Interview with an Innocent Sexual Offender

By Christian Peper


The current bandwagon movement against “sexual predators” and especially against “child molesters” is not the first bandwagon movement to sweep America.  Throughout history various minorities have been identified and scapegoated. These poor souls were forced to go through life with the dreaded label of communist, Jew, homosexual, pothead, or, more recently, Islamic extremist.  It is irrelevant what label these minorities held, what matters is they were separated from society either physically or through social ostrazation. 


Governments wish to further cement their power and authority and bandwagon movements are a tool to this end.  Sexual offenders have become the new boogie man. 

The identification of the new “Boogieman” called the “sexual offender” increases the power of government because the people turn to the government to protect them from “sinful” new menaces and potential threats. The reader is encouraged to study other works written by Christian Peper such as: “The American Pedophile Witch Hunt” to become fully informed on this subject.  Few Americans realize just how easily they can loose their rights with a swipe of the pen.


I had the rare opportunity to interview one of these dreaded “sexual offenders”.  I must say that far from being the boogie man portrayed by the media; all my interactions with this “sexual offender” indicated that I was dealing with a caring, considerate, and ultimately harmless family man.


I, Christian Peper, can say with full confidence that Charles (Chuck) A. McGonagle

poses absolutely no risk to anyone and is far less “sexually deviant” than the average American. Despite Charles (Chuck) McGonagle not agreeing with all of my views, he was still willing to be interviewed by me.  After interacting with Charles (Chuck)  McGonagle I came to the realization I was not talking to a “sexual offender” or a “child molester” but simply an all-American, average, ordinary, traditional, patriotic, man that  “made out” with a young woman at a party that was technically under the age of consent but looked every bit a woman.  At the time of this “crime” Charles McGonagle was only 20-years-old himself. Apparently two youths engaging in the “sin” of premarital sexual contact is now a crime.  


Charles McGonagle was only 20 years old when he committed a “crime” that he had no want, wish, or desire to commit in the first place.  I suspect that after the absurd, comically sad ordeal Charles McGonagle has been through his sole sexual attraction is for women with gray in their hair.


I can confidently say to the parents of children in New Hampshire that they should look for neighbors as harmless as Charles (Chuck) McGonagle.  To call Charles (Chuck) McGonagle a “danger” to the children is silly indeed.  If there were more men like Charles McGonagle then the children would be in far less danger. 


On to the interview:


Christian Peper: Hello, Charles McGonagle. I would like to begin this interview by asking you to briefly summarize your experiences regarding the label you now carry of “sexual offender”.  How did you get this label?


Charles McGonagle:  I am a registered sex offender and this is my story. In 1985 I was only twenty. I was at a party and met a girl. We were all drinking and having a great time. I ended up in my car with this girl and we fooled around. We came close but did not have sex. It turns out she was underage. I did six months in jail for my “crime”. Ten years pass and during that time I got married, had two children, went back to school and got my degree. In 96 I get a letter telling me I am a sex offender and I must register until I am dead. This was not on public record. While registering at some police departments I was spit on by cops. I was shoved into a wall. I was forced to sit and be degraded. I was threatened by police as well.  Now twenty three years after my “crime” I am on the public web page labeled as a child molester.  All of my neighbors hate me and want me to move. My job and career that I have spent years building will be lost soon. This means I will lose my house.  My daughter is harassed at school by her peers. My life is in ruins and I am told that it will only get worse due to upcoming law changes in the next year.  As I understand it, the sex offender registration is supposed to protect people and not further punish the people on it.  I am constantly told by my states officials that I am not being further punished.  Oh, just for the record, I have never had a sex offence before of since that incident.  Am I a threat to society?  Are your children in danger of me?  There are many people out there in the same situation as I am.  Where have OUR rights gone? Are we to be considered the expendable casualties of unjust and confused laws?  I guess our lives are expendable in the name of protecting the people.


Christian Peper: Did you know the young woman was under age at the time?


Charles McGonagle: I did not know the young lady was underage. To tell you the truth I did not think about it at the time. She looked like the rest of us. 


Christian Peper: How old was the young lady?  Can you describe how old she looked?


