The American Pedophile Witch Hunt

By Christian Peper.

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From the mid 15th to the early 18th century black smoke filled the skies of Europe as “Godly” men presided over the executions of attractive young women who were accused of witchcraft.[1]  The lust in the eyes of the “authorities” of the time was not limited to just the lust for political power.  When sexuality is inhibited people turn tribally to their rulers to provide their sexual stimulation in the form of torture, war, and other violence.[2] 


The bandwagon movement to eliminate witches was not limited to Europe.  Americans in the 17th and 18th century were also determined to maintain a rigid social order using accusations of witchcraft to maintain patriarchal control.[3] Early America was not immune to the cleansing fire delivered by these early politicians with the power of the cross and the official sanction of the mob who had “elected” them to purify and protect the people (and especially the children) from the scourge of witchcraft.


Whispers of “witchcraft” were enough to send young women off to be burned alive for the glory of petty tyrants.  These pubic executions titillated sexually repressed early colonial Americans.  Regardless of the pleasure derived from the public executions of attractive young women in a sexualized manner, the local town’s people felt they were performing a valuable service to the public.  One had a duty, after all, to protect the children of the town from these witches that were certain to corrupt the delicate children’s sensibilities.  If this mission from God lead to the side effect of entertaining a lustful yet sexually repressed public, then that was just an added bonus for doing the work of Jesus. (I am a liberal Christian so I am not criticizing all Christianity.) 


Modern Americans would assume that witch hunts are a relic of the past.  This assumption is silly indeed for anyone with even a rudimentary knowledge of history. Throughout history various minorities have been identified and scapegoated. These poor souls were forced to go through life with the dreaded label of communist, Jew, homosexual or, more recently, pothead, or Islamic extremist.  It is irrelevant what label these minorities held, what matters is they were separated from society either physically or through social ostrazation. 


Although bandwagon movements tend to focus on the poor and disenfranchised, one’s social standing and position does not necessarily protect one against bandwagon movements.  The “father” of the anti-communist “red scare”, Sen. Joseph McCarthy himself, whose right wing movement is derided in thinking circles as “McCarthyism” was not immune from the bandwagon movement to purge “dirty”, “sinful”, “immoral” homosexuals.  This bandwagon movement ran concurrently with “McCarthyism” and is known as the “Lavender Menace”.[4] 


The current Bandwagon movement against “sexual predators” and especially against “child molesters” is not the first anti-genital movement to sweep America.  In the late 1800’s and early 1900’s  there was an exaggerated danger of white girls being kidnapped and sold as sex slaves to immoral men who would corrupt them.[5] In the 1990’s there was a sex crime scare when “repressed memories” (largely implanted by well-meaning psychiatrists and psychologists) received wide spread media attention.


Perhaps the most foolishly amusing of the anti-sex bandwagon movements to sweep America took place in the 1980’s.  President Ronald Reagan was in office and the nation had become sharply divided between those in the Christian evangelical movement and those outside the faith and thus “immoral”, or, at the very least, those with questionable “family values”.  Into this rift came a witch-hunt that in many ways paralleled the witch-hunt that took place in the 17th century.  The “Good Christian Americans” had worked themselves up into a frenzy of righteous indignation about a series of reports that satanic ritual abuse was being visited upon the children.  These “satanic cults” were allegedly engaging in rituals that involved children and were promoting sin in the form of sexual license and immorality.[6]


The silliest part of the “satanic ritual abuse” scare was the satanic cults as described in the media did not exist.  While it is certainly true that throughout history there have been people that gather in small groups and become involved in unconventional hobbies like knitting, basket weaving, rowing, wrestling, and even Satanism; the actual organized and sizeable satanic cults described before congress and to members of “law enforcement” simply did not exist.  During the satanic ritual abuse scare teenagers with too much time on their hands that spray painted “satanic” symbols that they found in books that they did not understand were rounded-up and held out as examples of “satanic” cults.  Ironically, politicians, lawmakers, and the ruling elite themselves have historically been the primary dabblers in satanic activity due to their having both the time and resources to indulge in such nonsense while the remainder of the population has job worries to contend with.[7]  Just as the fraudulent “War On Terror” finds losers with too much time on their hands and calls them “terrorists”, the public in the 1980’s was only to eager to believe self appointed “experts” and law enforcement personnel desiring increased police state funding.


As previously stated in the introduction; asexuality and sexual repression parallels fascism because when sexuality is inhibited people turn tribally to their rulers to provide their sexual stimulation in the form of torture, war, and other violence.[8] This is why governments have a vested interest in sexual repression.  Governments wish to further cement their power and authority and sexual repression is a tool to this end.  The identification of the new “Boogieman” called the “sexual offender” increases the power of government because the people turn to the government to protect them from this “sinful” new menace.


The control of individuals’ sexuality is a key element in fascist organizations and countries.[9]  Sexual repression is a necessary component for the control of a population.[10]  “Make love not war” was far more than just a catchy 1960’s jingle; it was a radical political statement.  It has been proven time and again throughout history that sexual repression equals fascism.[11]


Just as the sexually repressed early colonial Americans used the accusation of “witchcraft” to ensure loyalty to the religious and political rulers of the day, modern American politicians and governmental officials use the sex offender witch-hunt to keep a largely ignorant and emotional American population in a state of fear for their children’s safety and morality.


Few Americans remember that there was a time in our history when the role of a father was to take a young son, often between the ages of 15 or 16, to a whore house.  Traditions such as this have been air-brushed out of the American experience.  Now the modern-day role of a father is to encourage his son to repress his sexuality and promote the lust for war and military torture in order to replace his natural sexuality.  I humbly suggest that the new approach to human sexuality is far more costly in terms of lost lives and treasure for expensive wars.


What about the human cost?  What have these laws done to the “class” of people known to many in the freedom movement as “innocent sexual offenders”? “Innocent sexual offenders” are innocent men whose only “crime” is to have engaged in politically incorrect sex that any healthy red-blooded American male would have participated in just a few decades before. “Participated in” is key here because no one is arguing to legalize un-consensual sexual acts.   Fully consensual sexual acts with individuals who have achieved the age of historic puberty (I am referring to around 15) have never been historically illegal until very recently in America. 


