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“Countdown to Zero” is Pro-War Propaganda

August 24, 2010

The movie entitled “Countdown to Zero” is a pro-war movie disguised as a peace film.  The director, Lucy Walker, uses her platform as a documentary filmmaker to not only promote a war with Iran, but also to minimize Israel’s nuclear weapons program.  What is truly amazing about the movie is the skill in which Lucy Walker makes a pro-war movie appear to be a peace movie complete with sign-caring peaceniks.  “Countdown to Zero” should be viewed through a critical lens so that the viewer can avoid being manipulated by the Zionist military industrial complex that controls much of America and has indirectly funded this film.

The movie subtlety makes the argument that the public should give up more rights to support the fraudulent “War on Terror” and should support a new war with Iran so that civil rights are not taken away.  Why should the people get behind the movement to take more of their civil rights away and invade more countries?  “Countdown to Zero” threatens the audience by stating that if a US city is nuked there will be an outright suspension of the Constitution.  This assumes that the federal government has the power to suspend the Constitution.  They do not.  The Illuminati Zionists that control the United States and much of the world only have their power because the people fear them.  Without fear, the bankrupt U.S. police state and the pirate state of Israel would fall over night.  The Islamic resistance can sense that victory will come soon if the United States continues to wage unjust wars.  

The solution promoted to end nuclear proliferation is to crack down on “Islamic extremists” as well as domestic “terrorists” and, by implication, attack Iran and North Korea.  “Countdown to Zero” takes a great deal of time discussing the so-called “terrorist threat” and implying that it is at the root of the nuclear problem.  The movie demonstrates how easy a nuclear bomb is to build if one possesses enriched uranium.[1]  The movie mentions the possibility that terrorists could use a dirty bomb but forgets that in Iraq the use of depleted uranium rounds have turned the country into a radioactive soup.  The neo-con-Zionist ploy of launching preemptive wars has bankrupted America and created more “terrorists.”  Sadly, the United States is seen as the true terrorist in most of the world.  At home, the fraudulent “War on Terrorism” has irreparably altered what was once a constitutional republic.  In a popular internet video, the FBI attempts to intimidate a Palestine solidarity activist for committing the inexcusable crime of criticizing Israel with a sign.[2]  The “War on Terror” is used as an excuse to restrict free speech.   

The movie claims that Iran must be stopped from having nuclear weapons or all of the countries in the Middle East will want one.  This Justification for war is flawed indeed.  The movie leaves out the fact that it is Israel that is motivating the Islamic countries in the Middle East to acquire nuclear weapons.  Joe Cirincione of the Council on Foreign Relations had this to say in promotion of the upcoming war with Iran: “Iran is the tip of the spear.  It’s the big problem that we have to solve.”[3] This argument is weak.  Iran does indeed have centrifuges that are refining uranium but without advanced tactical missile systems, a nuke would be difficult to deliver to a specific target.  It is true that nukes do not need to be directly on target to be effective but a nuclear power program is a far cry from the hundreds of advanced strategic nuclear missiles possessed by Israel.  Strangely, “Countdown to Zero” claims that Israel only has a small number of nuclear missiles.  Who is Lucy Walker, trying to fool?  Israel has over 400 nukes and many are enhanced hydrogen bombs that are 100 to 1,000 times stronger than regular nukes.[4] Even if Iran had a nuclear missile, they would be lucky to land it close enough to a city to kill a few hundred people.  If Israel attacked Iran with nukes, their advanced technological systems could kill virtually everyone in Iran and half the world.  A nuclear deterrent against Iran does indeed exist despite what the movie claims.

Other countries are foolish to believe that the United States really wants to reduce or eliminate weapons of mass destruction.  Nuclear weapons are not the only weapon of mass destruction in existence.  The Untied States now has top-secret weapons that are so advanced they can alter the very fabric of space-time.[5]  The Russians would be stupid to give up their nuclear weapons when America has advanced weather modification and mind control weapons.  The U.S. military industrial complex would like the world to eliminate their weapons so the United States can better control the world.  It would be foolish indeed for other countries to reduce or eliminate their nuclear weapons and allow the United States to continue the production of other top-secret weapons of mass destruction.

Like the Jehovah’s Witness Watchtower organization, “Countdown to Zero” promotes the mass murder that accompanies war while pretending to promote peace.  Although Jehovah’s Witness members are not allowed to become trained killers (U.S. soldiers); the members have no problem cheering for war because it hastens Armageddon.  The Jehovah’s Witness organization even goes as far as investing in the weapons of war because they want to hasten Armageddon. states: “Rand Cam Engine Corp and REGI, US Inc. were owned (50% and 45% respectively) by the Watchtower for about 16 years.”[6] The Jehovah’s Witness Watchtower does more than just cheer for Armageddon; they actively finance it!  The same hypocrisy and war lust is demonstrated in the “Countdown to Zero” movie and movement.  “Countdown to Zero” was financed by an elite Zionist.  The film’s director, Lucy Walker, received financing to produce “Countdown to Zero” from Zionist Jeffrey Skoll.  Like most wealthy Zionists, he wants the United States to crush Israel’s enemies.  Sadly, most of America enjoys serving the billionaire banker class rather than questioning their motives.

The fraudulent “War on Terror” was started when the U.S. military industrial complex committed the ultimate terrorist act on 9-11-2001.  This act was not committed by terrorists but was committed by the billionaire elite through the U.S. military industrial complex.  As a result of the inside job on September the 11th 2001 and the never-ending wars and occupations in the Middle East, many service men in the U.S. military will (sadly) continue to frag high-level commanders and even turn their guns on fellow soldiers as we approach 2012.[7] This has been reported in many news outlets including MSNBC.  It is simply ludicrous to pretend that the United States has a chance against Iran when a civil war within the U.S. military has already started.  We must pray for peace.  Do the Zionists that control the U.S. government really think that the “Oath Keepers”[8] will go along with plans to invade Iran and declare martial law at home?  Not likely.  Of course, sensible people pray for peace.

“Countdown to Zero” cleverly features sign carrying peace protesters alongside such War Hawks as Ronald Regan and Tony Blair, and Zbigniew Brzezinski.  The neo-con Zionist banker class can afford to spend a great deal of money to manipulate those who would naturally oppose war.  Many college students, naive peace activists, and Obama worshipers (he fooled me too) will also fall for “Countdown to Zero”.  Elements of the peace movement will unwittingly become involved in the promotion of war with Iran due to the “Countdown to Zero” movie and movement.  The Move promotion and (pro-war) activism drive features mini-fliers with a picture of a nuclear symbol on it.  It is truly amazing how a pro-war movie was made to appear to be a peace movie complete with sign caring peaceniks.  Even the movie theaters that showed the film were carefully chosen.  When I, Christian Peper, saw the movie on July the 31st 2010, I viewed it at the “Tivoli Theatre” in my hometown of St. Louis, Mo.  Although a chain, The “Tivoli Theatre” tends to air independent and leftist films.  “Countdown to Zero” is pure deception.  The fictional novel 1984 written by George Orwell had this to say regarding the twisted logic that is promoted by the media and freemason-founded religions[9] like the Jehovah’s Witness Watchtower: “WAR IS PEACE, FREEDOM IS SLAVERY, and IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH[10]









[9] Freemasons have started many enslaving organizations such as: the Jehovah’s Witness Watchtower and Mormonism.