Charles McGonagle: I was told by the police at the time she was fifteen.  This is a fight that I still have to this day. You see just two years ago a detective at my registration decided that the little box on my paper work was not correct. She decided it should be checked as aggravated felonious sexual assault. This was never the case and I told her that. She said that she had checked into it and that it really did not matter. I was getting nowhere with her so I left and was forced to prove her wrong.  Oh, by the way, I did prove her wrong, and there is a huge difference in the little checked boxes.  Anyway, I had to get the original paper-work from the court from more than twenty years ago to prove my case. The paper-work I got fixed my problem with her but created another.  At some point someone more than two decades ago put the age of the girl at thirteen.  So I must tell you that I am not sure how old she was at this point.  I don’t really think it matters as I was not looking for an underage girl at all.  How old did she look?  As I said before she looked like the rest of us at the time:  Tight Levis jeans, tight shirt, drinking a beer, and smoking a Marlboro.  If you are asking was she developed, well the answer is yes, very much so.  In fact I admit that was the first thing I noticed.  She was also about two inches shorter than me.  I am 5’ 8” tall.  She talked like the rest of us, drank like the rest of us and smoked pot like the rest of us.


Christian Peper: Did you consider asking for a government ID the same way bartenders ask for ID before serving alcoholic beverages?


Charles McGonagle:  An ID? You must remember that this was a long time ago.  It is way before all this sex crime stuff came about.  No, I never thought of asking for ID.  I was not selling her a drink.  She was at a private home (not mine), at a house party, and, as I said, she looked like the rest of us.  In fact, she looked older than some of the girls that were my age.


Christian Peper:  Do you think that you should have been charged with some kind of crime for not asking to see the young woman’s ID?  After all, bartenders are charged for accidentally selling alcohol to under aged individuals and convenience store clerks must ask for ID when a customer buys cigarettes.  You are clearly guilty of an accident; why shouldn’t you be charged for not asking to see the young woman’s ID before you engaged in what many consider a “sinful” act (unmarried sexual contact)?


Charles McGonagle:  I guess if there had been such a law at the time then I would have been charged with that as well.  As I said she looked like the rest of us and an ID never entered my mind.  Yes, I am guilty of an accident. I am also guilty of a crime as ignorance is no excuse for violating the law.  I understand that and I accept that.  I cooperated fully with the police and paid the price.  Just for the record, I was not the only male at that party eyeballing this girl.  She was very attractive and friendly.  I guess I was the lucky one, ha!  As far as it being a sinful act (unmarried sexual contact) I guess I will have to take my place in hell with the majority of the people who have ever walked this earth, including the lawmakers of our country.  I accept that as well.  I have made my peace with God if you will.


Christian Peper:  Do you currently have any interest in having sexual relations with individuals under the age of 18?


Charles McGonagle:  I must tell you honestly that I have never had any interest in having sex with children. That said, I am not going to tell you that I have never given a second look to an attractive women that may be in college of even high school for all I know. This does not mean I want to jump in bed with her.  It means I am human and find women attractive.  However, I also must tell you that with my situation I am very scared to look most times.  I have almost been made to feel dirty for finding women at just about any age attractive.  This whole situation has also played a major role in hurting my sex life for many years; more so since I was put on the public web not long ago. The “situation” is always in the back of the mind and it does make you feel dirty or something.  That often leads to poor or no performance.  You must remember that the state I live in is calling me a pervert, a pedophile, or what ever else you want to call me. This plays hard on the mind and soul of a person that is nothing like that at all. I have been put under the same umbrella as the truly sick individuals of the world and that really hurts and bothers me.


Christian Peper:  What do you think of the movement to raise the age of consent to 21? 