Since the founding of America, Americans have realized that the natural age of consent was historic puberty (i am referring to around 15).  The entire bedrock of western jury prudence is built upon the concept of a universally accepted law of self determination.[12] When this right to self determination is eroded by requiring individuals to wait until they are 18 or 21 to engage in sexual relations or even kissing (as the students that were kicked out of school for kissing can attest); then ones basic right to self determination is seriously eroded.  All thinking people that value individual rights must oppose the drive to raise the age of sexual consent to 21. One must ask oneself: why a young person can fight and die for ones country at 18 when they can’t enjoy a beer until the age of 21.  One must also ask ones self why the government has determined that no one is old enough to use certain politically incorrect drugs.


Few Americans realize just how easily they can loose their rights with a swipe of the pen.  Politicians, judges, and arrogant members of law enforcement who have made themselves guardians of morality and purity lord over an ill-informed public full of self-righteous idiocy.  The ignoble American voter is eager to gleefully jump on the latest bandwagon to “save the children” from the sinfulness of their own genitals regardless of the human cost. 


Under the banner of “saving the children” the word “child” itself has morphed into a strange new state of being that has taken on a life of its own.  The classic definition of a child has been replaced by a strange new definition deviating from historical precedent.  A “child” can be an individual 15, 16, 18, 21 or even older in the case of college students that are still dependent on their parents.  A “child” is either helpless and in need of adult guidance and control or a threat to society and in need of a long prison sentence or even execution.  It has been said that the easiest way for a “child” to become an adult is to commit a serious crime.  Then suddenly this “child” is an adult in many states and is often sexually assaulted or raped in prison with a wink and a nod from the “Godly” American system. 


Those who live in the great state of Maine have attempted to purify the state by making it a crime to look at children.  As absurd as this sounds, the people of Maine are determined to enforce their brand of morality by enforcing the law against “visual sexual aggression against children”.  The following two paragraphs are quoted from the website known as “Dvorak Uncensored”:[13]


“Those who peer at children in public could find themselves on the wrong side of the law in Maine soon. A bill that passed the House last month aims to strengthen the crime of visual sexual aggression against children, according to state Rep. Dawn Hill, D-York. Her involvement started when Ogunquit Police Lt. David Alexander was called to a local beach…Because the state statute prevents arrests for visual sexual aggression of a child in a public place, Alexander said he and his fellow officer could only ask the man to move along. “There was no violation of law that we could enforce. There was nothing we could charge him with,” Alexander said.”

“He attended a talk with Hill a week later and brought the case to her attention. Hill pledged to do what she could, Alexander said, and the result was a change through the Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee in the House, which made the law applicable in both private and public places. Alexander said he’s grateful Hill was willing to take up the cause, and is hopeful the measure will clear the Senate. “I’ll be pleased that we were able to identify this flaw and take steps to rectify it,” he said. Under the bill, if someone is arrested for viewing children in a public place, it would be a Class D felony if the child is between 12 to 14 years old and a Class C felony if the child is under 12, according to Alexander…..He noted that York police respond fairly regularly to reports of public peepers on the town’s beaches.”

As stated earlier, the previous two paragraphs were quoted from the website known as “Dvorak Uncensored”.


As if arresting people for the thought crime of looking at a youth while thinking impure thoughts is not enough; one has to wonder if the new definition of “child” will eventually begin to include attractive 20-year-old college “girls” roller skating in the park.  Imagine the number of “sinful” “child molesters” show up at beaches to oggle attractive 20-year-old college “children”.  Again, the definition of child changes from year to year and sometimes month to month.


According to our government’s own statistics the number of sex offenders that re-offend is extremely low.   Independent researchers have destroyed the myth of the re-offending sexual predator.  Sexual offenders are actually far less likely to re-offend than most other “criminals”.  Perhaps the reason many of these so-called “criminals” are so unlikely to reoffend is many are not “criminals” at all but merely individuals engaging in politically incorrect, yet consensual sex. 


Only about 14 percent of convicted sex offenders commit new sex crimes over a five-year period and about 20 percent did so over a 10-year period, according to Canadian researcher Karl Hanson’s widely cited review of studies involving more than 4,700 offenders.[14] Even this number of reoffenders is highly inflated because it includes relatively harmless offences like public urination and soliciting a prostitute as “sex crimes”.  Many estimate the number of sex offenders that re-offend by committing serious sex crimes rather than engaging in politically incorrect sex (like dating someone a year or two under the officially sanctioned age of consent) at less than 5%.  Regardless of the exact number of re-offending sexual offenders, communities are safer with sex offenders than with other more serious violent criminals.  Communities should welcome sex offenders to reduce violence and crime rather than shun them.


The same supernatural features assigned to witches are given to sex offenders such as they “can’t change” or “once a witch (pedophile), always a witch (pedophile)”.  Just as the local towns’ people were obsessed with witches using Amulets and Talismans, the FBI issued an “intelligence bulletin” in January 2007 on “symbols and logos used by pedophiles to identify sexual preferences.”[15]  As absurd as it sounds, the FBI alleges in the document that such things as triangles, hearts, and butterfly jewelry are part of a secret code that pedophiles use. The worst part of the “intelligence bulletin” is it cites the notoriously unreliable “Wikipedia” as a source.  While I, Christian Peper, have cited “Wikipedia” on occasion, it is only after confirming the information with other sources. There are no other reliable sources that confirm that pedophiles use “secret symbols” and talismans to communicate or to increase their power.  All of the symbols and jewelry described in the “intelligence bulletin” are popular in mainstream culture.  It is disturbing indeed that the purpose of this FBI “intelligence bulletin” is to provide valuable information to law enforcement personnel including local police.   A butterfly tattoo or the popular triangle that symbolizes many things including the Christian trinity may result in suspicion and questions about ones morality and danger to the community.


The reason the government makes “pedophiles” register is so politicians (many of whom are themselves secret sexual offenders) can appear to be tough on crime.  Examples of politicians that fit the popular definition of “sexual offenders” are:  Merrill Barter, Idaho Sen. Larry Craig, Louis Beres, Brian J. Doyle, Deputy Press Secretary for U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Kevin Coan, Florida Rep. Mark Foley, New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer, and the list goes on and on.


