainstream media’s control of the information flow, the ignorant US public believes the lies told by the same billionaires that send the young off to die in scam wars.  The media giants the US people foolishly believe continue to dominate the news coverage of the wars in the Middle East, giving only government propaganda and lies to the people.  The top six media outlets dictate over 80% of the “news” to the ignorant American cattle that die like cows being lead to slaughter by their masters.  These companies are:  Time Warner, Disney, Bertelsmann (Random House), Viacom, News Corporation (Includes the Fox network), and Vivendi Universal.[28]  This “news” that is delivered by this small handful of companies is heavily influenced by the CIA.  It is hypocritical to criticize a cult member while ignoring ones own mind control.

Just as the American people sacrifice their children to scam wars and the fraudulent “War on Terror” so to do Jehovah Witness cult members sacrifice their children to the organization.  The ban on blood prevents Jehovah Witness members from gaining a lifesaving transfusion if needed.  The organization has changed their position on this so many times that many members do not know what to believe.  Is the Jehovah Witness cult any worse for sacrificing their children to a bogus blood ban instead of sacrificing their children to scam wars?

Just like Jehovah Witness cult members relish and enjoy the thought of the death of humanity at Armageddon, I have seen the gleam in the eye of establishment Christians as they discuss launching yet another war that will kill tens of thousands of innocent civilians.  As time progresses, Christian Americans become more like the supposedly “demonic” cults that they profess to oppose.

Those cult members that remain loyal subjects are guaranteed eternal life in a paradise on earth governed by “Godly” men; those that don’t will get thrown out of the cult and will not get eternal life.  This is becoming more and more true in the modern American system.  Those that serve the system, stay out of prison by obeying irrational and selectively enforced laws, won’t get AIDS in prison and will have a much longer life than those that, say, picket the state and get thrown in prison to be raped. If one gets a “criminal history” for doing what was once called free speech, one will have a difficult time finding a job.  This criminal history will prevent one from gaining the good employment necessary to have good health insurance. Thus, opposing the government will shorten ones life if one is vocal like I am. The government already tried to frame me for terrorism, do a Google search for: “Christian Peper Attempted Terrorism Frame-Up”.

There is an overwhelming amount of evidence that the ruling elite want a faster and more thorough approach to population control. The stone monument located in Elbert County, Georgia, known as the “Georgia Guidestones” spell out in stone the elites plan to maintain the world population at a low level.[29]   The elite built this monument to the New World Order to put in writing their desire to eliminate most “worthless” humans.  The ten messages are written in eight languages and include the edicts to “Maintain humanity under 500,000,000”, to “Guide reproduction wisely” and to resolve “external disputes in a world court.”   Numerous elites have written thousands of pages demonstrating their desire to radically reduce the world’s population. This parallels the Jehovah Witness cult’s desire to kill all non-believers and allow the small number of those that have been good slaves to the organization to live eternally in a paradise on earth.  In both the Jehovah Witness Watchtower and the real world, the only way to earn this eternal life is to be an unquestioning slave of either the cult or of the Untied States government (That is also in the pocket of the same billionaire elite).

The latest movie by Alex Jones called “Endgame” documents what the ruling elite plan for mankind.  This excellent movie perfectly parallels what Jehovah Witness Watchtower organization plans for the future. The close similarity between what hundreds of researchers have said about the New World Order and what the Jehovah Witness Watchtower organization has said about the New World Order is no coincidence.  The elite that control the cult and the elite that control America are one in the same. The Jehovah Witness Watchtower showed its true New World Order colors after gaining NGO status as a member of the United Nations Department of Public Information (UN/DPI) in 1992.[30]  This was done so that the cult could take a more active role in promoting the New World Order death machine.  Consider this quote from  “For the New World Order, a world government is just the beginning. Once in place they can engage their plan to exterminate 80% of the world’s population, while enabling the “elites” to live forever with the aid of advanced technology.” The Jehovah Witness cult publishes the exact same thing in their books and publications.  The solution of the cult, however, is different from the solution given by the freedom movement.  The cult tells its followers that they must serve the organization to get eternal life (life extension medication) and be a good Watchtower slave to those who control the organization.  The real solution to the elite problem and their dogs in “law enforcement” is (*censored by author, see notes) with good scopes.

