Why I Call Myself a Left Libertarian 75%

By Christian Peper

People often ask me what type of government I want. I get blank stares when I say that I want a small government. Due to the media and academic brainwashing of the American people, most would assume my desire for a smaller government makes me a radical right-winger or even a (GASP!) Republican. This is simply not the case.

Ironically, the radical left represents smaller government better than the mainstream right. How can I make such a statement? The true issue that is ignored by virtually all opponents of big government is the high cost of military and police state spending.

While all US presidents since the assassination of John F. Kennedy have been heavily controlled by the New World Order death machine; neo-conservatives beginning with Ronald Reagan have continuously pushed for radically increased big government military industrial complex spending. This is not to say that every US president has been universally bad. Jimmy Carter (and possibly Obama) immediately come to mind as “better” presidents. Regardless of how “good” their intentions, after the military industrial complex killed Kennedy, US presidents knew to keep their “change” within narrowly defined parameters. It is unlikely that the new president, Barack Obama, will step outside the narrowly defined boundaries of “acceptable change”. If he does he will share Kennedy’s fate.

Consider this quote from left libertarian thinker and political philosopher Brad Spangler: “Among the variety of political labels I claim for myself is ‘Left Libertarian’. That should, however, be a redundancy and I believe that it will come to be regarded as such. Genuine libertarianism is very much left wing. It’s revolutionary. The long and tragic alliance of libertarians with the right against the specter of state socialism is coming to a close, as it served no purpose after the fall of the Soviet Union and so-called ‘conservatives’ have subsequently taken to letting their true big-government-on-steroids colors fly.”

According to the War Resisters League, 54% of the federal income tax budget for 2009 will be spent on the military and only 46% will be spent on non-military expenditures. While I have great admiration for the War Resisters League for refusing to be a party to murder (Like most killer Americans) their numbers do not tell the full story of the military-police-state of America.

I contend that over 75% of federal tax money goes for military and police state apparatus. The War Resisters League focuses only on the military but ignores the fact that the line between the US military and domestic law enforcement is becoming increasingly blurred. Journalist and former state police trooper Greg Evensen had this to say in an article entitled “The Militarization of the American Police”: “We have become accustomed to standing quietly on the sidelines while our local police Chiefs and Sheriffs have accepted huge amounts of federal dollars and military equipment for their special response units.”

Claiming that police tanks, helicopters, and machine guns are non-military expenditures is ludicrous. If one wants to calculate the true cost of the military / police state one must include everything from the fighter jets that dropped the bombs on the innocent in Iraq (God bless the Islamic Jihad) to the cameras on the street corners, to the machine guns the police now carry. One must also include expenditures that have greatly increased since the fraudulent “War on Terror” (911 Inside Job) such as increased funds for the DEA, BATF, IRS, and other terrorist organizations. Because over 75% of federal tax money goes for military and police state apparatus, it makes sense to start cutting there if one wants to shrink the government.

Welfare takes only a small fraction of the total money spent on military and police state apparatus like tanks and guns. Welfare and social programs represent indirect fascism while prisons, tanks, and bombs represent direct fascism. While it is far better to drain the state’s money to pay for social programs like welfare so the state can’t spend the money on war; welfare should be opposed by the freedom movement unless, and this is key, it is used as a method to drain funds from the hands of militaristic and enslaving regimes. Welfare and social programs are wonderful, yes wonderful, to the extent that they drain funds that could be used for new prisons, tanks, and bombs. It is morally acceptable, for instance, to commit welfare fraud during a time of war if one genuinely believes that the money taken from the government in the form of welfare payments will reduce the capacity of the state to fund the war effort.

I am against both big business and big government. Imagine the silly right-wing Libertarians that cry and whine about property rights but cringe in horror when you say that you want to screw someone under 21. Right-wing Libertarians have put their loyalty to the party ahead of their dedication to spread freedom. They ignore the role institutions of oppression play in the theft of freedom and instead focus only on the government. True, the government is the primary thief of man’s freedom, but large cults and global corporations are rapidly catching up.

Freedom fighter Theodore Kaczynski had this to say about the role of big business in the in the theft of man’s freedom: “Conservatives’ efforts to decrease the amount of government regulation are of little benefit to the average man.” The “Unabomber’s Manifesto” goes on to say: “For another thing, most of the deregulation affects business rather than the average individual, so that its main effect is to take power from the government and give it to private corporations. What this means for the average man is that government interference in his life is replaced by interference from big corporations, which may be permitted, for example, to dump more chemicals into his water supply and give him cancer. The conservatives are just taking the average man for a sucker, exploiting his resentment of Big Government to promote the power of Big Business.”

It is silly indeed to pretend that “free markets” exist when the billionaire elite own most of the nation’s wealth and essentially control large business and the political process. Imperial capitalism is necessarily pro-war because the military is needed to gain new markets and secure resources. Traditional liberals don’t realize that the billionaire elites are not adversely affected by taxes and regulation but the middle class and the common rich are. Unrestricted small business is the only way America can prosper.

Since the “Inside Job” of September 11, 2001 has occurred, law enforcement and the military has gradually expanded to the point where the very economy of America is dependent on war and prisons. Because a war-prison economy is naturally unproductive and hateful, Americas place in the world has fallen. Shame on the US Troops and police of all colors for enabling fascism by their cowardly support of the system.

The freedom movement must not fall into the Republican trap of condemning social spending while ignoring the fact that most federal tax money goes for military and police state apparatus. The US soldier is the ultimate welfare queen. While I am personally against social programs like welfare, complaining about nickels and dimes spent on school lunch programs while trillions are spent for war is the height of hypocrisy. Remember, 75% of your federal tax money goes for hard fascism.

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