By shifting the blame to others politicians hope their own “sexual sins” will not be discovered by their hypocritical constituency.  I, Christian Peper, have been stalked, slandered, and called a “child molester” and “pedophile” for suggesting that safe sex should be taught in school and the age of consent should be lowered to historic puberty (I am referring to around 15).  Whether or not the reader agrees with me, I should not by slandered and have a hard time keeping a job because I voice a political opinion regarding the age of consent or safe sex education.  The end goal of the anti-sex movement is to outlaw all premarital sex and regulate married sex.  As stated earlier, the American people do not realize how easy it is to loose their rights due to a swipe of a pen.


Although Governmental greed and lust for power does much to explain the reason for the current sex crimes witch-hunt; another culprit with disputed origins[16] is involved in the disastrous miscarriage of justice known as the “sex crimes witch-hunt”.  At least part[17] of the modern sex crime witch-hunt is due to the existence AIDS virus.  A rather obscure virus that some claim came from the rainforests[18] has caused many Americans to view sex in an unhealthy manner.  The AIDS virus has caused widespread sexual repression.


Contrary to popular belief, it is virtually impossible for a “child” to get HIV / AIDS from a typical child sexual predator.  Very few of these “sexual predators” engage in high risk activities with their “victims”.  The typical “assault” is little more that the fondling of genitalia or oral sex.  Oral sex is so safe that many safe sex educators actively encourage oral sex to reduce or even eliminate the threat of HIV / AIDS. There has never been a single case of HIV / AIDS being transmitted by receiving oral sex.  The one who performs oral sex with their mouth is exposed to little or no risk also.  According to virtually all safe sex researchers there is a very low risk or only a theoretical risk for the one performing oral sex with ones mouth.[19]  Although there is some disagreement among researchers, many studies have shown that oral sex is a risk less proposition in terms of HIV / AIDS.[20]


Because very few Americans are able to still think abstractly, it is impossible for most to imagine what the age of consent would be if diseases like AIDS did not exist. Fortunately, there is a record of the age of consent laws.  In the late 1800’s and early 1900’s  the age of consent for much of America was set at puberty but rarely enforced if violated except when the parents were very wealthy and connected to “law enforcement” and opposed the courtship.  Would there still be an effort to raise the age of consent to 21 if sex was no longer deadly?  Is it right to punish those that not only had no hand in the creation of the disease but aren’t even infected? 


To the hard core anti-sex vigilantes a diagnosis of HIV is “just punishment” for a young man or woman who dares to engage in “sinful” acts before marriage. I, Christian Peper, have been slandered and denigrated by cheap internet vigilantes for daring to state that safe sex should be taught as soon as possible to the youth.  “Busting down” and handing out the largely meaningless label of “sexual offender” is viewed with relish for those that gleefully support any and all laws that restrict premarital and sometimes even marital sex.  Before the existence of AIDS most states’ age of consent laws were far lower.  Those age of consent laws were themselves frequently not enforced except as a way to oppress gays and lesbians. 


The modern American gay movement, having sold out completely to corporate interests,[21] is unconcerned about fellow gays being locked away after being identified as “sexual offenders” because the new corporate gay image is far more important than a few “casualties” and wrecked lives due to the sex crime witch-hunt.  Even today the age of consent laws are enforced in a highly discriminatory manner.  Men that have sex with 17 or even 20-year-old “boys” are seen as “child molesters” but when a female teacher has sex with a 14-year-old male the “child” is seen as a stud and the female teacher is seen as “hot woman” assuming she is attractive.


Unreasonably high age of consent laws are used to marginalize already marginalized minorities like gays and lesbians.  Men that have sex with 14-year-old boys are seen as child molesters but when an attractive female teacher has sex with a 14-year-old the teacher is seen as “too pretty to go to jail”. 


Debra Lafave, the US teacher who got no jail time for sleeping with her 14-year-old pupil was honored in the media as a “hot teacher”.  Radio talkshow hosts made jokes about how they “would have paid attention in class more” if she was their teacher and how they “wish their teacher looked like that”.  Imagine if the teacher was a male who had sex with a 14-year-old girl or, even worse, a male teacher that had sex with a 14-year-old boy.  The media treatment of these “sex offenders” is far, far worse than any other “sex offender”.


In the great state of Missouri a bill has been proposed that will allow the execution of those that “rape a child”.  This bill was proposed in responce to the Michael John Devlin sex crime reports.  What the media failed to report is that this new bill will be used almost exclusevely on gay men that have consentual sex with teenagers.  Much like the Nazis had a “final solution” to exerminate the Jews, executing “pedofiles” is the final solution the radical right seeks in order to clense the land of gays who have slightly younger lovers.  Is exterminating gay men with slightly younger lovers really the best way to maintain the morality and purity of the youth?  Will the state of Missouri build ovens to murder these new Jews when death row gets too crowded?  Only time will tell.


For historical perspective, in a Boston suburb in the late 1970’s District Attorney Garrett Byrne was defeated due to his desire to prosecute a group of gay men that had been arrested for repeated ongoing sex with many young teenage “boys”.  The men were acccused of using drugs and video games to lure the “boys” into a house.[22]  The “boys” where also photographed as they had sex.  This ongoing activity was called by papers a “sex ring”. The new DA said that no man should fear prison for having consentual sex with a teenager.[23]  Contrast the permissive late 1970’s with prison obsessed 2008.  Those who rule with an iron fist are proud America is the world’s top jailer. 


The folowing statistics from an article entitled: “Land of the free is world’s top jailer”[24] should send a chill down the spine of those Americans who can still think for themselves: The United States has less than 5 percent of the world’s population and almost a quarter of the world’s prisoners.[25] Approximately one out of every 100 Americans is in jail or prison.  Approximately one out of every 34 people are either incarcerated or on probation.  This puts the US ahead of China, Russia, Brazil, India, and Mexico.  One in 36 Hispanics is behind bars, One in 15 African Americans is in jail or prison, one in 355 white women between ages 35 and 39 are incarcerated.  America is deep in fascism.  If prison, jail, probation, sex offender registries and terrorist “Watch Lists” are taken into account, the number of Americans “in the system” could be up to 15% of the population.


Many of the anti-pedophile websites are actually anti-gay, pro right wing websites that seek to redefine what a “child” is.  These websites essentially condemn all gays and hold out as “proof” that gays are child molesters the “fact” that youthfulness is prized in the gay community.  It is unacceptable to the anti-sex movement that many older gays have lovers under the age of 21.  Even those older gays that have lovers that are over the age of 21 but appear youthful are held out as sexually immoral and potential pedophiles.