Immoral life is the carrot that is held out to cult members to keep them in bondage to the organization.   While the Jehovah Witness cult does not specifically mention life extension medication, this technology will be used to grant the loyal slaves of the American system eternal life; at least until there is a cheaper and easier way to get slaves.  Slaves are always disposable.  This is why Jehovah Witness member are disfellowshipped so easily.  The billionaire elite will give life extension medication or withhold it on a whim.  Contrary to popular belief it is not necessary to have the medication and technology to extend life indefinitely.  All that is needed is the capability to extend life ten years.  During those ten or so years new technology will be found to extend life even further. This way it is possible to leap frog to immorality.  This parallels the promises of the cult that “the Creator’s promise of a peaceful and secure new world before the generation that saw the events of 1914 passes away.”[31] This means that those who were alive (even as a baby) in 1914 will see Armageddon caused by the evil New World Order.  This is referred to as the “last generation of 1914” among cult members.   The reader may say “Those alive in 1914 are very old now and about to die”.  The explanation for this is The New World Order is behind schedule. The failures in both Iraq and Afghanistan have caused the New World Order to run a little behind schedule.   If the New World Order was on schedule more countries would have been invaded by now including Iran and North Korea. The New World Order may be a little behind schedule but it is still raging ahead like a run away locomotive.

Police state Tools like the IRS audit are used against those that write letters to the editor or articles opposing fascism in the American system.  Depending on what is said, the government may use the IRS audit or one of many other tools to punish “opposers”.  This is the same strategy the enslaving Jehovah Witness Watchtower cult uses.  If a cult members is vocal in his repeated questioning of the organization he is thrown out to die with the worldly people and be denied his place in paradise.  This is not at all different than the way the US government uses fascist tools like the IRS or the drug war to throw loud “opposers” in prison to be raped and maybe catch AIDS as punishment for their “sins” against the state.

Just as those that are part of the Jehovah Witness cult are placed under surveillance by fellow cult members, so too are Americans.  A collection of federal, state, local, and corporate agencies monitor individual Americans.   Just as Jehovah Witnesses that are suspected of being disloyal to the organization are treated differently by their peers and elders, those Americans that demonstrate disloyalty to the system are flagged as potential terrorists and put on watch lists.  The TSA list holds the names of many Americans that have committed no “crime” other than voice discontent that their government that has become like “Big Brother” in Orwell’s 1984[32] on steroids. Like “Big Brother” in 1984, both the cult and the US government alter history to serve their own interests. Many Americans still think that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.[33]  Consider this quote from a Harris interactive web site and ask yourself why the US government rewrites history like “Big Brother” in 1984:

“Despite being widely reported in the media that the U.S. and other countries have not found any weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, surprisingly; more U.S. adults (50%) think that Iraq had such weapons when the U.S. invaded Iraq. This is an increase from 36 percent in February 2005.”[34]

Other similarities exist between the Jehovah Witness organization and the creeping fascism that has come to define “modern” America. The same way the cult prohibits the visiting of certain internet sites and renting books that oppose the cult, the US government now has the power to monitor Americans library habits and classify Americans as terrorists based on their internet history and reading habits. Just as the cult labels those that leave the fold “apostates”, those that have left the good graces of the US government are labeled “terrorists”.  Those that criticize the US government are placed on a digital terrorist watch list the same way those that criticize the cult are “marked” for further observation or expelled (disfellowshiped) from the cult.

Just as the cult perverts the spirit of its followers to look forward to the death of non-members at Armageddon, the US government has perverted the spirits of its followers (citizens) to lust for the death of “terrorists” on the battle field in the Middle East.  “Terrorists” are now whoever the US government labels as “terrorists”, even US citizens.  The simple act of writing an article critical of the US government can be labeled an act of terrorism because “propaganda” that aids terrorist causes is in itself providing aid to terrorists. The US Army makes no secret that dissent is considered a form of terrorism.  According to The US Army Marine Corps Counterinsurgency Field Manual[35]  even the use of legitimate political dialog is a form of terrorism if the political speech brings into question the activities of the US government.  This quote illustrates the US Armed Services view of the political process: “Political activities are tightly linked to information activities and violent acts.  Political parties affiliated with an insurgent organization may negotiate or communicate on behalf of the insurgency, thereby serving as its public face.  Insurgencies may grow out of political parties, or political parties may grow out of insurgencies.” Is it any wonder that many journalists are afraid to report on the incompetence and corruption that now runs rampant in the US Armed Services?  To question the US Armed Services is seen by the US Military and by most Americans as an act of terrorism.

