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Shame on US Troops

August 23, 2008

By Christian Peper

(Authors note: Soldiers and vets who come out against war are the real heroes.)

Do you support the troops?  I don’t, and neither should you.  With respect and concern for the families of the men and women in the US Armed Services, I cannot, in good conscious, support the US troops.  I was physically tortured by US soldiers in my youth while I attended an “ROTC” military school and was stalked and harassed by US Army recruiters in my adulthood[1] so I speak from personal experience when I say that the US troops have no honor.

Most of world opinion stands in solid opposition to the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan.[2]  We must examine why world opinion has turned against the US troops.  We must not allow conventional notions of “patriotism” to cloud our judgment when examining the many well-documented cases of cruelty that have been committed by the US troops.  Only a clear, rational, analysis that does not omit uncomfortable details regarding the incompetence, brutality, and cowardice of the US troops can reveal how to best solve the current catastrophe that the US troops have created in the Middle East. 

            Since the beginning of the invasion of the Middle East, preservation of human life has never been top priority for those that shamefully wear the uniform of the American empire. The sheer number of incidents of brutality and outright murder committed by arrogant US soldiers could fill many volumes.  Let us examine how the US troops that claim to be spreading “freedom” and “democracy” really spend their time. 

Air strikes were made on July 4, 2008, in mountainous areas near the border with Pakistan in an attempt to strike at the morale of the brave Islamic resistance by killing those in small towns.  Naturally, most of the 64 people killed were women and children.[3]  A member of the delegation investigating the mass murder named Mohammad Asif Shinwari said there were only three men among the dead and the rest were women and children.[4] 

There are those that will claim that this was an isolated event; let us dig deeper.  There was a reason the attack was made on the Fourth of July. The US troops wanted to commemorate Independence Day by engaging a ritual bloodletting.[5]  This bloodletting was payback for US troops that were killed by IED’s.[6]

39.8 percent of US troops killed in the Iraq war were killed by IED’s. This makes US troops trigger happy when it comes to civilians because any one of then could be a “terrorist”.[7]  This is not to excuse the US troops that murder civilians but to show that these types of killings are fully predictable when one arrogantly occupies a foreign country against the wishes of the population.  Examine this quote from Sgt. Dustin Flatt:


“The second you left the gate of your base, you were always worried… You were constantly watchful for IED’s.  And you could never see them.  I mean, it’s just by pure luck who’s getting killed and who’s not…If you’ve been in firefights earlier that day or that week, you’re even more stressed and insecure to a point where you’re almost trigger-happy”.[8]


The stress and insecurity caused by the US troop’s incompetence when dealing with roadside bombs often causes indiscriminate killings.  After a roadside bomb exploded killing a particularly incompetent young Marine named Lance Corporal Miguel Terrazas, the cowardly US soldiers unleashed their death lust.  Twenty four Iraqi civilians including babies, women and the elderly were slaughtered by US Marines on November 19, 2005 in a revenge driven massacre[9]. This mass killing took place in the city of Haditha.  

Websites have sprung up with names like “Defend our Marines” and “Defend our Troops” that openly condone the mass murder of women, child and babies in the name of the new “Godly” crusade to bring “Christian values” to the unbelieving (and thus sinful) people of Iraqi.  Is the murder of the innocent to save them from the Islamic faith really a worthy goal? Many Americans think so.  The conservative organization run by Pastor John Hagee that hosts top neo-con guests had this to say about killing for the Christian faith:      


“The United States must join Israel in a pre-emptive military strike against Iran to fulfill God’s plan for both Israel and the West… a biblically prophesied end-time confrontation with Iran, which will lead to the Rapture, Tribulation, and Second Coming of Christ.”[10]


The invasion of the Middle East was not a temporary measure in reaction to the fraudulent[11] war on terror but an effort to colonize and convert the Middle East to Christianity by Pax America.[12] To those that think that the occupation of the invading American is only temporary, examine this quote about the role of convoys from Sergeant Flanders: [13]