The Riverfront Times[26] April 17, 2008 edition ran a letter in the “Savage Love” dating advice column in which the host of the column, Dan Savage, commented on how he was made to feel self conscious because the 24 year old he was dating looked too young to be his lover according to his mother.  He felt that he needed to defend himself for having a youthful appearing lover.  Dan Savage joked about being afraid of being labeled a member of NAMBLA because he had a youthful appearing lover.   He went on to say this jokingly in the column: “You got me, Mom. He’s 12 years old. I’m the president of NAMBLA. I met him at Baskin-Robbins. I’m going to jail for this.”  Psychologists know that often in jokes the inner workings of the mind are found.  Are people now fearful of acquiring the dreaded label of “pedophile” for dating 24 year olds?


Examine this quote from a homosexual named Joel Hazlett who has been harassed and ostracized for the “sin” of having a boyfriend that is only 21 years old.  Ask yourself: Should the age of consent be even higher than 21 (perhaps 25 years old?) to ensure the morality and purity of the public?  Here are Joel Hazlett’s own words: 


“I have been attacked by strangers for dating 21yo male, and that was a hate crime with no basis. The 21yo male was quite happy with me and I him, but the attack ensued because I was older and gay. This makes many cities “unsafe”…..Safety for me, means safety from bigots …… who make improper assumptions, then act as judge, jury and executioner.”


Does dating a 21 year old really make Joel Hazlett impure?  Is 21 now too young for sexual relations? Should the age of consent really be higher than 21?  Perhaps the people in “Godly” America do not care that their image in the rest of the world has become so solied.  Americans are viewed as hypocritical, puritanical, prison obsessed facists that need Viagra to preform due to the repression that is heaped upon them as they come of age in war obsessed churches. 


Age of consent laws are used to maintain the authoritarian system.  The gay movement has sold out completely to big money interests and is now no more than a mouth peace for the large corporations that, quite literally, own the American people and swim in the money generated from the prison industrial complex.  It is ironic indeed that while many Americans struggle to find jobs, the prison industry produces many goods ranging from silk-screened clothing to fine-ground optics.[27] Since the “Good Christian Americans” are loosing their jobs at a record rate because they continue to support any and all wars; perhaps they need to be arrested and “busted down” so that they can find meaningful work in the prison industrial complex.


For the “crime” of suggesting that safe sex should be taught in school and the age of sexual consent should be historic puberty (around 15) to increase the safety and lawfulness of sex, internet vigilantes have been engaged in an organized campaign to slander my name.  It is sad indeed that one can be labeled a “child molester” or “pedophile” for the “sin” of promoting safe sex.  Shame on those who have slandered me. 


I, Christian Peper, have an education in Psychology.  I have worked with the “mentally ill”.  While working with the “mentally ill” in group homes I have seen first- hand the problems sexual repression have caused.  I have every right to advance the thesis that an unreasonably high age of consent leads to sexual dysfunction and other problems.  I also have a right to advance the thesis that teaching safe sex at an early age saves lives.  I should also be free to state that historic puberty (around 15) is the natural age of consent from a clinical, scientific perspective without being illegally slandered or harassed. These cowardly internet vigilantes do not allow any perspective that diverges from their anti-sex, pro-fascist agenda.


Even doctors and high level mental health practitioners are not allowed to comment on the absurdity of the new anti-sex crusade for fear they themselves will be slandered and labeled with the new scarlet letter.  The cowardly internet vigilantes do not care that I have worked with the mentally ill or have an education in Psychology; what matters is purity and obedience to fascist police sate dogma.  Perhaps with time the internet vigilantes and anti-sex crusaders will be publicly identified and brought to task for their crimes against the children and their promotion of sexual dysfunction and statist repression.  


According to the American Journal Public Health, (98: 155-161, 2008) having sex later in life causes sexual dysfunction.[28]  Men who wait until their 20’s frequently have difficulty getting aroused, reaching orgasm, and suffer from more sexual hang-ups.[29] From prisons dotting the American landscape, to internet vigilantes stifling free speech, to rampant sexual dysfunction infecting and destroying marriages; The cost of sexual repression is simply too high. 


I, Christian (Chris) Peper, have had problems with (More information contained in book) being immersed in purity propaganda from the backwards Midwestern Christian churches and schools I was forced to attend as a youth. Because I was cursed (in other societies it would be called a blessing) with high testosterone at the young age of 11 or 12, I had a miserable time growing up indeed.  (More information contained in book.) 


If one is to believe the propaganda that one should “wait until marriage to have sex” then why do fifteen to twenty years elapse between physical sexual readiness and official sexual legitimacy.[30]  Is it any wonder that sexual dysfunction pills like Cialis, Viagra and Levitra are such big money makers?  Why are judges, juries, and the criminal justice system punishing those who have slightly younger sexual partners?  It is sad indeed that the totalitarian anti-sex right wing purity movement has done such serious damage to the sexual health of the youth.  The youth do not deserve a lifetime battle with sexual dysfunction no matter how “pure” and “morally superior” the hypocrites in congress may be.


Now that the age of consent has been raised to 18 in many areas, there are more “pedophiles” than ever.  If the age of consent is raised to 21 for premarital sex then the number of new “pedophiles” will be truly staggering indeed.  The word “pedophile” itself has been redefined almost to the point of meaninglessness.


There is debate among psychologists if “pedophiles” exist at all.[31]  A “pedophile” can be anyone from a male college student that masturbates while thinking about a woman under the age of 18 (or 21) to a man who regularly has sex with four year olds.  What if there is no pure “gay” and no pure “straight”?  It is well known that many “straight” men have gay sex in prison.  What is less well known is that many “straight” males continue to have gay sex after leaving prison.[32]  The reader should take note of this timeless quote from the highly revered book entitled: “NYC Sex, How New York City Transformed Sex in America”:


“The way we have organized our sexuality in the western world is not necessarily the way other cultures have organized theirs.”[33]


Because sexuality is far more fluid than most are willing to admit, there is no conclusive proof that a person can physically be attracted only to children.  If a pedophile is defined only as one who is only attracted solely to children, then it is likely that “pedophiles” are as rare as unicorns.