It is important to understand the history of the Jehovah Witness organization so that reader is aware that the rise of the ultimate fascism of the New World Order has been brewing for quite some time.  There are New World Order researchers that draw links to the building of the New World Order beast system all the way back to the Pharos in Egypt.  Many researchers claim that the rise of Nazism and the Cold War were planned by the elite.  While there is some truth to these allegations, it is better to view the elite as a band of bank robbers that agree on the job (or robbing the bank) but argue about how to divide up the money.  The elite agree the public must be enslaved but argue amongst themselves over the best way to do it.

Sadly, most Jehovah Witness members don’t know the history of the organization they have devoted their lives to due to the cults prohibition on reading outside material about the organization. Keeping members in the dark is a common tactic of cults just like the American people are kept in the in the dark about the truth behind the “War on Terror” scam.

Jehovah’s Witnesses are an offshoot of the Adventist movement.  This movement declined when the primary leader, William Miller, incorrectly predicted Christ’s return in 1944.  The Adventist movement fragmented and was kept alive in several offshoots or sects.  Charles T. Russell started the Jehovah Witness organization using the same “the sky is falling” paranoia that was used by the Adventist movement to gain converts and to make slaves.  After Charles T. Russell outlived his usefulness he was ritually murdered and buried under an occult pyramid headstone.[36]

Using the word “Watchtower” in the organization’s name was itself a nod to the occult origins of the organization.  Watchtowers have always been referred to by occultists and Satanists as sources of evil power throughout the centuries.  Enocian magic takes its power from watchtowers.  Examine this quote from Alien Agenda by Jim Marrs:[37]

“One of the sights most fascinating to remote viewers who have soared through space is not the vehicles flying around with living beings inside, but towers located on airless worlds throughout the galaxy.  They seem to be sort of relay towers.  They claim these towers appear to fling vehicles beyond light-speed from one part of the galaxy to another, bypassing time and space.”

Watchtowers are used by the dark side to send out demons. In the book of Enoch the angels that had fallen were also called watchers. According to the book to Enoch, They landed on Mount Hermon in Israel.  Because Mount Hermon is at 33 degrees latitude and longitude, freemasons who interact with the dark side also hope to reach the 33 degree. 33 degree freemasons, like the founder of the cult, Charles T. Russell, are tasked with the duty of bringing in slavery to Lucifer through the enlightened elite called the Illuminati. The Jehovah Witness Watchtower is one of many Illuminati mind control fronts.

Luciferian enlightenment naturally places man on a pedestal because man receives the special knowledge through the often times beautiful fallen angel Lucifer.  The dark side communicates to man through occult symbols.  This is why occult symbols played such an important part in the early founding of the Jehovah Witness organization.   Jehovah Witnesses are ironically the ultimate atheists because they worship mans system to the complete exclusion of true spirituality.  This is similar to Americans that are obsessed with passing a never ending sea of new laws and regulations.  Americans glorify and virtually worship their governmental officials the same way Jehovah Witnesses hold the governing body in great esteem.  After all, Americans and Jehovah Witness both worship and serve as slaves to their masters, the primary difference is the service and worship of the governing body is more intense.

The most in depth investigation of the Jehovah Witness Watchtower cult was done by Fritz Springmeyer.  The following historical facts listed here can be found in the book called Bloodlines of the Illuminati by Fritz Springmeyer.

– Charles Taze Russell got enormous financial support from bankers through the freemasons and the Order of B’nai B’rith.

– Russell was close friends with the Rothschild’s who are the international illuminati bankers.

– Russell is one of the original thirteen illuminati bloodlines.

– Russell was a vocal proponent of Zionism.

– Russell was obsessed with the occult including (but not limited to): magical winged sun disks, healing cloths, pyramidology, and death worship.

– Russell as accused of being a pedophile by his wife.  At that time the word meant prepubescent sex rather than one who engaged in politically incorrect sex.

– Russell was connected to the satanic elite in many ways.

– Occult symbols like the Egyptian sun disks were used on Watchtower buildings and publications.