Charles McGonagle:  I think that to raise the age of consent to 21 would only serve the politicians and the police.  Raise the age and you will automatically raise the number of “criminals”.  This will raise the number of arrests made and expand the registration list.  Now it becomes easier for a politician to say “See, look what I have done to reduce  crime”. “Look what I have done to protect you and yours.”  Of course, many people will buy into this and give that politician another term and a raise.  I guess it’s easy to save a sinking ship and be a hero if you are the one that put holes in the boat to begin with.  I do not pretend to know what the proper age of consent should be. You (Christian Peper) suggested in the article you wrote titled: “The American Pedophile Witch Hunt” that perhaps the age of consent should be puberty.  Puberty, I don’t know really. I do recall being taught in history class many years ago that it was commonplace to have your daughter married off and bearing children by the age of fourteen or so. This does not mean that I am interested in young girls. This is just what I was taught. I guess you could ask why God made puberty so young. Why are women and men (boys and girls) able to have children so young?  Maybe our government is ready to call God a pedophile. I really don’t know the answer. I can only tell you that I truly have never had nor will I ever have the desire to have sex with children.


Christian Peper: Do you want the young woman you were involved with to register as a sexual offender the same way a 13 year old girl in Utah was charged as a sexual offender for having consensual sex with a 12 year old boy?  Is the solution to outlaw all premarital sex?


 Charles McGonagle:  No, I do not want the girl from the party to be forced to register as an offender. To tell you the truth I have not seen that girl since that night twenty-three years ago. I think the situation of the 13-year-old in Utah is totally wrong.  I personally know individuals in similar situations as mine.  I have seen many other situations that are also very wrong.  More wrongs can never make anything right.  I do know that for sure.  I guess the law makers of our country have not figured that out yet. They only know they need to look like they are protecting everyone.  If that means hurting the innocent and destroying families in the process then that seems to be ok.  Typical American politics if you ask me.


I guess outlawing premarital sex will fix things just fine for some religious groups. It will definitely make lawmakers shine in some people’s eyes.  It will, without a doubt, secure the government’s “big brother is watching you” programs.  What better way to keep an eye on your subjects than to get them all onto a registration that was created to house only the truly dangerous people of our society.  This will help to squash the will of the people to fight back.  I can tell you first hand that being on this list does make you scared.  It does make you think twice about fighting it.  I mean, what will they do to me and/or to my family next?  Of course I would imagine that if this happens then the law makers and the elite of the world would be excluded from the pool the regular people swim in.  I mean, you already see that every day with the corrupt government, with movie stars and such that seem to get a slap on the wrist when you and I would be all but crucified for the same actions.  If you or I had been arrested as many times a Robert Downey Junior for drugs we would be doing some serious time. Oh, by the way, congratulations to Robert on his new block buster movie.


Christian Peper: There is beginning to be a consensus among thinking people that sex crime registration does not protect children and may actually put them in more danger.  How do you feel about the modern day scarlet letter people like yourself are required to wear?


Charles McGonagle:   I want to say that I do not disagree with sexual predator registration; I just want it to be used for what it was intended.  I know that there are many bad people in this world.  I have children myself.  They are older now but of course I want them protected from the bad people of the world.  I just want someone to explain to me how the young girl from Utah is a danger to anyone?  How am I a danger to anyone?  How are two people at any age engaging in consensual sex a danger to anyone?  Unless you are talking religion, then it is a matter of personal belief and that is just what it is.  I want our lawmakers to get it right. They don’t seem to understand or care that they have this all wrong.  I have been told by some reps in my state that they know the system is in need of repair and they are working on it.  Well, we all know that the government does not move to fast.  They need to realize that there are thousands of lives being trashed. They need to realize that many people are being hurt in every way you can hurt a person including psychologically.  Some day someone is going to snap and who will we blame? There needs to be serious law reform NOW not a little this year, a step back the following, then a little more progress in a few more years.  This is not good enough and the people of this country deserve better than that.  I am not just saying this for me.  I am fighting for others in my shoes.  I don’t understand why there can’t be a case-by-case review of the offender list.  I have been told it cost too much money.  I have not done the research on it but I would bet my life that it’s cheaper to do a case-by-case review than it is to keep track of all the people on the list that should not be there.  I would bet my kids lives that it is cheaper than the war going on.


Christian Peper:  Tell me about what you have done in terms of talking with state officials or other politicians.  Have they been responsive or do you get the feeling that they only care about getting reelected?  What types of interaction have you had with state officials? What have state officials said to you?