“All these Iraqis are just seeing this vast amount of housing units, vast amount of convoys going by with this aggressive protection. And they’re probably thinking: ‘How does this help us? They’re just helping themselves stay here longer, that’s what all these convoys are for.  It’s for the self–sustainment of the United States.  So why should we just let them pass by us and rule the roads like that?”[14]


Why indeed, why indeed?  Perhaps the real heroes of the war are those brave men of the Islamic resistance that take issue with the colonization of sacred Mesopotamia.[15]

Even the children in Iraq are viewed with contempt by those in the US armed services.   In training the US troops are ordered to run over children.   In the training class at Fort Dix in New Jersey US Troops are asked what to do if a child steps in front of a convoy.  The answer is hardly surprising given the general distain US troops hold for life and the life of innocent children in particular.  Examine this quote given by Spc. Fernando Braga regarding the question posed to the training class about what to do if a child walks in front of a convoy: “People had a billion different answers, but the answer he gave us was, ‘run him over”.

The US troops are instructed to run over children if they get in the way of their convoy!  Given how the US troops treat children, isn’t it hypocritical that the type of person that becomes a US soldier (small-minded, unsophisticated fundamentalist types) are involved in right wing efforts like the drive to raise the age of consent to 21 in the name of “Saving the Children”. The US troops are pro-war and anti-sex.  Asexuality and sexual repression parallels fascism because when sexuality is inhibited people turn tribally to their rulers to provide their sexual stimulation in the form of torture, war, and other violence.[16]

The weaponry of the brave Islamic resistance is symbolic of the current conflict in the Middle East. The Islamic freedom fighters are armed with old AK-47’s and homemade bombs but still are prevailing against the invaders from the US Empire.  The AK-47 used by the heroic Islamic resistance was designed by Mikhail Kalashnikov at the end of World War II.[17]  While the US troops have advanced weaponry paid for by the hard working American people, the AK-47 was first brought into service by the Soviet army in 1951.[18]  One must ask ones self who deserves admiration: an invading army with the most costly[19]and advanced weaponry ever conceived by man or desperately poor men defending their homeland with very old rifles that are often in disrepair.  While the invading army of the US Empire uses high technology laser guided missiles[20]costing millions, the Islamic resistance must go hungry so that they can afford to construct homemade munitions to drive the invading US troops from their land.  Again, who holds the moral high ground?  

 Like members of law enforcement in the fraudulent[21] “War on (some) Drugs”, many US troops have learned to plant evidence.  Sergeant Campbell says while driving near a town called Abu Gharth in the winter of 2004 that US snipers had shot and injured two alleged “insurgents” who were “planting an IED”.[22]  These two men had actually been accidentally shot and then had bomb making materials planted on them to justify the shooting.  As usual, when a fellow US Soldier sees the planting of evidence, he is forced to keep quiet.   The soldier has this to say “… I mean, I guess I have a moral obligation to say something, but I would have been kicked out of the unit in a heartbeat.  I would’ve been a traitor.”  Is it any wonder the brave Islamic warriors keep up their attack?  If they are presumed guilty anyway why not join the historic resistance against the invading armies of the west?  Examine this quote from sergeant Bruhns describing how the so called “liberators” from America treat suspected insurgents:


“You get them by the back of their neck and you put them up against a wall and you throw the sandbag over their head, and you have them at gunpoint and you zip their hands behind their back with zip strips.  And you stick them in the back of a Humvee or a five-ton truck or a two-and- a- half-ton truck.  And then you take them into the gate of Abu Ghraib.” [23]


After reading this account is any wonder that many brave and insightful Islamic Americans donate to causes that the hypocritical US government has labeled “terrorist organizations”?  Perhaps the true role of many of the so called  “terrorist” organizations is actually to fight the terrorism being perpetrated by the US government on the black and brown people of the world.[24]

The atrocities committed by the US troops are not limited to the recent invasions of the Middle East.  Few Americans are aware of the numbers of mass murders that have been committed by US forces in South America.  During the illegal U.S. invasion of Panama on December 20, 1989, US troops killed so many civilians (5,000 by some estimates) that mass graves were used to bury the bodies. 

