Why I (Sexual Libertine) Criticize Closet Cases

By Christian Peper

(I have come to the conclusion that prude women make men gay. Churches that encourage women to be prude through repressive teaching are promoting homosexuality. Homosexuality is NOT automatically a sin because Jesus replaced all laws with the law of love;   BUT prude women sin by being prude and gay men are not happy.)

I support all alternative sexual practices (within reason) that are consensual, yet I have harsh words for closet cases THAT SPREAD REPRESSION.  I, as a sexual freedom fighter, have harsh words for certain individuals that engage in alternative sexual activities because closet cases that spread sexual repression are responsible for most of the intolerant fascism seen today.  Closet cases come in all shapes and stripes.  Many are gay but certainly not all. Some closet cases come in the form of US Congress men who cross dress.  Other closet cases are the “moral” and “godly” soccer mom that votes Republican and gossips about “sluts” in the beauty parlor yet frequents swing sex clubs on the weekends.  Other closet cases are Baptist preachers that campaign from the pulpit to raise the age of consent to 21 while having unconsensual sex with five year olds.

All of these “closet cases” spread sexual fascism and intolerance yet enjoy some alternative sexual lifestyle.  In the case of the Baptist preacher I would say that pedophiles are far more prevalent in Christian churches than in the general population. This is not to say that all Christians abuse children. I consider myself a very liberal Christian.   As a very liberal Christian I feel that Jesus was the greatest example of one who criticized the religious and government leaders of the day.  This is why I criticize those that spread sexual repression. 

I also believe that the current age of consent laws are silly and pointless and that all numerical age of consent laws should be replaced with puberty as a GUIDE to an individual’s readiness for sexual relations.  I also believe that safe sex education should begin as early as possible. 

Safer sex practices such as oral sex have the potential to save many lives.  It is upsetting indeed that the majority of Americans think that oral sex is as dangerous as unprotected anal sex.  The majority of Americans do not even realize that a risk continuum for different types of sexual contact even exists.  To shed light on the previous statement, oral sex has been shown to be all but harmless.  Another great myth that is spread by the repressive closet cases is that AIDS is harmful and deadly for every one.  This is not the case.  AIDS is completely harmless for many (though not all) whites.  As a government created bio weapon, the immunity to AIDS is not shared among the brown and black of the world. I encourage the reader to study some of my research in this area as this subject is far to complicated to address here.  In conclusion, closet cases spread sexual repression, sexual repression spreads fascism, and fascism inevitably results in ignorance and even death.   FREEDOM FOREVER



2 Responses to “Why I (Sexual Libertine) Criticize Closet Cases”

  1. simon rossiter humphries Says:

    I sent an e-mail in reply to your Jehovah murder article. Another thing they will do is when they let their boys go into “The World” is that they set them up as drug dealers in the suburbs and the Cops (here anyway) help protect them, Im practically on their death list (i.e. electro harrass) for telling about this locally, if you have any suchlike info you can tell me if you wish but I get my emails fucked with and I can also tell you that I have not got a good word for them, my personal ph number is 0402 549 238 they can probably delete my emails . . . Love sacripant.

  2. simon rossiter humphries Says:

    I know this will not sit well with the enshrined belief system of the USA but I will say with brevity. No one died in 911 or relativley few anyway, same goes with Australian Port Arthur massaka, cobba! This is all just an illusion trick for the masses . . well the towers went down but the “victims are alive and presumably well. You know there is to be a big Apocalypse (faked) followed by an resurrection (faked) but no pre-trib-rap however , for the JW’s do not believe in this, and this is the religion that the “Big Boys” have chosen for us as the premier post-apoc control system. Springmeier said that this religion has an appeal to the reason (Theologically) this is probably why they have snared converts over the years years. Helen Peters suggests in the must read Union Jack ( actually written by Revilo P Oliver) that a war torn world will jump at any straw extended to it if it means survival. Another reason the Big Boys like this religion is because their (i.e. JW’s) Post Millenial expectations arent very high, i.e. world slavery, and this means more for the BB’s . I think that most Americans will be surprised to see these people again and they will. . . but “God” has nothing to do with it, and you can add princess Di and a host of other notables to that list. . .(captandam vulgaris), she isnt dead either. The Jehovah Witness religion is consonant with the finest Ideals of the Noachide religion practiced already by the Freemasons and expected of the rest of us by the Jews. Shalom. . .sacripant.

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