Is a man really “sick” and in need of “treatment” for being attracted to a 17-year-old woman?  What would developed cultures, both modern and ancient, say about the modern American society that arrests and destroys the lives of men for the “sin” of dating a woman who is 17?  Is 17 or even 16 really too young considering that through-out millions of years of evolution (or creation for the scientifically challenged) the natural age of consent has been historic puberty? (around 15)  Is it any wonder that when mans laws go against nature then the number of “criminals” naturally increases? This quote from the legendary author, philosopher, and freedom activist Ayn Rand sheds some light on the current American obsession with passing a never ending sea of new laws:


“When there aren’t enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws.”


Even within the hated organization known as “NAMBLA”, many members have no want, wish, or desire to engage in sex with individuals under the age of historic puberty (around 15).  In the book published by NAMBLA called “Boys Speak Out on Man/Boy Love”, one can see that all the “boys” that are quoted are past the age of puberty.[34]  One of these so called “boys” is 19-years-old and another is 24.  Very few that argue for elimination of the age of consent laws are really interested in the age of consent going lower that historic puberty (around 15).  It is absurd indeed to accuse a gay civil rights organization like NAMBLA of promoting adult-child sex. While I do not agree with all of NAMBLA’s aims; the purity movement and the “protect the children from sex” movement have left a sea of human misery in their wake.  What is agreed upon by most rational people is the age of consent is far too high.  A recent poll cited in the excellent ABC television special and internet report called “The Age of Consent” with legendary reporter and New York Times bestseller John Stossel found that most Americans feel that 16 should be the age of consent. Because I, Christian Peper, am often misquoted I wish to restate very clearly again that I feel the age of consent should be historic puberty. (around 15)  This is a very different and a far more sane position than those that push for total sexual liberation.


Children that are “victims” of incest or adult child sex are coerced to see the incident as far more damaging than it actually was.  I, Christian Peper, experienced this myself with my speech impediment.  I have a slight lisp that most do not notice.  For the longest time I blamed all of my problems on this lisp even though most people do not notice it.  I do admit that some people do indeed notice it, but even in these situations it is far from a pure negative.  I have had complements on my lisp and even had people become more interested in speeches I have given due to the uniqueness of my speech patterns and tone.  When one can blame all of ones problems on something (like relatively harmless sexual contact), especially at societies urging, then one often does.


Most Americans do not question the widely accepted dogma that all adult-child sex is seriously harmful. Although I still feel historic puberty (around 15) is a more rational age of sexual consent (if only for logistical and practical reasons); I cannot help but to pay homage to the legendary sexual researcher Alfred Kinsey.  Alfred Kinsey did for sexual research (including safe sex promotion) what Albert Einstein did for physics.  While Alfred Kinsey certainly never promoted adult, prepubescent sex; he brought into serious question the damage sex with young children really causes.  The large number of youth that have been tricked or forced into giving false testimony about sex they enjoyed at the time has filled the prisons with political prisoners.  Alfred Kinsley had this to say about the harmfulness of sexual contact with children:


“It is difficult to understand why a child, except for its cultural conditioning, should be disturbed at having its genitalia touched, or disturbed at seeing the genitalia of other persons, or disturbed at even more specific sexual contacts.  When children are constantly warned by parents and teachers against contacts with adults, and when they receive no explanation of the exact nature of the forbidden contacts, they are ready to become hysterical as soon as any older person approaches… Some of the more experienced students of juvenile problems have come to believe that the emotional reactions of the parents, police officers, and other adults who discover that the child has had such a contact, may disturb the child more seriously that the sexual contacts themselves.”[35]           


Orwellian governments are established because people are ready to give up their rights for security.  Benjamin Franklin said: “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”  Americans, ignorant of history and prone to rash, emotional decisions allow the government to trample on basic civil rights in the name of “protecting the children”. Because the American people find it difficult to follow even simple trains of thought, (due to poor schooling), most Americans equate those that date a slightly younger person with kidnapping and even murder. This allows the government to offer a “solution” to the “problem” of early sexual contact in the form of surveillance and an enlarged police state apparatus.

The technology used on “sexual offenders” is truly frightening.  Already electronic ankle bracelets are used to track and monitor “sexual offenders”.  Many wish to give the “Mark of the Beast”[36] in the form of the VeriChip implantable microchip to all “sex offenders” regardless of what the new definition of child becomes (those under 21 years old?) or what new sex crimes laws (including public urination) are passed. It is conceivable that in the future all those who are deemed to have impure thoughts about those under 18 (or even 21) will be chipped for their thought crime. The anti-sex movement proposed requiring testing of all Americans for their propensity to molest children. Those Americans that refused to take the test would naturally be assumed to be hiding something and would be given a color coded rating that indicates that they have the potential to molest children. Using such instruments as the “penile plethysmograph”, the government claims to have the ability to determine if impure thoughts enter the mind of men when shown pictures of children.[37]  This tool is already used on many convicted “sexual offenders”.  Using this tool on the general population would allow the government to ensure the morality of its subjects are not compromised. 

The government invests millions of dollars aimed at decoding brain activity. [38]As spending continues and neurotechnology advances and the public grows less sophisticated, the most basic civil liberties may become a distant memory.[39]  Already lawmakers in Ohio say that they want to force convicted sex offenders to use a fluorescent-green license plate on their cars so they can be easily identified.[40]  Just as the Nazis required the Jews to wear a yellow star, the people of Ohio want to use license plates to identify those deemed to be “unclean”.


What is the difference between a 17 and an 18 year old? What then, is the difference between having sex with a 15 or 16 year old? Should a couple of year’s difference be grounds for a twenty year, thirty year, or life sentence of registering as a “sexual offender”?  Until very recently, the de facto age of consent in most of America was puberty and shortly after 14. This has been changed due to a rapidly accelerating fascist police state.  It is telling that when a fourteen or fifteen year old commits a crime, he or she is frequently charged as an adult. Prison, sexual repression, and hate have come to define America. 


The show “To Catch a Predator” quite literally entraps men.  Many of these men display normal urges for companionship with individuals over the age of 15.  To use those over 15 as bait for older men is wrong.  Virtually none of the “under aged” persons are younger than the age of consent in most of the world.  What is even worse about this “show” is experts in sexually stimulating talk are used to lure men into showing up at the location. This show is really about the manufacturing of new criminals.  Contrary to popular belief, there is no real increase in “child” sexual assaults due to the internet.[41]  The following quotes were taken from in which an article titled “Online ‘Predators’ and Their Victims” is summarized.  This article originally appeared in the American Psychologist magazine.[42]


“Finding: Sex assaults on teens fell 52 percent from 1993 to 2005, according to the Justice Department’s National Crime Victimization Survey, the best measure of U.S. crime trends.”The Internet may not be as risky as a lot of other things that parents do without concern, such as driving kids to the mall and leaving them there for two hours,” Wolak said.”