The mass murder in Panama is a drop in the bucket compared to the total number of innocent civilians killed in South America directly or indirectly by US forces including the CIA from the 1960’s to present.  The number of civilians killed in South America by US forces directly and indirectly (in proxy wars) is in the millions. 

A prison – war economy must continue invading other countries and increasing the number of prisoners if it is to survive.  This necessitates increasing the number of laws.  Ayn Rand had this to say regarding the criminalization of the innocent: “Well, when there aren’t enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws.”[25] 

Due to the US Military’s “War on Drugs” towns like Juarez, Mexico have become bloody indeed.  Heartbreaking incidences of innocent men, women and children killed with the assistance of US military personnel eager to force morality and purity upon the people of South America have begun to fill the US media.  In an article entitled “Mexico’s Red Days”[26] by renowned reporter Charles Bowden many incidents of kidnapping, rape and murder are detailed in the name of purity and morality in the war against vice.  While drug use may indeed be a sin according to the dominant Christian faith practiced by the US Armed Forces, is it really fair to use murder to restrict it?  Again, the US troops must apologize to the people of the world for the damage they have arrogantly caused. 

Ever since Vietnam the US Marine Corps has been battling a serious image problem.  The mainstream media and television commercials portray the US Marines as heroic warriors but the reality of the situation is sad indeed.  Ever since the US Marines were disciplined in Vietnam for their arrogance they have realized that they are not the “ultimate warriors” as claimed but cowardly weaklings that need to worship the federal government to survive.   US Marines are even more brainwashed than the US Army clowns because they hold themselves out as the elite of the clowns.  The US Marines can’t fight themselves out of the third world entanglements they have gotten themselves into, let alone take over the world as these unsophisticated dropouts from the dredges of society hope to do. 

The US troops are not just unsophisticated; they also are also aroused by torture and war.  US troops know that they can’t fight in a competent or moral manner so they depend on torture to gratify their urges.  The same US government that is behind the anti-sex movement that takes out adds promoting absence, purity, and morality openly promotes torture and death.  The control of individuals’ sexuality is a key element in fascist organizations and countries.[27]

Controol of the individuals sexual drive is a necessary component for control of a population and must not be over looked by researchers in an effort to be “politically correct”.[28] 

So, the most powerful country in the world can put men on leashes, what does that prove? Is it acceptable for the US goverment to actively warp the sexuality of the US troops so that they lust after torture, war, and death? This is the same old game the US goverment has used over the years to expand  its power base.  The footage of the nude Japanese prisoners in Okinawa during World War Two parallels the nude Islamic torture photos. The US Troops torture innocent civilians to satisfy their baser urges.  It has been proven time and again throughout history that sexual repression equals fascism and war.[29]

The US government engages in the practice of “extraordinary rendition”.  This practice allows prisoners to be sent to other countries to be tortured.[30]  The US troops from the cornfields of Nebraska are only too happy to engage in this practice because it stimulates them sexually.  The head of the Council of Europe said in a January 2006 report that the United States flew detainees to countries where they would be tortured, and European governments probably knew about it. Swiss senator Dick Marty told the 46 – nation council: “There is a great deal of coherent, convergent evidence pointing to the existence of a system of “relocation” of “outsourcing” of torture”.[31]

I personally know about the torture those in the US military regularly inflict on the innocent because I was a first hand victim of it.  When I attended a military school that offered “ROTC” training, former US soldiers frequently tortured me and my other classmates.  Due to fear of censorship I will not mention the school at this time. While attending this military school the cadets were frequently lined up and repeatedly hit with wooden paddles on our backsides by former members of the US military and by current members of the US reserves.  Other torture we endured at the hands of the US military was being forced to keep our arms up in front of our body with the forearms laying on top of each other[32] for extended periods of time.  This would cause great pain in our shoulders.  Other torture I directly witnessed while in the “ROTC” military school was cadets being forced to hold rifles above their heads with their arms straight, and a cadet being dragged around the track after he could not run anymore.  There were also many other forms of  torture like holding formation in the cold snow in just our pajamas, being forced to face the wall for hours on end , frequent verbal abuse, and being forced to witness and in some cases partake in the torture of other cadets.