Charles McGonagle:  I first started out by sending a letter to our governor.  I got no response, so I sent another letter stating that I will send three or more letters per day until I get a reply.  I did get a letter back from some low level person in the governor’s office. They informed me that I needed to contact my local representatives to have the laws changed.  However; “The governor cares very much and thanks you for contacting his office.” That’s all I could get from them.  I did contact all the local and some not-so local state representatives.  I did this more than once.  I got only one reply from a representative.  It was a generic reply saying nothing more than thanks for contacting me. Then one day I was simply looking at new news on the net about sex offender laws in other states.  I put my story on a web page and that is how I met you, Christian Peper. Although we do not agree on every single thing, Christian, I thank you for your understanding and work you have put into this.  It means more than you know.  I also met a person named Laurie Pederson.  She is a real fighter for people in my shoes.  Her husband is also on the registration list and should not be. She is always at the state house fighting with senators and such for change.  She also goes from town to town meetings on this subject and speaks for us.  


Just a few weeks ago there was a hearing on purposed law changes for 09. They wanted to put the work addresses of those on the sex offender registration on the web. There are other changes as well they were thinking of.  I was invited to speak at this hearing in front of five senators.  I was very nervous but had to do it.  It was the first time ever that I was able to tell my story, my concerns, and my anger to high level state officials.  I must say they all looked very bored and you could tell they did not want to be there. By the time I was called up they even said it has been a long day and we are tired so make is brief.  One of the first things I said to them is that I understand you are all tired of hearing this.  I said “I know you are all tired of dealing with this matter and want to move on”. “Senator’s, I promise you that I am much more tired of dealing with this than you are.” Then I went into my story.  I talked of how I was forced to tell my teenage daughter about this matter because the state put me on the internet.  I talked of how I am not the street pervert the state makes me out to be. I talked about how my job is now in serious jeopardy. Then I thanked them for in advance for not passing more laws to further punish me.


By law a person that has committed a crime and did their time should not be subject to any further punishment under the law; yet with the swipe of a pen the rights of people in my situation are changed every year. They simply say that no matter what they decide it is not further punishment. They even force inmates in prison that have served their time and are due for release to stay in prison after their sentence is up!  This is really happening NOW!  I tell people all the time that if things can be changed that easily when it comes to sex offenders then what is next for the rest of America. 


Anyway, I had every senator’s mouth open.  They did not know what to say to me.  I asked each one of those Senators, after hearing my story, please tell me how I am a threat to anyone.  Not one of them would answer.  After my testimony I was surrounded by people shaking my hand thanking me.  There was one woman that came to me with tears in her eyes.  She was saying how sorry she was.  She asked me what can be done.  I found out later that she was there as an activist to fight for tougher offender laws, and she was saying sorry to me!  That made me feel really good.  So, I guess I did well there.  I found out about two weeks after that they removed the law about putting work addresses on the net.  My boss had already told me he would have to fire me if they did that.  So it is a fairly large victory for me/us.  I don’t know were the rest of the law changes are now.  I do know that I will be forced to give a DNA sample and other things like that.  I, and others in my situation, are for the most part being put on parole now.  I don’t remember twenty three years ago the judge ever saying that in twenty three years you must follow parole guidelines.  But “I am not being punished” so I guess it’s ok for the lawmakers.  I don’t know if the officials are worried about being reelected or not.  I would imagine that helping to deregulate sex laws is most likely political suicide.


Christian Peper: There are many who would say that you got exactly what you deserve because you engaged in the “sin” of premarital kissing or premarital sexual contact.  Do you feel that you committed a sin, and, if so, why should the young woman you sinned with also not be exposed as a sinful “sexual offender”?


Charles McGonagle: As I said before I guess that if this whole thing is looked at from a religious point of view then yes, I did sin.  So therefore the girl in question also did.  I do not think for a minute that this girl left her home that evening looking to get some older guy in trouble; just as I did not leave my home looking for a young girl.  I was not looking for a girl at all, in fact, it just happened.  I don’t think she tricked me per say.  I think she was playing an age she was not so that she could drink some beer and hang with the cool crowd.  Anyone else out there guilty of that in there life?  If this is truly a sin then I would imagine that Hell is very full and Heaven has wide open spaces.