 From its Freemason foundations to its occult origins, the Jehovah Witness Watchtower cult has a spooky history indeed.  Ironically, or perhaps predictably, Fritz Springmeyer was framed as a bomb planting terrorist.  They tried the same cheap tactic with me.  Do an internet search of “Christian Peper Attempted Terrorism Frame-Up”.  Those that upset cults are treated remarkably similar to those that upset the US government.

The Jehovah Witness Watchtower organization follows the same model of slandering opponents that that has been employed by institutions of oppression for thousands of years.  Using the “Fruit of the Poisonous Tree” strategy they personally attack those that criticize the organization.  This is the same model that is used today to stop criticism of the state or prevent embarrassing questions from being raised about those in power.  In modern America those that argue for drug legalization are called potheads, those that want the age of sexual consent to be lower than 21 are called pedophiles (shame on those that have slandered me), and those that speak against cults are called apostates and sinners.

I have certainly been called many names for arguing against the sexual repression of the youth. As the age of consent keep climbing, more plants and substances are deemed to be “drugs”, and more forms of political protest are deemed to be “terrorism”; virtually all Americans will eventually have some kind of criminal record.  This is by design.  The goal is to put almost everyone into the criminal justice system so that they can be further monitored and controlled.

When there is a crusade or a “war” on anything from drugs to terrorism, frequently the truth gets lost in the shuffle.  No one would argue that the rape of children is a good thing or crack rock is healthy, but arresting everyone that thinks favorably about marijuana or has a girlfriend slightly younger than eighteen has filled the prisons with what are essentially political prisoners.  This is by design.  Like the cult views non cult members as sinful “outsiders”, many Americans view those with criminal records as the new under class.  Just as the Nazi attempt at a New World Order labeled Jews as outcasts, Americans have labeled “criminals” as outcasts.  Many even wish to give the mark of the beast in the form of the “VeraChip” implantable micro chip to all “criminals”.[38]

Already there have been Jehovah Witness hit squads dispersed to go after prominent activists. An activist named Danny Haszard had to defend his home with pepper spray. The incident occurred on September 25, 2007.  This incident has caused many that don’t understand the nature of the organization or the destructive power of the New World Order’s tools like destructive cultic organizations to unfairly criticize him.  In brief summary, Danny Haszard, a disabled man, was forced to defend his home from two men in suits by using a spray can of pepper spray. This took place after a campaign of harassment and intimidation from the Jehovah Witness Watchtower organization that has lasted years.  Not only is Danny Haszard disabled, but after he posted the video of the incident on YouTube showing the defense of his home from the cult members, many people criticized and slandered him for resorting to self defense instead of rolling over and hoping for the best.  In the following quotes he comments on the defense of his life and family.  I strongly recommend he purchase (*edited by author, see notes) if they return.  Again, here are some of his words.  Please keep in mind the traumatic nature of the event:   

From Danny Haszard:

“I did NOT know who they were at first because I couldn’t believe that JW would willfully call on me as they all know who I am and where I live. Bangor Maine is a small town notable for the largest airport runway east of the Mississippi and the home of Steven K–g the horror fiction writer who lives about 1 mile from me.  

When I opened the door they did their ‘sneak approach’ and hesitated on identifying themselves, when they asked,” do you think God will put an end to wickedness” even at that point I thought it could still be some kind of prank.  

The building that I live in and manage is combo office/residential with a consumer advocacy agency that serves many elderly. My front door in the video WAS the office door for this agency for 25 years until last year when we renovated the building and still some elderly clients from years back still mistake this as the old office door. This is why I thought at first they were well dressed clients of the agency and went out to redirect them. 

There are 3 no trespassing / no soliciting / private signs posted. Oh, BTW the Watchtower’s policies on DNC and their protocols is not binding on me or anyone else, it’s their fantasy that they can dictate this and tell us what to put up. 

I did not open the door to let them in or accept literature but to repel them ( I could not shoot through the storm door) as it was a provocative set up from the Bangor Maine Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses. 

There are simmering issues going on in Bangor with the JW’s harassing people and the city getting complaints.  

I am triple ADA (Americans with disability act) I have a diagnose of PTSD and am fully disabled from it the PTSD is clinically and legally documented as a result of abuse from the Jehovah’s Witnesses Watchtower cult.  