 “Finding: Internet predators don’t hit on the prepubescent children whom pedophiles target. They target adolescents, who have more access to computers, more privacy and more interest in sex and romance, Wolak’s team determined from interviews with investigators.”

“Finding: The means of communication is new, according to Wolak, but most Internet-linked offenses are essentially statutory rape: non-forcible sex crimes against minors too young to consent to sexual relationships with adults.”

“Finding: Most victims meet online offenders face-to-face and go to those meetings expecting to engage in sex.  Nearly three-quarters have sex with partners they met on the Internet more than once.”


The internet scare is due to the media and politicians playing on the fears of uneducated,

less technologically savvy voters that view the rapidly changing times with suspicion and trepidation, much as medieval peasants viewed the thesis that the world was round as “of the devil”.  Is the internet really a “portal to sin” or is it a tool to educate and shine a light on ignorance through writings such as the reader is enjoying now?


The show “To Catch a Predator” portrays teens as asexual and incapable of sexual desire despite a study[43] showing a quarter of 14 year old boys had touched a girls vulva, 85% of teens had kissed romantically, a third of high schoolers in one California study had masturbated someone else[44], and a quarter to a half engaged in heterosexual oral sex. At least half of all high schoolers do not graduate as virgins according to most studies.  Is it really unreasonable for a healthy adult male to be interested in aggressive advances from what he thinks is a highly sexually active individual who has gone through puberty, presents herself as very attractive, and is not only smart enough to operate a computer but also to type long diatribes in an effort to court the so called “perpetrator”. After all, Romeo and Juliet were aged 14 and 13.[45]  Were Romeo and Juliet really asexual? If they were not is it fair to claim that a 15-year-old is?


Minor sex “crimes” like dating someone slightly younger than 18 or briefly fondling someone’s backside even without removing any clothing often leads to long prison sentences with no opportunity for parole or early release.  According to an article from the associated Press entitled “State budget cuts may lead to inmate releases”,[46] budget shortfalls have caused many states to release “tens of thousands of convicts from prison, including drug addicts, thieves, and even violent criminals”.  All states mentioned in the article refused to release sex offenders, no matter how minor their “crimes” preferring instead to release violent offenders.  The article goes on to state: “Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger proposed saving $400 million by releasing more than 22,000 inmates who had less than 20 months remaining on their sentences. Violent and sex offenders would not be eligible.” 


Is a “sex offender” that grabbed the buttocks of a girl in a bar really more dangerous than a violent offender that puts another man in the hospital?  The stories of Arnold Schwarzenegger grabbing the rear ends of women is legendary.  Will the governor turn himself in for his sins and register as a sexual offender?  When Arnold Schwarzenegger was 28 he had sex with a 16-year-old girl.[47]  Why was he never punished for this “sinful” act? Why was he never forced to register as a “sexual offender”?  The United States government has become the spiritual authority for the American people but the rich and powerful (usually) tend to follow a different set of rules and laws than the common man. 


Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of the sex crimes witch-hunt is the labeling of children as sexual offenders. The new sexual offender witch hunt that has destroyed countless lives of those that it professes to protect.   Even the very young are declared “witches” and forced to live their lives with the dreaded modern “witch” label and be known as a “sexual offender”. 


Are two teens out on a date both pedophiles for having sexual relations with each other? The law seems to think so.  Many teens have been prosecuted for engaging in consensual sex.[48]  The following quote from Arizona public defender Chris Phillis illustrates how children are actively prosecuted as “sex offenders” (witches) in the “moral and Godly” state of Arizona:  “If a 15-year-old touches a 13-year-old’s breasts, they are now guilty of a felony crime”. These teens are then put on the same sex offender registry as hardened sex offenders who rape young children.[49]  Many feel that these young immoral devils deserve the modern “witch” label so that Christianity and its variations like the “Jehovah Witness Watchtower” and “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints” in Utah can flourish. 


In Utah a 13-year-old girl has been charged as a sex offender for having consensual sex with 12-year-old boy.[50]  The 13-year-old girl became pregnant after she had consensual sex with a 12-year-old boy.  Both the 12 and the 13-year-old were found guilty of violating a state law prohibiting sex with anyone under 14.  Because the girl committed a single act of “sexual immorality” she is considered both a victim and a sexual offender from the same act.  The 13-year-old girl and the 12-year-old boy have joined the ranks of the new underclass for committing what amounts to consensual premarital sex. 


The guardians of morality and purity relish destroying young lives in the name of “Godly” family values.  Matthew Bates, an assistant Utah attorney general, argued the prosecution was reasonable.[51]  After all, what better way to enforce purity and morality than “busting down” those deemed to be impure?  Unfortunately, it is very common to label even those under 12 as sexual offenders for “playing doctor” or committing other acts that the state has determined to be “immoral”.  The reader should ask themselves if they ever had relations with someone under the age of 18 in their lives, even if they were under 18 at the time.  If so then the reader themselves is considered a “pedophile” by some standards.  Is all premarital sex pedophilia?  Is masturbation before 18 or 21 self pedophilia? Only time will tell, only time will tell. 


Adult male “sex offenders” are often forced to undergo brutal “aversion therapy involving electric shocks.  The dreaded underclass known as “sexual offenders” are often coerced into undergoing “chemical castration” as part of the terms of their “treatment”.  This draconian, brutal, medieval “treatment” is similar to the Nazi programs that neutered those considered “undesirable” in the eyes of the state including Jews, gays, and the disabled.  The ghoulish “authorities” relish giving medically unproven and harmful “treatment” in the form of Depo-Provera shots[52] to the new underclass because these shots not only create sexual apathy and lower the level of testosterone of their victims; but also radically shorten the lifespan of men[53] and cause serous diseases related to premature ageing. 