Christian Peper: To many Americans the fact that you engaged in premarital sexual contact is enough to call you a sinner and immoral.  Do you accept the label of sinner for engaging in premarital sexual contact?


Charles McGonagle: If I am a sinner in the eyes of God than what of it?  I have tried to make up for what happened.  I did my time and have never offended again. That is because I am not a sexual deviant.  So if I am a sinner then yes, I will take my place with others such as the Gov. of CA, President Clinton, President Bush, and JFK. Any politician that has ever cheated on his wife. Any priest that has hurt instead of healed. The list goes on as we all know. All I can say to those who want to label me as a sinner is GET OVER IT! And stop judging your neighbor.


Christian Peper: Why are politicians so eager to appear “tuff on crime” that they are actually hurting the youth that they pretend to protect? Is the drive to get elected so important that politicians would sacrifice the children on the altar of special interests and the radical right wing Christian agenda?


Charles McGonagle:  First I must say that I do think that America does have the best system in the world. That said I do think that it is seriously broken.  It has been for many years and is getting worse.  Politicians take the easiest thing they can do to save face. “See, I may not have done this or that but look at this”, “aren’t I doing a great job?”.  I think there are some good politicians out there.  However, it seems that most do not listen to the people.  They do listen to whoever will bolster their position and/or change laws to suit their needs as they see fit.  That makes it very easy for them to do things with crime. I also think they do very little else that really has any real impact on anything.  It’s almost like a little child that has chores to do.  They may not want to do them so they do something else.  As far as the future, they will either not be in office or they will be dead so the politicians don’t care.     


Christina Peper: You mentioned earlier your treatment at the hands of police. Can you elaborate on your treatment at the hands of law enforcement?  Can you describe some other ways you have been mistreated due to the label you now carry?


Charles McGonagle: Over the years I have had situations at police stations when I go to register.  I was taken into an interrogation room and called a pervert and the sickest scum on the face of the earth.  I was then shoved into a cement wall by the same person.  Then he egged me on to push him back.  He wanted me to touch him so he could kill me he said.  At another police station I was shoved into a chair and then surrounded by three detectives.  I was called all kinds of names again.  Then one of them spit on me.  Again, if I had said or done anything I would have found myself in a cell with a few bruises I am sure.  I have had my registration paper work changed on me for no reason other than to make my offence look worse than it was.  I did fight that and had it changed back.  I did put in a complaint but nothing ever came of it.


A few years back I went on a family cruise out of Florida. There was about twenty of us. Coming into US customs my family’s luggage had been put aside. We did not know why.  I was then picked out of my family by two customs officers.  I was shoved by one and asked over and over were are my drugs.  “How many little girls was I with while out of the country?”  I told them that I refused to deal with them.  Then they said thats fine we will go ask your kids if they noticed you with any little girls and were your dad hides his drugs.  This is one time that if I had been alone I would have ended up in jail.  I was that mad.  I contacted the head of customs when I got home.  I blew a gasket with him.  He did say he was sorry but that’s the extent of it.  There were other situations as well but they boil down to the same types of things.  I must say that the worst thing I have to deal with is the every day knowledge that I am on this registration.  That I am on the public internet for all to see, pegged as a child molester.  This is the worst of it.  All the detectives that have harassed me in the past and the ones who will do it in the future only show how immature they really are.  Yet they are given badges and guns to protect us.  Scary!


Christina Peper: The way you have been treated due to blatant governmental abuse of power is a clear violation of your civil rights.  Have you considered filing suit against the United States government for violating your civil rights?  Have you investigated this possibility with a qualified attorney yet?  Will you keep this option open in the future?