Regardless of how unpleasant the truth is, the full reality behind the actions of the US troops must be examined so that the correct public policy can be advanced and lives can be saved.   When considering the cost of armed conflict, one must examine the human cost of war from a psychological perspective.

A brief trip to the local adult store will confirm the link between violence and sexual relations.  Just as teens that grow up in states that allow corporal punishment in public high schools develop fetishes;[33] those that serve in the US armed services develop murder fetishes. The murder fetish of the US troops has begun to spill over into the American peoples psyche. 

According to an article in  Psychology Today by Kathleen McGowan[34] violence is so commonly a part of sexuality that it is no longer considered deviate or abnormal from a psychological perspective.  While the reader can argue with the supposition that violent sexuality is healthy, it is certainly wrong to allow violent sexuality to become a part of American foreign policy.  It is sad indeed that the American people who need to feed their torture fetishes must invade other countries to feed the sexual monster that grows inside them.  While many innocent would still be murdered, less would be killed if this fetish were turned inwards and only American citizens were killed such as in the witch trials of the mid 15th to the early 18th century.[35]

I have received numerous threats on my life for exposing the inability of the US Army to conduct them selves in a humane manner.  For daring to expose the torture-murder fetish of the US troops, I have received many death threats of a highly sexualized nature.  One death threat even discussed an erotic form of violent sexual relations and my death in the same paragraph.  It is telling indeed that I received this physical threat after I went public about the torture I received at the hands of US military personnel while enrolled in a prominent “ROTC” military school.

The sheer number of death threats I have received from US soldiers could fill a book.  To view the threats on my life that US soldiers have made visit my “Associated Content” blog site.  Come murder me US troops just like you and your cowardly CIA buddies murdered Pat Tillman.  You did a wonderful job silencing him.  While he did deserve what he got for initially believing the US government elite and going to Iraq, it was a shame indeed that he was killed by “friendly fire”.

The wars in the Middle East have become expensive football games where the US troops cheat like the “sore losers” they are by torturing the other teams players, only it is worse than that because they torture those who are the families of the other team, this is like a loosing football team (war is nothing more than an expensive football game) torturing the opposing teams family at a game for their own cheap gratification.

The US troops are not content to limit their victims to innocent civilians. In a move that has even hardened veteran reporters moved to tears, the US troops have been engaged in unspeakable cruelty towards animals.  Due to defects in their character and lack of basic humanity, US troops have been torturing and killing puppies for fun.                         The popular you Tube video of a US soldier throwing a puppy off a cliff after he had used “zip ties” to prevent the puppy from moving its legs has caused an international uproar.  What was deliberately left out of the story reported by the mass (corporate) media was the simple reality that animal abuse is common and widespread in the US Armed Services.  Even prior to deployment many wearing the uniform of the American empire engaged in the murder of dogs to demonstrate their lack of compassion and lack of empathy for the enemy they will soon face on the battlefield.                                                             Examine this quote regarding those that kill puppies as a part of initiation into the US armed “services”.  After reading please visit: to view the video evidence of this horrendous practice:

“This is the example of producing “killing machines” incapable of empathy similar to the worst roster of serial killers and rapists. Apparently animal cruelty law do not apply to the Marines who commit the deed as the path of initiation. Dishonorable, indeed.”   