Brutal, medieval, pseudoscientific “treatment” is also used on children that dare display what the state has labeled “sex offender tendencies”.  A young person does not even have to actually commit any crime to be labeled a “potential sexual offender”. Tests now exist that claim to measure the sexual deviancy of even those as young as 9 and 10 years old to ensure that their morality conforms to dominant American cultural dogma.  The “SEXUAL ADJUSTMENT INVENTORY-JUVENILE SCALE” measures the desire of the youth to determine if he or she is a potential sexual predator.[54]  If the youth exhibits signs of what the courts deem to be unconventional sexual desires the youth faces court mandated counseling and often brutal “treatment” and the loss of such “privileges” as ones drivers license.  The six sex related scales are the Sex Item Truthfulness Scale, Sexual Adjustment Scale, Child (Pedophile) Molest Scale, Sexual Rape Assault Scale, Exhibition Scale, and the Incest Scale. 


Perhaps, with time, all Americans will register as some form of sexual offender.  This was proposed quite recently.  The anti-sex movement wanted to test all Americans for signs of sexual desire for children using a modified form of the “Abel Assessment”[55] combined with electronic testing of ones private organs.  Those immoral Americans that refuse to take the test would be assigned a risk status indicating that they posed some danger to children.  After all, only someone with something to hide would resist the Orwellian police state of America.


Many Americans do indeed enjoy food favored by children like pizza and ice cream.  This could be used as evidence of pedophilia the same way visions and dreams were used as evidence of witchcraft in the 17th century.


The “war on drugs”, the “war on terrorism”, and now the “war on sexual immorality” gives purpose to Americans that need to be a part of bandwagon movements to inject meaning and order into their relatively unimportant lives.  Now, more than ever, we must push at power in this country.[56]


After all, “protecting the children” from the sinfulness of their genitals is well worth living in a police state for most uninformed, ignorant Americans that enjoy jumping on one bandwagon after the next.  Don’t the “children” deserve a better future?  Lets “save the children” from the police state, regardless of what the new definition of “child” becomes. 







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21 Responses to “The American Pedophile Witch Hunt”

  1. psychology study on uniqueness Says:

    […] of attractive young women who were accused of witchcraft.1? The lust in the eyes of the ???aut Brilliant Social Psychology StudiesOver the past few months I’ve been describing 10 of the most […]

  2. Michael G Says:

    You state: “Participated in” is key here because no one is arguing to legalize un-consensual sexual acts. Fully consensual sexual acts with individuals who have achieved the age of puberty have never been historically illegal until very recently in America.”

    The lowest “age of consent” in the United States is presently sixteen, and I can’t imagine that there are many people of sixteen who have not atained puberty. You miss the point: The state has no legitimate business interfering in consual sexual relations – period. These laws were never designed to “protect” children, but rather to protect the institution of the family – the basic building block of capitalism.

  3. Michael G Says:

    Okay, so you prefer engaging in sexual relations with pubescent kids, so you advocate an “age of consent” of puberty, throwing those who prefer prepubesent kids to the wolves. So as with most liberal advocates of reform, you windup shooting yourself in the foot because you fail to realize that the issue is one of privacy. These laws don’t “protect” children, but rather they protect the institution of the family – the basic building block of capitalism. “Consent” means nopthing more tyhan a mutual awareness of what is happening, free from force or coercion. Whether or not Billy has hair on his mons pubis is immaterial.

  4. Michael G Says:

    Okay, so you prefer engaging in sexual relations with pubescent kids, so you advocate an “age of consent” of puberty, throwing those who prefer prepubesent kids to the wolves. So as with most liberal advocates of reform, you windup shooting yourself in the foot because you fail to realize that the issue is one of privacy. These laws don’t “protect” children, but rather they protect the institution of the family – the basic building block of capitalism. “Consent” means nothing more tyhan a mutual awareness of what is happening, free from force or coercion. Whether or not Billy has hair on his mons pubis is immaterial.

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  12. Supersmash Says:

    This is excellent trolling material to use against Amerifags.

  13. RedHotStagg Says:

    Ladies and Germs, welcome to the 21st century “police-state!” Whether you knew it or not, the sexual revolution did not ( I repeat, did “NOT”) end with the passage of the “free love 1960s!” It was an ongoing thing. Well, with the Adam Walsh protection Act, Megan’s Law, Jessica’s Law and many other so-called “child protection “LAWS”, the sexual revolution came to a screeching, dramatic end! And one thing is all too “obvious”: …”WE LOST!!!” The Christian Puritans and the man hating anti-sex lesbian feminists (who want all “heterosexual men” castrated!) have “WON!!!” If you get accused of a “sex offense”, good luck getting any LEGAL help. The ACLU won’t help you unless you’re lesbian, transgender or gay. The ACLJ (the ACLU’s christian counterpart) won’t help you because 1. your’e not “christian” and 2. They won’t touch a branded “pedophile” with a 29 1/2 foot pole!! And THAT leaves us “straight folks” shut out in the cold! I mean, at least the gays and lesbians have “slight” provisions for their sexual liberties due to “gay rights!” We hetero-sexuals don’t even have THAT!!! This is illustrated by what our children are beign taught in our politically correct liberal school system!! ( If this doesn’t make your blood “BOIL”, there’s something SERIOUSLY wrong with you!)Our kids are actually being taught that ” IF YOU’RE GAY, IT’S OKAY (to fool around!) but “IF YOU’RE STRAIGHT, “DON’T EVEN “THINK” ABOUT IT!!!” “THEY” are actually teaching our nation’s kids ( here in “South-Park-butt-f!!!!!k america ) that if it’s “boy on boy”, the two partners are “equal in stature”, thus, nobody’s getting “raped!” The same thing goes if it’s “girl on girl!” But if it’s “boy on girl”, that’s a completely ‘different thing!!” Boy on girl means “predatory MONSTER raping ( molesting! ) innocent “little girl!!” We might as well face facts: Sexual freedom for “straight bucks like us” ( and we heterosexuals make up about 75% of the world’s population! ) is strictly a thing of the past. The sexual revolution is over, and WE lost. The good old days are over, dead, and ( I fear ) gone forever. The sheer “viciousness” of this new anti-sex-offender witch-hunt is simply “terrifying!” There’s nothing restraining it at all. The witch-trials of old Salem “pale” in comparison! And don’t even get me “started’ on the mainstream “media!” What ever you do, don’t you do ANYTHING to get yourself “thrown under that bus!” This aint no “joke!” Don’t pick up prostitutes, avoid hanging out with girls you don’t know, don’t go “bar-hopping,” and pray to GOD nobody makes a “false accusation” against you. When it comes to sex offence accusations, “INNOCENCE” is no excuse!! And for christ sake AVOID INTERNET PORN! ( unless you know the “ages” of all the people your’e viewing! Because the LAW doesn’t give a damn if you knew that that sexy starlet was under-age or not!) It’s time to “batten down the hatches!” we’ve got one hell of a “storm” to ride out! The good old days are gone. Will the new “dirty Jews” of the 21st century ( the world’s cannonized “SEX-MONSTERS”) be rounded up and sent to “concentration camps” like their earlier counterparts!? I’ll answer this with an easy little “assignment” for you. Perhaps this will confirm ( as it does in MY mind ) the future “FATE” of all those listed on “the registry!” Go get on “Google” and type in “Fema Camps.” Did you know that in the U.S.A, all Japanese citizens were rounded up and sent to camps during WWII!? “Google’ that, also. It HAS happened here before! Go onto “You Tube” and type in “Fema Camps!” Only the IGNORANT truely believe that Hitler was the “last of his kind!” And with “registered sex offenders”, I have a bad feeling that history is soon going to REPEAT itself! All it will take will be the passing of another one of these below the belt chickenshit Child Safety “LAWS!” Something like “Jeremy’s Law.” No joke! Do the “assignment” I gave you, you’d better get informed. And you must do everything you can to stay off “THE LIST! Your LIFE may DEPEND on it!

