Trayvon Martin Neighborhood Watch Victim

By Christian Peper

On 2-26-2012 an unarmed 17-year-old back male was gunned down by George Zimmerman. This murder has lead to many protests because Mr. Zimmerman has not yet been arrested.  What is seen as a straightforward case of institutional racism goes much deeper. Neighborhood watch programs have created a whole nation of spies and vigilantes.  These Neighborhood Watch programs are a vital element of the New World Order police state.                                                         

Since elements of the US Military Industrial Complex committed the mass murder on 9-11-2001 and blamed it on “terrorists,” Neighborhood Watch programs have increased dramatically.  These programs are very effective because they allow for a tightly controlled police state with citizens spying and reporting on each other. Tightly controlled fascist police states throughout history have always utilized their own spy-on your-neighbor programs.  In Orwell’s 1984 we read of the “Junior Spies.”  Adolf Hitler’s called his spies “Hitler’s Youth.”[1] The American “Department of Homeland Security” agency encourages citizens to spy on each other through the “If You See Something, Say Something” Campaign.[2] Tax money is even used for expensive TV adds encouraging citizen spying.[3]  Like the Telescreen in George Orwell’s 1984; large TV’s have begun to appear in local Wal-Mart’s extolling the virtues of spying on your neighbors.[4] 

The elite have been pushing for tighter gun control for some time. Most of those that stockpile guns in their closets and attics do so not to resist tyranny but to kill simple crooks represented by the likes of Trayvon Martin.  This is an acceptable, even beneficial use of firearms for the elite.  The elite bankers that received billons in bailouts and large bonuses from the taxpayers are afraid that the guns stored in closets across America will someday be turned on them.  By encouraging petty race conflicts among the poor and middle class they prevent this from happening.   The Second Amendment was originally meant to be the final bulwark against tyranny but gradually this safeguard is diminishing in importance due to technology.  The elite now have highly technologically advanced bullet proof clothing, warrior robots, and even mind control devices.[5]  As more time goes by the hope of resistance against the Elite diminishes rapidly. 

The real criminals of the world are not the black boys wearing “hoodies” but the elite that cause the poor to turn to crime because they have shipped the factories and jobs overseas. Trayvon Martin was suspended from school a short time before his murder because Marijuana residue was found in his backpack. While the wealthy have easy access to powerful pharmaceuticals that are legally prescribed by expensive doctors, the poor like Trayvon Martin use drugs like Marijuana instead.  The “poor people’s pharmaceuticals” are also a source of revenue.  Drug dealers are not as respected as doctors but they fulfill much of the same role.  There are simply not enough jobs to go around and the only solution for many in poverty is to commit petty crimes or sell drugs.  This is why keeping drugs illegal is so important for the elite.  As long as drugs are illegal the lower classes can be suppressed and controlled by members of law enforcement. 

While it is true that George Zimmerman is a Hispanic rather than a white man, when he committed the murder he was acting on behalf of the moneyed elite white interests.  The elite whites are not necessarily blond-haired and blue-eyed but they are the moneyed interests that control the banking system and tops of global corporations.  Like the elite in the popular movie “Hunger Games” they are entertained by sending the poor off to fight other poor people in pointless Middle Eastern battles.  The Trayvon Martin’s of the world will continue to die at the hands of the state and self-appointed vigilantes.  These vigilantes are empowered by the state’s constant urging to spy on their neighbors and to “fight terrorism.”  As we move into a New World Order scientific dictatorship the Trayvon Martin’s of the world will continue to suffer and die. Mankind is doomed.  


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