Hypnotism in the Jehovah’s Witness Watchtower

By Christian Peper

In 2004, I lived with a Jehovah’s Witness roommate in Arizona that controlled and manipulated me.  He took away my most basic rights.  Luckily, I got away.  Sometime after this experience, I spent the time to educate myself about cult mind control.  I also became a licensed hypnotherapist.  I, Christian Peper, would like to share with you, the reader, how the Jehovah’s Witness Watchtower organization uses hypnotism to control the minds of those trapped inside the cult. 

There is much misunderstanding of the nature of both mind control and hypnotism.  One favorite saying of my old hypnotism teacher was “Hypnotism cannot make you do something you don’t want to do.”  This statement is certainly true.  Hypnotism is not mind control itself but hypnotism in COMBINATION with other mind control tools can create a strong bind on a formerly free individual.  Hypnotism is only one component of mind control, but it is a powerful component indeed.  Other tools of cult mind control are: control of information, spying on members, rewards and punishments, intense peer pressure, controlling how subject spends his time, prohibiting dissent or criticism, the creation of phobias, the collection of blackmail material, love bombing, control of behavior, and emotional control.  These tools are used in a climate of fear so that the subject feels great anxiety about even the thought of leaving the organization.  Again, we must view cult mind control as a combination of factors rather than just one magic bullet.

There are many different theories of how hypnotism works but the general consensus is that hypnotism works by accessing a person’s subconscious mind directly by bypassing a person’s analytical mind.[1]  The process of hypnotism itself is not strange or supernatural.  One can enter into a light stage of hypnosis from watching the dotted lines in the middle of the road while driving on a very straight, boring road.  Hypnosis can also be achieved by attending a worship service where the speaker speaks in a monotone voice for an extended period of time.  There are many other methods of bringing a subject into a trance state to access a person’s subconscious mind while bypassing his or her analytical mind.

The Jehovah’s Witness Watchtower cult uses several methods of bringing their subjects into a hypnotic trance.  The Watchtower “Bible study” hypnotizes subjects by switching back and forth between a story and a Bible verse.[2]  The story stimulates the subject’s right brain and the bible verse stimulates the left or “logical”[3] portion of the brain.  This switching back and forth simulates a swinging pendulum.[4]  This hypnotic effect is often amplified by the presence of two members who take turns speaking.  Back and forth, back and forth like a swinging pendulum.  Soon the subject absorbs the material without critical thought.  Another overlooked method of hypnotism is the use of extended speeches that Witnesses are required to attend.  One ex-Witness had this to say about the meetings and talks: “It’s tough at times being an active Jehovah’s Witness because of all the rules and the requirements for total obedience to the Organization.  Having to attend meetings twice a week and sitting through boring and repetitive Watchtower studies and ‘public’ talks.”[5]  If the meetings are so repetitive and boring, why doesn’t the leadership of the organization experiment and switch things up by occasionally changing the format and content of these talks like most other mainstream churches?  The boring, extended talks naturally bypass a person’s analytical mind and open the subconscious mind to influence.  The meetings follow the same format as they followed in 1914.  It makes sense that individual Jehovah’s Witnesses members are not allowed to change the meeting format because psychology student Joseph Rutherford designed the meeting format to incorporate hypnosis as a way of creating a tighter bind on the minds of members.[6]  Monotone music is also used that has triggering phrases from the stories written into it.[7]

Ironically, the Jehovah’s Witness Watchtower cult tells members:  “. . .  Jehovah’s Witnesses avoid techniques that involve hypnosis or self-hypnosis.  They heed the command at Deuteronomy 18:10, 11: ‘There should not be found in you anyone who . . . binds others with a spell.’”[8] As an added irony, the cult publication goes on to say: “. . . there are many other treatments that do not involve exposure to the dangers of occultism or allow for one’s mind to be manipulated by others.”[9]  The core business of the Jehovah’s Witness Watchtower is mind control and hypnotism is only one part of the equation. 

[8] http://www.watchtower.org/e/20030708a/article_01.htm   Posted from: Awake! July 8, 2003wake!  July 8, 2003


5 Responses to “Hypnotism in the Jehovah’s Witness Watchtower”

  1. sadparent Says:

    Many in the Christian community are now practicing a form of self-hypnotism called Contemplative prayer [CP].
    In practicing CP, the person should be able to repeat a word or phrase (from the Bible of course) over and over until they reach a phase of “complete and utter void”.

    It’s beginnings were with the Catholic mystics… long before the days of Salem, MA…

    But tell them that they’ve got something in common with Jehovah’s Witnesses?!? Noooooooooooooooooo….

  2. Tasha Says:

    I think your theory is a load of rubbish. I’ve known Jehovah’s Witnesses for years & so many people like to share such trash, to have them become their followers, such as yourself. I can’t believe how many people are judgemental of them and tell such lies. And even if this person did do this, that is them. And not Jehovah’s Witnesses as a whole.

  3. subconscious mind power Says:

    This blog was… how do I say it? Relevant!

    ! Finally I have found something which helped me. Appreciate it!

  4. God Says:

    You are all wrong. It was eight white mice that live in a big red pumpkin outside time and space, who created everything by setting off a wavefunction collapse signed GOD

  5. stress management Says:

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