Charles McGonagle:   I did contact two different lawyers on the subject and the ACLU. One lawyer I contacted was the same person that worked my case twenty three years ago. He said the way they have changed the laws there is nothing that can be done at this point. The law makers, you see, have covered their bases.  As I said, if they see an obstacle, be it a law or a constitutional right, they simply change it.  It is that easy for them. That is why I say it all the time, be careful people what is next.  I mean until just over a year ago, I had the right to go to court and have this removed from my record.  This process cost thousands in fees and lawyer bills.  Over the years of having two young children I could never afford it.  As it was not on public record I put it on the back burner so someday I could save the money and have this done. Then, when they changed the law and put me on the public web they also took away my right to go to court and have this removed.  I now have no rights what so ever.  Also, I now must register twice a year instead of once.  Also, I must pay a fee for the privilege of registration.  It is supposed to increase from seventeen per registration to fifty next year. You know darn well that this will go up every year.  The other lawyer I spoke to also said the same thing.  Laws have to be changed before anything can be done. The ACLU declined my case as they do not see winning it.  I have been told there is a chance that with the new law changes for 2009 I may be able to spend several thousand and get myself off the public web page.  This is still up in the air.  I will of course do so, however, the damage is done.  Then it also raises the question that if I am not seen as threat enough to be on the public web then why am I a threat enough to be on the registration at all?  I must tell you that when I was first was forced onto the registration I contacted the state and asked how can this be happening after ten years time.  I asked them how far back they went into the past to form this list of offenders.  I was told they went back as far as ten years.  It turns out that because I had also received three years probation with my six month jail sentence, that my probation period went over the date that they went back to.  So, because I still had some probation time left is the only reason I am dealing with this twenty three years later. What makes it even worse is my probation actually ended early as I was not seen as a threat. Yet when they formed the registration they refused to look at that and went with the original ending date. Chew on that for awhile.


Christian Peper: This is the Last question I will ask you, Mr. McGonagle.  You have certainly been through a lot.  It seems that people are hateful and cruel. Has your experience lead you to feel hateful towards humanity?


Charles McGonagle:  I do not hate humanity.  I am scared for it.  Not just with these situations but with everything going on. Our politicians lie to us so much they end up believing their own lies.  Our president is so out of touch with everything it is scary.  Big business, the drug and food companies, and the lobbyist seem to run the country, and most people don’t seem to care.  The rich get richer, the middle class is almost extinct, and the poor take it on the chin. Yet nothing seems to get done.  I am angry with the politicians and law makers for abusing power and not doing the peoples will.  I am angry at the people because they don’t seem to care; or we have been brain washed into thinking we can’t do anything so it is every person for themselves. 


I want people to know that I am not being a baby about this.  I did my crime even if I did not intend on committing it. I did my time and just want to be left alone to live my life.  I am tired of dealing with this, yet I have no choice.  I refuse to be pushed around by the government and/or big business.  I have had to be very careful of how I handle this situation as anything I do can lead to more persecution for me and my family.  At the same time, being a fighter, I have no choice but to put myself out there.  I mean the state I live in has already done that for me, so I may as well step up on the soap box if you will. At least then people will know the truth of the matter.  I mean there must be some end to all this other than what the state mandates.  MY DEATH! Christian, if I am ever fortunate enough to have this end for me I swear I will still fight for others that are being hurt.  I know it is a fine line as there are bad people out there.  However, that does not mean that we can live with the “shoot them all and sort out the bodies later” laws we now have.  I will continue to fight with the help of people such as yourself, Christian and Laurie Peterson.  Just like the Jews or gays it will be a long road but I believe we shall win. Thank you Christian for giving me the chance to tell my story.  Thank you for helping to show people that this situation has much more to do with than just sex crimes.  It truly has to do with every persons constitutional rights.  I just hope people still care enough to fight for what is theirs.  If anyone wishes to contact me please do so at: I want to hear the good and the bad.  Thanks again.


Christian Peper: Is it ok if I call you a hero Mr. Charles McGonagle?  Never mind the question; the answer is clear.  I will call you a hero and the people of New Hampshire should too. You are not only a hero for your steadfast courage in the mist of oppression but you are also a hero for what you have done to promote personal freedom by demanding that the arrogant politicians reform unjust and oppressive laws that scapegoat the innocent such as yourself.  Two youths (such as you both were at the time) should never be arrested for engaging in consensual kissing or even sex.


What is the next step for Charles (Chuck) McGonagle, should he report to the nearest government official to have his genitals removed for the “sin” of being a normal American male?