According to The Humane Society those who are involved in animal cruelty are psychologically distressed and predisposed to other acts of cruelty.  This fits the description of the incompetent Nazi-like US troops.  Examine this quote from the Humane Societies website:[36]


“Intentional cruelty is a particular concern because it is a sign of psychological distress and often indicates that an individual either has already experienced violence or may be predisposed to committing acts of violence… research has shown consistent patterns of animal cruelty among perpetrators of more common forms of violence, including child abuse, spouse abuse, and elder abuse. In fact, the American Psychiatric Association considers animal cruelty one of the diagnostic criteria of conduct disorder.”


The Humane society goes on to say the following about those that abuse animals.  Consider the weak willed US troops that continue to loose battle after battle in the Middle East while reading the following quote:


“There can be many reasons. Animal cruelty, like any other form of violence, is often committed by a person who feels powerless, unnoticed, and under the control of others. The motive may be to shock, threaten, intimidate, or offend others… Others see harming an animal as a safe way to get revenge on someone who cares about that animal.”


  While the American people have their bank records carefully scrutinized without any warrants for evidence of immorality, the financial dealings of the US military and CIA drug smuggling is swept under the rug in the interests of national security.  The drug dealing that flourishes in the upper levels of the US military, in partnership with rouge organizations such as the CIA, is well documented.  The “crack crisis” and the current scam know as the drug war has largely been caused by arrogant CIA and US military personnel funneling drugs into America.  [37]

While small time smugglers bring in cocaine by the bag, rogue US government agents ship in narcotics by the truck load.  In the 1980’s the CIA requisitioned 400 vehicles  including dozens of transport trucks from the Department of Defense[38] the pentagon refused to deliver the trucks but then the CIA appealed to Rolald Regans vice president, George Bush (the father) and the CIA got its trucks. 

US troops that become skilled killers for the US government are funneled into higher paid jobs, especially into the CIA and other rogue organizations that kill the innocent directly and indirectly through the distribution of drugs.  It is US troops that become CIA agents and other killers for hire like terrorist mercenaries for Blackwater.

Many the in the US armed “services” secretly hope that the US government will crack down on anti-war dissenters by declaring marital law.  This would allow those in the US armed services to lord over the enslaved American people and enjoy intimate favors from the women who viewed them as heroes in much the same way that the women in Germany viewed the Nazi soldiers as desirable mates.[39]  Some time ago I had the (miss)fortune of working along side an Iraq war veteran in the shipping department of a company which I was employed.  At the time we were both temporary employees who had taken the job due to the economy being destroyed by the elite that enjoy profiting from death.  After pretending to be a fellow neo-con, I got the US soldier, who was looking forward to going back to the Middle East so he could murder some more innocent people, to open up to me.  He told me he hopes that the US troops are brought back home to patrol the streets of America because it would be “job security” for him.  If marital law occurs most American people will welcome the US troops instead of resisting tyranny as free people should.[40]  

There is a plan to override the constitution in the event of a major terrorist attack.[41]  This plan includes rounding up undesirables (such as myself) to ensure that all threats to the elites rule of government is maintained. James Comey, John Ashcroft’s second in command  at the Department of Justice during Bushes first term told congress  of a classified plan he refused to sign on to that included provisions to grab undesirables off the street in the event martial law is declared  in America.[42]  What could trigger martial law? Virtually anything the acting president declares a national disaster including floods, riots, insurrection, earthquake, terrorist attacks, severe storms, or even antiwar dissent.  It is likely that the next president will need to declare marital law when Iran is invaded.  Without congressional approval or even the appropriate signatures from the Department of Justice, the Bush administration has signed into “law” the top secret plans to incarcerate dissenters in the event the governmental and corporate power elite decide to declare martial law.  Of course, to have absolute control over the population dissenters such as myself that encourage people to  lawfully arm themselves would need to be put in internment camps.  The US troops have let it be known that they don’t like dissent; the American people must let the US (empire) troops know that they don’t appreciate incompetent sissies who spread fascism.

