Aliens are real BUT Avoid UFO Cults!

By Christian Peper


Aliens and demons are one in the same.  Both the Christian church and the “UFO Community” essentially believe the same thing except they label the creatures in the dimension(s) next to our dimension different things.  Again, “Aliens” are the same creatures that have been labeled by the Christians as demons.  The flying saucers are tools that the visitors use to break through to our dimension. 

The worst thing one can do after realizing the truth about the alien / demons is to join an enslaving cult.

 There are numerous alien cults out there that tell a portion of the truth about the alien / demon reality but in the end slavery to any organization or person is a “sin” or a strike against ones karma (depending on the particular faith one follows).  God (the force, etc) is love and an important part of love is freedom. Without becoming a slave to any person or organization (including the US government) we must investigate the truth about the cosmic battle for men’s souls that has been raging ever since the beginning of reality.  Jesus, Buda, and others appear when slavery and bondage to laws or materialism becomes too great and mankind need relief from the material world.  In the other dimensions that we will go to after death we may get a chance to manifest things without delay (assuming one does not go to a “hell” that is ruled by an alien named Lucifer) but in this physical, material, realm there is a delay between what we want and the time it takes to manifest it. 

The powerful elite that are influenced and manipulated by the alien / demons also seek to bring the “hell” planet into this dimension with endless laws, large prisons, restrictions, taxes, fees, and other enslaving tools of big fascist governments.  As spiritual workers of the light we must oppose fascism and also combat dogmatic religious authorities the same way Jesus fought against the Pharisees that were more concerned about rules and regulations than love and freedom.  Jesus would not want the neo-con republicans or the “moral majority” to interject arbitrary rules and regulations regarding such things as sex and marijuana use.  Jesus fought against religious fascism when he spoke and so should we. 








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