Heroes like Charles McGonagle should be honored and celebrated rather that marginalized by the people of New Hampshire.  Shame on those in the “Free State Movement” who do not recognize the effect absurd “sex crime” laws have on individual freedom.  Shame on those in the freedom movement and “Uncle Tom” Libertarians that ignore the campaign to gradually outlaw premarital sex.


You, Charles McGonagle, are a true hero of the freedom movement.  God bless you and your family


Charles McGonagle is no more of a “pedophile” than those Americans that eat food favored by children (like pizza) and watch cartoons or childish movies.  Perhaps, with time, all Americans will register as some form of sexual offender.  This was proposed quite recently.  The anti-sex movement wanted to test all Americans for signs of sexual desire for children using a modified form of the “Abel Assessment”[1] combined with electronic testing of ones private organs.  Those immoral Americans that refuse to take the test would be assigned a risk status indicating that they posed some danger to children.  After all, only someone with something to hide would resist the Orwellian police state of America.


Many Americans do indeed enjoy food favored by children like pizza and ice cream.  This could be used as evidence of pedophilia the same way visions and dreams were used as evidence of witchcraft in the 17th century.


The “war on drugs”, the “war on terrorism” and now the “war on sexual immorality” gives purpose to Americans that need to be a part of bandwagon movements to inject meaning and order into their relatively unimportant lives. Now, more than ever, we must push at power in this country.[2]


After all, “protecting the children” from the sinfulness of their genitals is well worth living in a police state for most uninformed, ignorant Americans that enjoy jumping on one bandwagon after the next.  Don’t the “children” deserve a better future?  Lets “save the children” from the police state, regardless of what the new definition of “child” becomes. 





[2] NYC SEX How New York City Transformed Sex in America, Museum of Sex


4 Responses to “Interview with an Innocent Sexual Offender”

  1. chin wing 18 Says:

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  2. pot smoking cartoons Says:

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  3. PRichardsom Says:

    Christian Peper,                                                                                                      January  2015

    Charles (Chuck) A. McGonagle, Let me first start to say, I just read your article on an
    Interview with an Innocent Sexual Offender, and I’m still in shock, in awe, speechless is something I’m not. I will introduce myself as Pam, Chuck does remember me,  I’m 100% sure of that. I was in my sophomore year, 1980 when I met Chuck McGonagle, we dated
    during that year, alone in his parents house after school and the following summer we went to many drive-in  theaters, swimming, lots of alone time. I will not say that Chuck didn’t try
    to make advances, he was boy but when told NO!  He respected that, all gentleman, never would he force or disrespect a girl. We were young, as years went by, both dated other people and remained best friends. So much so that he cared enough to call me and tell me about the unfortunate situation that he was in, explained the party and that night.
    I told him if he needed a friend to talk with, I was there. The story I just read online has not changed from 28 years ago, although years have past. I knew he had done time and moved on as I had moved out of NH.  Never to think a new law was passed and this gentle kindhearted man was painted as a “MONSTER”. Where is the justice in cases as this. 
    As a mother of one beautiful daughter, she would never have been at a party to put herself in such a bad situation, drinking and socializing is no place for a young girl, regardless.
    I consider myself Blessed in a loving family. I have nothing to gain by writing this.
    But when learning about what Chuck and his family have to deal with. My heart goes out to him. Thank you for such a truthful article and caring enough about people to write it.  I will Pray for Chuck that things turn in the right direction if they have not already, also for the law to get things correct, and use the law as for what it is intended for.
    Chuck is the farthest thing from a sex offender, and all cases are different.

    Where are these girls responsibility ?
    In my eyes that mother should be thankful that her daughter was with “Chuck” 
    and not with a sex predator.

    Best regards to all involved. 