America has fallen into what many have dubbed “sissy fascism” due to the high use of pharmaceutical drugs to treat “Post Traumatic Stress Disorder”.  The soft and delicate US troops are now taking large amounts of mental health medication on the battle field.  In a June 16, 2008 Time article entitled “America’s Medicated Army”[43] the Pentagon has okayed the use of antidepressants by US troops.  Military doctors in Iraq are actually prescribing mental health drugs for active troops including Prozac, Zoloft and Clonazepam.  Large numbers of US troops are taking these drugs.  The Pentagon deliberately does not keep records on the number of drugged up troops in active duty because such records could prove to be embarrassing.  Prescribing mental health medication keeps mentally weak US soldiers on the front line and keeps them fighting the “losers” war.  Is it fair to veterans of wars such as World War Two that people think about the current crop of looser US troops when they think of veterans of war?  The current crop of US troops are certainly a step down from World War Two veterans. 

 Just like the Nazis took large amounts of an amphetamine called Pervitin[44] while launching their blitzkrieg into France and Poland, the US Marines, true to their weak willed ways, used amphetamines in the Vietnam War in a failed effort to boost their ability to face the enemy on the battle field.  Perhaps now that the US Marines and others in the US armed services are “returning to their roots” by again taking drugs on the battlefield we will soon see a “Vietnam style” defeat in the Middle East. 

Pentagon surveys show that 20% of returning soldiers will suffer “temporary stress injuries” and 10% will be afflicted by “stress illnesses”.  The true number is much higher.  US troops simply do not have the mental fortitude to conduct themselves with honor on the battle field.  According to military briefings these stress illnesses begin with mild anxiety and irritability, difficulty sleeping, and growing feelings of pessimism.  These feelings grow as the US soldier realizes his own fragile nature to include panic, rage, uncontrollable shaking, and temporary paralysis. Once the US troops return home they are hardly model citizens.  Broken marriages, psychiatric breakdowns, and suicides are typical among those in uniform.

The American people deserve better than drugged up commandos too weak willed to fight without the influence of powerful mind altering drugs.  Many US troops get the Purple Heart for post traumatic stress disorder.  Those that received this honor in World War One for real injuries would turn in their grave after learning that modern US troops receive this honor for nothing more than cowardice in the face of battle.  Shame on the new recipients of this metal who receive it not for valor but for possessing a weak will.

At the first deployment 12% of US troops have mental health problems.  At the second deployment 19% are affected.  By the third deployment a full 27% suffer from this weakness of character.[45] It’s time to start demanding accountability in the US Armed services.  The American people have tolerated the weakness of US troops for far too long.

In 1994 Major Cameron Ritchie, an army psychiatrist was among the first to suggest mental health medication be used on the weak willed US troops. Colonel Joseph Horam says anti-depressants have made a “striking difference” in the way US troops are treated in war.[46]  Perhaps the US military is unaware of the side effects of these drugs.  The medications prescribed to US troops have caused side effects such as impaired memory and judgment (mass killings of civilians), drowsiness, and general inability to fight.  Given the current inability of US troops to fight it is silly indeed to further weaken them. 

Americans do not want to work alongside a former US solders because they are mentally unbalanced from the trauma of war.  Like little babies that get disciplined for crying too much, former US troops are unable to hold down jobs or maintain families after they get home from the Middle East due to their mental weakness.  US Marines are truly the “lowest of the low” and are thankfully eliminating themselves with suicide and drug overdoses.  I only wish they would do the task more quickly because I am sick of hearing about their “mental illness” as they continue to support the “Losers War’s” in the Middle East.  

Physiatrists are sick of treating US troops because they are embarrassed to be around such a cowardly individuals.  Personally, I find myself disgusted by the homeless winos and junkies that call themselves “veterans” of foreign wars.  The US troops revere these winos and junkies and commend their “service”.  The only “service” I would like them to perform is to stop asking me for change as I pass by.  Homeless vets have only themselves to blame for the mess they have made with their lives.  Shame on those that commend this type of drugged up cowardly “service”.