My first priority is my family and protecting my home, The Watchtower will not get good PR out of this to use at assemblies, notice there is no paper trail or official links or news articles (so far) about the incident. Who do you think wants to keep it quiet? The incident was back on Sept 25 2007 

The Watchtower has been accused of using their elderly and small children as ‘human shields’ to do their dirty work door to door, the world at large sees this going on and is watching.”  

I was indeed upset that the actions of Danny Haszard were seen by some (*censored by author, see notes) arm chair activists as wrong.  I even found a message board claiming that Danny Haszard needs mental help.  First of all, the system has convinced the (*censored by author, see notes) slave people (Americans) that taking any action including self defense is “mentally ill”.  The people are told that if they are attacked they must not defend themselves but (*censored by author, see notes) the boots of their attackers.  This is even more important if the attackers come from in institution of oppression with ties to the elite like the Jehovah Witness Watchtower.

One of the things that kept me from completely joining the Jehovah Witness cult was looking at Danny Haszard’s web site.[39]  Danny Haszard deserves thanks from all those interested in personal freedom.  Those that have slandered him are the type that sit on the sideline and criticize those that try their best with what God has given them to spread freedom and yes, even love.  Sometimes love is tough love; and when an organization has hurt so many people, when so many children have been sexually assaulted, (real sexual assault and not politically incorrect sex) then the public must be informed to save lives and protect the innocent. 

I hope that activists realize just how dangerous opposing a tool of the New World Order potentially is.  I also hope that incidents of harassment and outright attack from Secret Service Agents[40], FBI agents, cult members, or even members of the US Army (That have stalked and harassed me for my anti-war actives, see “Army Recruiters Stalked and Harassed Me for Taking a Picture”) does not stop the people from speaking out or even arming themselves in self defense.  Again, I recommend that all freedom lovers arm themselves in self defense and (*censored by author, see notes) all unconstitutional gun laws.

It is highly likely that Jehovah Witness cult members will continue doing the “Watchtower Shuffle”; that is, going door to door (*censored by author, see notes) about murder and suicide.  Some have even called the organization “The Watchtower Libel and (*edited by author, see notes) Society” due to its readiness to slander and attack critics.  While I believe name calling is usually counterproductive, there are reasons for that name.  This nick name certainly can’t be fully discounted for its inaccuracy.    

When there is a conflict between opposing viewpoints often the plight of the injured is sacrificed to the conflict at hand.  No one is more injured than a former Jehovah Witness cult member.  Those that have spent large portions of their lives in this organization should not feel “ripped off” because they have something special to tell the larger public about living under fascist rule.

According to mans rules perhaps I am an apostate, a sinner, immoral, even an outlaw. Perhaps I deserve to be “busted down” by the state, to be framed for terrorism like they already tried to do, or to be killed by members of the US Military who have repeatedly threatened my life.  In the end only God will judge me.  I hope to live as long as possible but I know a far better life awaits me so death is really not that big a deal to me.  Even if I am put in prison for daring to confront the beast system[41] I will use the opportunity to educate my fellow prisoners and the guards what Christian freedom really means. Jesus was not afraid of death and nether am I.  Real Christians are free, not Watchtower slaves or slaves to meaningless laws and regulations.[42]

I will not be like many of the “leaders” of the “movement” against the New World Order by preaching non-(*censored by author, see notes).  I would hardly object if someone, say, took action against some of the many (*censored by author, see notes) that now litter our roads and sidewalks.

Ironically, the reason for speaking out against the Jehovah Witness Watchtower society is rapidly disappearing.  As the rest of America becomes fascist, more heavily under surveillance, and more obsessed with crime and punishment, I am forced to admit in the interest of honesty that speaking out against the Jehovah Witness “cult” will indeed become silly.

Just as the (*censored by author, see notes) in the BATF, FBI, Blackwater, and other pseudo governmental agencies conduct training and practice pushing around the American people, the youth of today are training with paintball guns and practicing for action against the government that enslaves them.  Leftists are finally beginning to realize just how important the right to keep and bear arms really is.

The battle against the New World Order has been joined from all sides.  The old right wing is being reborn in the young 911 truth activists. These young heroes realize why the founding fathers treasured the right to keep and bear arms so dearly.  These young heroes realize that a fascist Republican party is just fascism with a capital “R” in front of it and deserves neither respect nor support. These young heroes realize that the battle is not between left or right but between slavery to the beast system[43] or freedom.