  4. Charles McGonagle Says:

    Well hello all! I am in fact Charles McGonagle (chuck). It’s now 2018. Just yesterday I got a friend request on FB from a dear old friend and a true angel. Yes P. Richardson. I think it has been close to 32 years since we last spoke. Wow it fly’s doesn’t it. Have spent the last two nights catching up on all these years. Only 30 more to go lol Seriously P.R. thank you for the kind words and fond memory of me. Some of the best years and memories of my younger years involve you. Yes I did try lol so jaw dropping gorgeous. yes I always respected you in every way. Truth be told I was just happy to be around you. So so sorry you found out about all these later issues via google. However thank you for telling me about your comment on this interview. An interview I had all but forgotten. P. R. you are truly a gift to any life you touch.
    So a ten year update if any one cares to know. I continued my fight with the state of NH. Fighting for the right to simply go before some sort of review board. Let them read the story and see the truth. See the years gone by. Then see if they can really sit there and still call me a danger. Scary thing is they probably would have done just that. Not that I will ever know as there never was such a law or right given to people like me. Not in the budget I was told. I offered to pay all cost. Got a big fat NA.
    Police harassment did continue in somersworth NH. The night before I was to make a speech at the state house 3 police cars lights flashing paid my home a visit. Later at night about 10 pm so all the neighbors that already hated my very existence would see them there. I had a small business in town that was already failing because of the now public registration. While there working one day someone hung a sign on the back of my car that said. “HE LIKES KIDS” I had a huge opportunity lost during this time as well. I had created and put to market a really unique food product. I was in a bunch of magazines, a few national. Yes even O mag. I was on the short list to be on shark tank. At this stage they did a background check. Dropped like 300lp greasy pig. who knows what could have been. I received a few more death threats via internet. I did continue to fight. It’s a hard battle when your shut down at every door because will your rights have been stripped. Yet not punishment.
    All of this took a huge toll on my relationship with my girlfriend that I also owned a house with. One day I came home to find that she backed up a truck and simply moved out. No word, no nothing. Can I blame her. yes and no
    Business failing and now facing a $2,000 per month mortgage I lost the house about 7 months later. I tried to revive the business in another town but by this point was fried. I sold off everything I had and decided to move out of NH. I gave up. I ended up just over the boarder in my actual home state of MA. I mean 5 min. over the boarder.
    I was obligated to register within 5 days time. Went in on day 2. Got to sit and talk with the captain of the police there. I told him the story and promised I am no danger to anyone. Just want to be left alone. Well he said to me here in MA you are considered the lowest level offender we have. You would simply need to mail in a paper once per year. WHAT! Then he says this has been so long why don’t you file for request for review for removal of obligation. HA? Is this true? Really! What i was fighting for in the live free of die state is reality here. 5 minutes over the boarder! Sooooo yes I did file for review. I had a date within two weeks time. I had no money for a lawyer so I went alone. It was very formal. I simply stood up and said look this is my story. Let them have it all in one breath I think. I showed a total disregard for procedure. I was soft spoken but firm and showed total manners. They told me I would have a decision in a month or so.
    Got a letter ten days later from the state. Charles McGonagle is hereby removed from obligation to register!!!!!!!! Had to read it like six times to let that sink in.
    So at this time and for the last 5 plus years I have not had to register or deal with any part of the SOR However I am essentially exiled to this state. You see if I move to a state with different laws I may be required to register again. I can’t live or work in NH or I will have to register and be on the internet again. It’s been 33 years. Guess what Still no other sex offences.
    One time at a friends house that is exactly on the boarder of NH. I mean there is a marker at the end of the driveway. I took a pic of me with my right side in NH and the left in MA. So my rights side was a danger to all and my left was just another Joe. Love that pic
    I do on occasion flip the bird to the -now entering NH sign as I go shopping just over the boarder in NH
    So while I did not win the war I guess sometimes we just have to smile and enjoy the peace.
    Still so many people still have not found relief and law makers continue to suck votes from there souls. Life has gone on and sex offender has become a common house hold word. Our politicians are worse than ever. We all get poorer and sicker. Our kids get murdered at school. Drugs are as easy to get as gum. your local and national elected persons do nothing but fight. Trying to figure out how to balance the scales of the always needed vote and the people that buy them with contributions.
    People that say there 2nd amendment rights can never be taken away. Because they are there rights right? I’ll tell you first hand how much your rights mean to the law maker. They can and will change what they want. when they want. Or as there owners allow. I have lived it. All I can say is I wonder what John Lennon would think.

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