Glen Beck is Married to Obama

By Christian Peper

Few Americans understand that both Obama and Glen Beck are two sides of the same coin.  While Obama fools the left, Beck fools the right.  Both are controlled by the international banker-military industrial complex.

Both are phony political leaders that have their places of prominence due to their willingness to sell out to the elite.  Both Glen Beck and Obama are traders.  Glen Beck is the ultimate Benedict Arnold[1] because, while Obama is heavily blackmailed, Glen Beck does what he does primary for money and superficial fame.

Obama was the solution for 9-11.  He is the “change” for those that know that the Bush administration was, to some extent, involved in the 9-11-2001 inside job.  Obama is as guilty as Bush in the mass murder that occurred on 9-11-2001.  While Bush enabled the killing of 3,000 Americans through the 9-11 inside job; mass murder Obama is allowing the 9-11 cover up and the wars in the Middle East to continue.  Obama takes direct orders from the death merchant elite.  He even went to the secret 56th Bilderberg meeting with his partner in crime Hilary Clinton.[2]  Again, Obama is as guilty as Bush when it comes to 9-11.

Glen Beck also provides a false solution for the 9-11-2001 inside job with his ridiculous “912 Movement”[3].  The “912 Movement” seeks to get people to remember how outraged and bloodthirsty they were the day after 9-11-2001 and focus this outrage back on the fraudulent war on terror and the obsession with starting new wars.  Both Obama and Glen Beck are pro-war abroad and pro-war on true free speech at home.  This is why the new homeland security Gestapo force is not significantly criticized by either of these traitors.

Glen beck parrots Information Czar Cass Sunstein’s rhetoric about 9/11 truthers being potential terrorists.[4] This is not the first time that Glen Beck’s rhetoric has come straight from the White House / military industrial complex.  Glen Beck mixes support for the fraudulent “War on Terror” with libertarian rhetoric to fool and neutralize the anti-globalist patriot movement.  Glen beck is the poster boy for Operation Mockingbird.[5]  Operation Mockingbird is a Central Intelligence Agency operation that was started in the 1950s to manipulate both foreign and domestic populations through the use of carefully placed media assets (like Glen Beck).[6]  Glen Beck’s value to the military industrial complex is estimated to be around five aircraft carriers.  Each aircraft carrier has a unit cost of around 4.5 billion.[7] Perhaps this is why the US military insists that Glen Beck has a great deal of security.

Both Glen Beck and Obama need a great deal of security because they are both important assets of the military industrial complex.  Glen Beck is like Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels.[8]  Never before has a “talk show host” needed the large number of personal bodyguards that Glen Beck travels with.  Glen Beck’s bodyguards are from the US Military Special Forces, not the rent-a-cop variety.  If he is just a talk show host (and not important asset of the military industrial complex) why does he need so much security?  The truth is, Glen Beck is as important as Obama to the international bankers that control America and most of the world.

I wish Obama no harm.   With that said; ironically, Obama’s importance to the banker elite may get him killed.  Again, I wish Obama no harm.  The bankers and the elite of the military industrial complex know that an assassination attempt on Obama will draw the unthinking American population back into the fraudulent war on terror mindset.  An assassination attempt where the great fraud Obama is injured may be even better than killing him because then the American people would look to him as a living Martin Luther King or John F. Kennedy.  Of course, I wish the great fraud Obama no harm regardless of how vile a traitor he is because I do not wish to see the police state expand further.

Both Glen Beck and Obama dislike the Ron Paul movement because both Glen Beck and Obama put the National Security State before the Constitution.  Of course, Glen Beck gives the appearance of being a Constitutionalist through the use of manipulative words and graphs, all the while calling for the arrest of those that investigate the truth about the 9-11-2001 inside job.  Both Glen Beck and Obama want a militaristic society with US troops in the streets of America ordering around the population.

There are many other similarities between Glen Beck and Obama.  Both were for the banker bailout.  Both are for repressive taxes that deliberately target the middle class.  Glen Beck even called for the VAT or value-added tax.[9]  This tax would involve a federal government tax on every stage of the production process.[10]  This tax would be used to pay off the debt that is owed to foreign bankers.[11]  Of course, this tax would not replace the income tax but add to it thus guaranteeing the further enslavement of the American people to the elite.  Both men are great pretenders.  Glen Beck pretends to be a libertarian; Obama pretends to be “change” from the war obsessed Bush Administration.  Both professional liars.  Their skill in lying comes from their ability to mix the truth with lies in such a way to as to guide the population towards supporting the aims of the elite.  Alex Jones was even offered Glen Beck’s job as professional liar but turned it down preferring instead to tell the truth.[12]

Both Glen Beck and Obama tricked millions including myself.  For a time I actually believed that the great fraud Obama stood for change.  How silly this belief was.  I am ashamed of myself for believing Obama’s lies.  When I watch Glen Beck, I find myself agreeing with him if I do not stop to analyze what he is really saying.  Both Glen Beck and Barack Obama are supernaturally deceptive.  Mathew 7:15 says:  “Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.”[13]

Glen Beck and Obama are two sides of the same coin.  The left is heads and the right is tails but both are controlled by the international bankers who also control Wall Street and the military industrial complex.  They make such a cute couple.  Obama and Glen Beck; two peas in a pod.

Speaking the truth about the sickness that has engulfed this once great nation is enough to land one on a terrorist watch list so most ignore the similarities between Obama and Glen Beck.  Don’t be afraid of watch lists, be afraid of fascism.















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