Jocks that use politically incorrect bodybuilding supplements are beginning to look at pot smoking acid eating hippies and realize that they are not so different after all.  The same laws that are used to “bust down” long haired rockers are used to raid the home of the old woman with glaucoma. The government takes great relish in denying medical marijuana to the dying AIDS patient whose only “crime” is he wants to live one more day in this America that he calls home.

We are all in this together.  We are one.  The man that loads his (*censored by author, see notes) and (*censored by author, see notes) the government spy camera that is mounted on his favorite road that he likes to drive just as the sun goes down must be honored and celebrated.  Activists like Danny Haszard who have saved many lives by speaking up against the Jehovah Witness Watchtower cult at enormous personal cost to himself must be honored and celebrated.  Those brave souls that refuse to pay income taxes to the incompetent, outlaw,  fascist US government  and expose the crimes of the (*censored by author, see notes) at the IRS  like brave Joe Banister must be honored and celebrated.  The young 911 truth activist that stands courageously against the Nazi (*censored by author, see notes) police officer in the black Darth Vader Star Wars “riot gear” outfit must be honored and celebrated.   The gay rights activist that realizes the official “Gay Movement” has sold out to corporate America and decides to break the law by handing out safe sex information and condoms to children must be honored and celebrated.  All that are honored and celebrated also must be avenged a thousand fold if injured.

Those in the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines that desert rather than fight wars for the billionaire elite should have monuments erected in their honor.  Freedom blossoms should be planted everywhere in the form of marijuana seeds that grow into great bushes of liberty that stand in defiance to the abuse of authority and fascism that inevitably accompanies the drug war.

Those that do not care about freedom or prefer fascism should be ignored or treaded under foot.  There are those that may call me an anarchist.  If I am an anarchist it is only to honor the great anarchist named Jesus Christ that was brutally murdered for standing up against the Roman government.  I hope to die a death like Jesus by standing up to the American “Beast System” of Revelation 13.

In the words of the patriot Patrick Henry “Give me Liberty or Give Me Death”.  In the words of Jesus the messiah “Let the dead bury the dead”.  In the words of the (*censored by author, see notes), Bush, “You are either with us or you are with the terrorists”.  Yes, those that side with the US government against the people are indeed terrorists and will pay for their crimes.

*Notes: In all cases where the following expression appears: “censored by author, see notes”; the author eliminated the forceful word(s) to avoid possible internet censorship so that a larger audience can be reached.  This decision was made by the author only and not the web host or print media.

[1] According to the 2008 Yearbook of Jehovah’s Witnesses, there were about 7 million individuals that reported time preaching each month.  The actual number of individuals that call themselves Jehovah Witnesses is likely four times this number.
[2] Rule based Christian fundamentalism as well as repressive cults have grown exponentially in recent years.  As more outcroppings of fascism rise, the number of free individuals naturally falls.
[3] See John 8:7 KJV before casting stones.
[4] See Matthew 23:4, Galatians 5:1, Romans 10:4, Ephesians 2:15 and 6:12, all KJV
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[6] Many Christian activists and counter-cult educators shy away form examining the role of sexual repression in instilling fascism due to fear of ridicule or fear of upsetting their fundamentalist base.
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[22] There are currently approximately 4 million in prison and 7 million on probation, in jail, or awaiting trial.
[23] Joe Lieberman is a high level New World Order operative.
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[25] Pyramids are the most occult  symbol  in existence.  They portray the top down structure found in h*ll with Satan at the top exercising total authority.
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[43] See Revelation  13 KJV


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  1. johnnypeepers Says:

    Wow holmes, that blew me away. The fascist NWO agenda is to divide and conquer. Communism/Socialism/Collectivism is alive and well in the 21st century – it just has a different face. When true individual liberty and freedom is achieved they will be relegated to the history books. Keep up the fight man, I am with you.

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  3. eric Says:

    Adventist movement declined?

    What a joke!

  4. christianpeper Says:

    For a long time the Adventist movement did indeed decline due to false predictions of the end of the world.

    Many cults (including those in the many offshoots of the Adventist movement) have experienced a resurgence as the evil New World Order becomes more powerful.

  5. Jehovah Witness New World Order Says:

    […] TVgasm Blog wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerpt Many go from the US Military to “law enforcement” jobs in which their military torture techniques can be used on American citizens with a wink a nd a nod from Middle America…. […]

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