Even the way the US troops use the rest room demonstrates their lack of concern for basic cleanliness and hygiene.  In more sexually liberal parts of Europe the people use the bidet (pronounced “bih-DAY”)[47] to wash after using the rest room but the average American soldier is content to go through the day with a less than hygienic body[48] that often emits an offensive odor.  Contrast this with the brave Islamic resistance that follows a code is known as “Qadaahul Haajah” when using the restroom.[49]  Cleanliness and basic hygiene is far more important to Moslems than to the American troops that have invaded their land.  This has caused many Moslems to view the US troops as “invading barbarians” that don’t respect their customs or their standards of cleanliness.  Is it any wonder that the US troops are unable to overcome the Islamic resistance when they can’t even overcome poor hygiene?  Again, however uncomfortable or politically incorrect certain details of the wars in the Middle East are, it is important to examine all elements of the disaster to determine the best course of action to resolve the catastrophe the US troops have arrogantly created.

Those that wear the uniform of the US Armed Services are of a low, unsophisticated social and cultural order.  While I enjoy reading literature and giving massages in my free time, US troops seem drawn to “redneck”[50] pursuits like tractor pulls, wrestling, and shopping at Wal-Mart.  The US troops have no interest in the arts or literature because they lack intelligence[51] and sophistication. The only good thing about the war in the Middle East is it’s killing off the low brow country people and the ignorant lower class city slum dwellers.  Let’s face it, hip, smart, educated people like myself don’t go to war, only the underclass who are trying to get their “technical school” paid for by fighting in the scam wars of the billionaire elite.

Many liberal, free thinking and intellectually gifted Americans such as myself secretly hope that the US troops will loose in the Middle East. I and others like me feel that I would be great if the US troops had a taste of the pain and misery that they have unleashed on the poor of the world.  While the US troops relish the murder of the innocent, I relish the US troops getting their “just desserts” as they fail in the “Sand Vietnam” of the Middle East.  Seeing US troops perform at their worst is amusing indeed as they fail in yet another war.

Both the American and UK troops are the real terrorists so I hope and pray my efforts both here and elsewhere have served to “Strike at the morale of the troops”.  Who knows, maybe my words have caused a soldier to get depressed and then get blown up by an IED because he is less careful or maybe even a US Soldier has committed (*censored by author, see notes) because I have helped him realize just how (*censored by author, see notes) he is.  I dare the fascist US government to come and “incarcerate” me; it would only make more people realize just how foolhardy those that support the US troops are.  Again, I hope and pray my efforts both here and elsewhere have served to “Strike at the morale of the US troops”. 

If you are a US Soldier you should desert or undermine the war effort and come out against the fascist American government. After reading this I have no doubt that many will attempt to insult or discredit me.  Brutality, ignorance, and petty threats are what now define America. I am not a coward like those in the US Armed “services” nor do I wish to “serve” a service man the way young recruits are often forced to do as part of their initiation into the US Armed Forces.[52] Lets all hope that those in the US Armed “services” get their “just desserts” for killing the innocent, fighting an illegal war, and committing genocidal mass murder.  In words of Barack Obama’s pastor, the great Rev. Jeremiah Wright: “Not God bless America, no, no, no.  God (*censored by author, see notes) America.  I would say: “No, Jeremiah Wright, not God (*censored by author, see notes) American, God (*censored by author, see notes) the US troops.” 

We must stop giving the US troops a free ride when it comes to their incompetence and brutality.  What, then, is the solution?  Those that expose the cowardice and incompetence of the US troops like myself should not be discriminated against but rather honored for their honesty and candor.  Again, shame on those in the US Armed Services. 



*Notes: In all cases where the following expression appears: “censored by author, see notes”; the author eliminated the forceful word(s) to avoid possible internet censorship so that a larger audience can be reached.  This decision was made by the author only and not the web host or print media.



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