  14. RedHotStagg Says:

    By the way “babyplanet”( ? ) don’t you think it’s STUPID to repeatedly post your blog-message over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and “over” and “OVER” again!?!?! Trust me, repeatedly posting your stupid blog DOESN’T help you get your “POINT” across, it takes up valuable “blog-space,” and it only serves to IRRITATE THE “F!!!!!K OUT OF YOUR FELLOW BLOGGERS!! Your statements don’t even make any “sense!” Here’s my advice: “Don’t drink and blog.”

  15. Scott McCloaky Says:

    First, our nation went form being sexual-freedom-America, to being like 1940s sexually repressed america again. Then it went to being like puritanical sixteenth century Britain. Then it went to being like sexually repressed Cuba, where just about ANY kind of sex is illegal! Our once great nation is becoming more and more “soviet” every day! Before very much longer, I think all sex offenders probably will be rounded up and shipped off to some sort of prison-camps. Welcome to the New World Order! Even kids who were caught just “kissing” will be sent to the camps right alongside serial rapists. You don’t think such a thing can happen here in “America?” It already has… back in World War II with the Japanese. Why not do like Red Stagg ( uh,.. Red “Stagg?”) says. Go and ‘google’ it. Also: a well known precurser to any brutal dictatorship is the disarmament of it’s citizens!! All the”warning signs” ( particularly the “sex-offender laws”) are clearly in place. I guarantee it, if the majority of americans get duped into handing over all their DEFENSES, the ”soft tyranny” that we’ve been putting up with for so long now will suddenly become like an iron bar hitting us across our backs! The “sex offender “damnation” program is the most promenent cutting edge tool in the elite’s arsinal for global fascism. Between the War on Drugs, The War on Privacy ( the first half of the Patriot Act ) The NDAA indefinite detention without charge or trial Act( the SECOND half of the Patriot Act) The War on Child Endangerment, the war on Agriculture, the incredibly vicious , potent War On Sex ( the sex offender Laws ) and now the War On GUNS, we’re “delusional” to think that we’ve got any “rights” left at all!! Truth: The ONLY thing keeping the forces of evil “in check” ( well, sort of ) is the fact that the American citizens ( even a large percentage of america’s “liberals”) are armed to the teeth! If not for that, this nation would be like communist Russia by now. California is already so much like “Moscow” that it’s pitiful! As far as “sexual freedom” is conserned, “forget it!” We’ll see a wholesale legalization of NARCOTICS and MURDER before we’ll EVER see the legalization of what has already been declared “the world’s most detestable and heinous crime! In the eyes of the public and law enforcement, MURDER is an act of “charity” compared to sex with a 17 year old girlfriend!!**** It’s absolutely INSANE! You DON’T want to end up getting yourself “thrown under the bus” when it comes to these “sex offender laws! At very LEAST, your life will be ruined beyond all hope of repair! No joke. Beware and be WARNED! That’s all. peace out.

  16. somegy Says:

    Sadly, I think it will take pre-pubescents and pubescents standing up to the laws, or which they are starting to do on social media by being the sexual beings they are and not hiding it, which sadly often causes a backlash against them more often doesn’t and goes unnoticed. They will grow up to realize the hypocricy. Those in the current 20+ generations are lost causes.

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  19. PRichardson Says:

    The Law and Media can make the innocent appear Guilty…

    Christian Peper,                                                                                                      January  2015

    Charles (Chuck) A. McGonagle, Let me first start to say,
    I just read your article on an
    Interview with an Innocent Sexual Offender, and I’m still in shock, in awe, speechless is something I’m not. I will introduce myself as Pam, Chuck does remember me,  I’m 100% sure of that. I was in my sophomore year, 1980 when I met Chuck McGonagle, we dated
    during that year, alone in his parents house after school and the following summer we went to many drive-in  theaters, swimming, lots of alone time. I will not say that Chuck didn’t try
    to make advances, he was boy but when told NO!  He respected that, all gentleman, never would he force or disrespect a girl. We were young, as years went by, both dated other people and remained best friends. So much so that he cared enough to call me and tell me about the unfortunate situation that he was in, explained the party and that night.
    I told him if he needed a friend to talk with, I was there. The story I just read online has not changed from 28 years ago, although years have past. I knew he had done time and moved on as I had moved out of NH.  Never to think a new law was passed and this gentle kindhearted man was painted as a “MONSTER”. Where is the justice in cases as this. 
    As a mother of one beautiful daughter, she would never have been at a party to put herself in such a bad situation, drinking and socializing is no place for a young girl, regardless.
    I consider myself Blessed in a loving family. I have nothing to gain by writing this.
    But when learning about what Chuck and his family have to deal with. My heart goes out to him. Thank you for such a truthful article and caring enough about people to write it.  I will Pray for Chuck that things turn in the right direction if they have not already, also for the law to get things correct, and use the law as for what it is intended for.
    Chuck is the farthest thing from a sex offender, and all cases are different.

    Where are these girls responsibility ?
    In my eyes that mother should be thankful that her daughter was with “Chuck” 
    and not with a sex predator.

    Best regards to all involved. 

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