Jehovah’s Witnesses and Stockholm Syndrome

By Christian Peper

On April 15, 1974 a heavily armed left-wing militia burst into the Hibernia Bank in San Francisco.[i]  Bam!  Bam! Gunshots rang out.  Patty Hearst was no longer a hostage; she was now a bank robber and terrorist.  How did this child of wealth and privilege become one of the most infamous criminals in American history? 

Patricia Campbell Hearst was born into the family of William Randolph Hearst, a multimillionaire publishing tycoon.[ii]  She was by most accounts a relatively typical college student at the time of her abduction by the leftist “Symbionese Liberation Army” in February of 1974.  A short time later Patty Hearst had gone from a kidnapping victim and captive to an active collaborator in crimes that could put her behind bars for life.  While some have spent a great deal of time dissecting the “brainwashing” techniques  that she was subjected to; the simple explanation for  her radical conversion  from student-socialite into one of the most wanted criminals in America is Stockholm syndrome.                                                 

What is Stockholm syndrome?  Most readers are familiar with the hostages of the 1973 bank robbery in Stockholm, Sweden who assisted their captors and even resisted rescue.[iii]  Stockholm syndrome is an evolutionary adaptation that allows the looser in a major social conflict to remain part of the social network after his or her fall from grace.  An example of this can be seen in the animal kingdom.  Wolf packs are led by an alpha male.  This male is the leader and dominates the other wolves in the pack.  There may be more than one male that seeks to lead the pack but there can be only one alpha male.  Wolves of a lower rank that wish to remain part of the wolf pack must show their respect and subservience to the dominate male and other wolves that out rank them or they will be cast out of the pack.  A lone wolf often starves to death or is attacked by other wolf packs in the area.[iv]  A wolf (or a Patty Hearst) thus possesses a powerful natural drive to acquiesce to his/her peers if they out rank them to increase his/her chance of survival. 

I (Christian Peper) can relate to Patty Hearst.  Like Patty Hearst I, too, was held captive by cultic influence.  In 2004, I lived with a Jehovah’s Witness Watchtower member.  He had recently gone through a divorce and had used “Theocratic Warfare” to get joint custody of his young son despite his sociopathic mental disorder.[v]  For those not familiar with “Theocratic Warfare” this is the technique that cults like the Jehovah’s Witness Watchtower use to manipulate the legal system.  The core activity of the   Jehovah’s Witness Watchtower is manipulation and control.  Why then do former Jehovah’s Witnesses still defend the organization even years after the organization has destroyed their families and lives?

According to the FBI’s Hostage Barricade Database system 27% of victims show evidence of Stockholm syndrome.[vi]  Evidence of Stockholm syndrome can also be found on the many Jehovah’s Witness message boards that are circulating on the Internet.  In many cases, those that have lost children to the cults rapidly changing blood ban or lost loved ones due to suicide still defend the cult or even claim that the experience “was not so bad.”

The elite have given away the peoples freedom to law enforcement and the people’s money to the banks and the Military-Industrial Complex.  An anti-terrorism “fusion center” in Tennessee has gone as far as putting the ACLU on a terror list for issuing a letter promoting tolerance over the Christmas holidays.[vii]  Is there any hope at all when basic free speech is now potential evidence of terrorist activity?  Why do Americans still worship those in power when it is clear that the elite have nothing but contempt for not only basic civil rights but also the Constitution?  Perhaps The American people themselves suffer from a form of Stockholm syndrome. 


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