AIDS is Sometimes Harmless, Sometimes Deadly

 By Christian Peper


I am writing this to educate the public and to clarify my position on the AIDS “harmful or harmless” issue.  AIDS is completely harmless to many Northern European whites due to immunity gained from being descended from survivors of the Black Plague that swept Europe in the 14th century.[1]  AIDS is also only mildly harmful to the proportion of people that have partial inherited resistance to the virus acquired from relatives that survived the Black Plague.  These individuals can be considered “semi-immune”.[2] In this subsection of the population AIDS medication may do more harm that good.   Black and brown people tend to fare the worst when it comes to HIV / AIDS.  These individuals acquire the virus very easily, have little or no immunity to the virus, and die far quicker after being infected. 

When investigating the AIDS “crisis” one should ask the obvious questions: How did a race specific virus that behaves unlike any other virus known to man suddenly appear from out of nowhere?  Why does the AIDS virus kill with bigoted precision?  Why are the overwhelming majority of those killed by this virus those that the ruling elite find objectionable?  Why is the “straight” white power structure immune from this virus?  The answer to these questions is obvious yet deliberately suppressed by the mainstream media and AIDS charities seeking increased funding for treatment and cures.  If the AIDS charities acknowledged the truth about HIV / AIDS they would not be able to ask the US government for money because the government, in partnership with the elite, created the virus in the first place.  The US would then not be the savior that many claim it is.  The US government, in partnership with the parasitic elite, created the HIV / AIDS virus then claims to work on the cure.  This is a simple “Problem, Reaction, Solution”.[3] “Problem, Reaction, Solution” is an expression that was coined by researcher and author David Icke.  This expression briefly sums up a common ploy used by governments to take power from the people.  First governments create a problem and then attempt to solve the problem they created by taking power and resources from the people. The fraudulent “War on Terror” that was launched after the 911 Inside Job is another example of this ploy. 

Dr. Aurelio Peccei of the Club of Rome was one of those instrumental in the idea for original creation of HIV / AIDS.[4]  Numerous documents have shown that the elite had wanted population control for some time.  This population control would kill off undesirables that the elite parasites considered “useless eaters”.  This is why AIDS is so much more deadly for those without light white skin. Simply put, it is harder for those with white skin to get HIV and when they do it is often harmless.  The reason that HIV / AIDS directly attacks the immune system unlike any other virus is so that a vaccine could not be developed.  This plan was part of “global 2000”[5]. Just as modern taxpayers funded the “911 Inside Job”,[6] the American taxpayer funded the creation of HIV / AIDS.[7] The funding for HIV / AIDS was obtained from the US Congress under HB 15090 in 1969. The 10 million was ear marked for the creation of this bio-weapon.

 In testimony before a Senate committee it was revealed that they intended to produce a:


“Synthetic biological agent, an agent that does not naturally exist and for which no natural immunity could have been acquired. Within the next 5 to 10 years it would probably be possible to make a new infective microorganism which would differ in certain important aspects from any known disease-causing organisms.  Host important of these is that it might be refractory to the immunological and therapeutic processes upon which we depend to maintain our relative freedom from infectious diseases.”[8]


The elite also created this disease because they wanted an answer to overpopulation.  Elite scientist Sir Julian Huxley had this to say: “Overpopulation is, in my opinion, the most serious threat to the whole future of our species.”  The project to create HIV / AIDS was code named MK-NAOMI and was carried out, at least in part, in Fort Detrick, Maryland.  The virus was designed to specifically target the black and Hispanic populations[9], in short, those without the full or partial immunity to HIV / AIDS.

It was evil indeed for the white American tax payers to fund the creation of HIV / AIDS.  After all, it is primarily the blacks and brown people of the world that are adversely affected by it because whites are either immune from it or, when they do get it, are far less harmed by the virus. After reading this many will claim that the white gay community was devastated by HIV / AIDS in the 1980’s.  This is true but not for the reasons initially assumed.   

The reason the white gay community was the first affected by the disease was due to being directly injected with large amounts of the AIDS virus.  During the gay Hepatitis-B vaccine experiment in 1978[10] many gay men were used as carriers of the virus in an attempt to exterminate gays.  This extermination was assisted by the introduction of toxic AIDS drugs like AZT.   Many of these white gay men would have recovered from AIDS if it was not for toxic drugs.  White people get HIV by having very abrasive anal sex while black and brown people can acquire it very easily through regular sex. Sexual repression and the lack of safe sex information has caused AIDS to spread among the youth.

I am frequently quoted out of context so I wish to restate my beliefs regarding age of consent laws.  The numeric age of consent should be replaced with puberty as a GUIDE to an individual’s readiness for sex.  An arbitrary age of consent is silly and pointless. The puberty model would be evoked when the sex is consensual and happens to involve an individual under the age of puberty.  

If puberty becomes the guide to an individual’s readiness for sex then in instances where the state claims that “sexual immorality” occurred, the state would have to prove the existence of this “sin” by proving that the individual did not enter puberty at the time of the “sinful” act.  Under the puberty model for sexual readiness, the state could bring in scientists and doctors to attempt to prove that the individual did not go through puberty yet at the time the “sin” occurred.  The defense could use their own doctors if they claim that the individual went thorough puberty and the case could be delivered to the jury as is fair.  Under this new model young teens with a high sex drive would no longer be called “jail bate” but would have their right to sexual expression respected.

 Sex education should be taught at a very early age and safe activities that have been shown to be safe and prevent HIV / AIDS such as oral sex should be taught as early as possible.  The “godly” officials of the church and state that relish forcing their version of “morality” and “purity” on the people could be retrained as safe sex educators, or in cases of stubborn personalities, they could be retrained to clean the public toilets and rest stops. This way their “purity and morality” could be put to good use as they “purify” the toilets of “sinful” human waist.




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